The Bloodbath "KiddiePool Edition"- Croms First Seasonal Minigame Tournament

The Bloodbath: Crom’s First Seasonal Minigame Tournament

Building on Furys successful mini game tournament The Bloodbath - a 3 month seasonal minigame tournament the pvp refugees on crom wish to follow suit. The purpose of The Bloodbath is to promote the use of tournament mode minigames as well as celebrate the beautiful combat system in AoC that creates the best MMO PvP to date. With help from AndyB, we’re going to make this experience rewarding, competitive, and most important, fun. This tournament will be slightly different from that on Crom incorporating leagues and will not use the free agent system. I am doing this to promote a guild team mentality and loyalty and create an in game esport. As such we want to do the tournament somewhere “viewable” by outsiders. Most likely the Kesh Arena.

Build your team!

In order to participate, you must first gather a party of 6 players. You must them register your team with starhunterceo on the forums, or Ptahh in game. I will then update this thread (see posts below) with the current participating teams for all to view. Please include your group members’ character names, their classes, and their guild, as well as who the team captain is. The captain will be held responsible for providing screenshots detailing the results of the minigames every week. Please also include your team name! Registration begins April 15th and lasts one week.

For example, registering a team might look like this:

Hi bro,

Registering TEAM HAX

  • indiGuise, guardian,
  • ranOsid, conqueror, (CAPTAIN)
  • lilYoshiee, conqueror,
  • williamWallace, guardian,
  • Mommney, bear shaman,
  • Mimix, guardian,
  • Sleves, Ranger, (SUBSTITUTE)
  • Onepapa, Ranger, (SUBSTITUTE)

Please note - each team is limited to 8 players - 6 main players and 2 substitutes. Teams are not forced to have substitutes. If someone can no longer participate, please contact me with their replacement!

Each character is permitted to be on only one team. All players must be in the same guild. No alt toons permitted. 1 participant per account. If substitutes dont show and a members is unavailable then the opposition will choose one player not to participate until the sides are even.

I will place you in a tiered bracket based on qualifiers like gear and skill level during that week. I pretty much know everyone so I think I can do that well.

Tier 1 - fully geared out experienced badasses
Tier 2 - midlevel big mouthed semi geared wannabes with a mix of gear and experience
Tier 3 - still in training

The Format

The format of this minigame tournament will be a seasonal win-loss record, with playoffs determined by win rate at the end of the season. Ties will be decided by a tiebreaker series.

Every Monday, each team will be given one or two other teams they must play before Sunday at 11:59 PST, along with a tournament official to send their results to. It is up to the players to work out their time differences and find a time that works for both teams – I strongly suggest weekends if NA and European teams are matched up. If the teams cannot find a team period that works for both, contact a tourney admin.

Each team then competes in the Kesh arena. The winner is determined by the last man standing.

After the games are played, each team captain is responsible for screenshotting the results of each game, and sending them to starhunterceo on the forums. Both captains are strongly suggested to record the outcomes of each game. If one team does not show up at the time the two teams agreed upon, that team is given a loss.


At the end of 8 weeks, playoffs will determine which teams make it into the finals. The top 50% of teams will be invited to play in an end-of-season bracket. This bracket is single elimination BO3, with the games from the semi-finals onward being BO5.

Playoffs will happen within tiers with a special exhibition finale between tiers if desired.


Alright, now we’re getting to the good stuff.

There are a couple tiers of rewards:

At the end of the season, as long as your team has shown up for 85% of your games, you will receive the following:

  • 500 Atlantean shards
  • 10g
  • 25,000 PvP xp consumable item

Teams that place into the tourney brackets immediately are boosted up a tier. They receive the following rewards:

  • 700 Atlantean shards
  • 20g
  • 25,000 PvP xp consumable item

Teams that place 2nd and 3rd place receive the following:

  • 1000 Atlantean shards
  • 40g
  • 25,000 PvP xp consumable

The winners receive the following:

  • 1350 Atlantean shards
  • 80g
  • 25,000 PvP xp consumable

Team Composition Recommendation
While any team can be viable, it is important to stick to a couple of fundamentals:

  • Try your best to have at least 1 healer. The best compositions generally have two unique healer types.
  • Try to have at least 1 mage for the mage shield.
  • Melees are an important part of any team. They are necessary to push casters and punish greedy plays. Try to get at least two on your team!
  • Build synergy: Teams with a lot of synergy outperform those with none. Try to have teams where overlapping debuffs ensure increased damage. For example, HoX, Demo, and ToS all have debuffs that can be used to buff each other’s damage.

Free Agents
Join a guild for the match and stick with them for all pvp matches. Same difference

Save your store-bought potions and gold pots, sogoths and pvp 10 gear for higher tournament tiers. Additionally, please avoid using the Rune of the Exile in the lower brackets.

Tourney Admins
The following players may be contacted to settle disputes, ask questions, etc. Each name below also has their respective timezone:

  • Ptahh - North America
  • TBA- Europe

Link to come



Join the The Bloodbath Discord Server!

Check out the The Bloodbath community on Discord - hang out with 23 other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.

Huge thanks to AndyB and Sunstar for agreeing to sponsor and help reward players in this event!

Special thanks to Styggaboy for the format and text above.

Please send me a direct message with any questions!


Reserved for team declarations

Reserved for matchup schedule

Reserved for winners

Backup reserve

so this is a arena/last man standing-tournament?

maybe find a name for the game-mode that sets it apart from what we know as minigames :stuck_out_tongue:

also, since last man standing matches more likely will be over quicker, make them BO5?
it’s gonna suck to assemble a team for this and for it to be over in an instant.

Gonna pass on this.
I would have liked a lot minigames version, but arena not really.
Too much of a plain fight. I respect of course different interests, but for Me fights in open space lack a lot of strategy. I’m not even a duel fan, but duel is probably the only thing that has sense in an arena.
If you use groups, in my opinion it’s better to use minigames maps, otherwise you loose a lot of strategy fun.

In any case, great job in organizing PvP content for the community. AoC combat system is awesome, and we deserve this kind of initiatives :+1:


this game-mode will be about theorycraft and gimmicky combos - feels like 6 man teams is gonna allow for too much shenanigans - and it’s totally gonna stomp those who aren’t gonna bother with these combos.

maybe doing it inside a battlekeep could be a solution for keeping trolls away, while getting some terrain / buildings involved.

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Well the other format is alive and well on fury. I was hoping to make this a little unique. If there is enough of an outcry we will change it back to mini games.

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I lost it at the title :rofl:


it’s cool that you wanna try it

but one thing we are struggling with (in the fury tournament) is finding the right time for all the actors involved, so making it maybe like 4v4 instead of 6v6 could ease on this issue. just an idea. 6v6 would also be cool, but I think you’re opening up for some silly oneshotting with allowing several hoxes and their intense cooldowns that you really can’t deal with.

We need lowbie PvP like the start of Saga of Blood, without the gear boxes so Cromites can learn and play PvP from the start.

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Actually a PvP tournament for PvP 1-3 toons would be fun :+1:

Well sadly that’s cause fury has no pop. Also as we all know I am an extreme socialite. I think I can get it worked out.

If someone doesnt show we will go 5v5 4v4 and so on as posted

That’s how I plan to fix the brackets I mention. I’ll factor in skill and gear.

Hence the tiered competition. My goal here will be to give pvers and chance to have fun as well without getting smashed. Might build some fun pvp interest in broader circles

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make it 2v2/3v3 or just go with normal minis

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Please let’s do standard mini game maps

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