The PvP Event Issue

First I’m sorry I missed pre lvl 80 pvp.

The same ten people do events. They are better at pvp then everyone else. Only way to push them out is double or triple their numbers. Gets boring fast so it doesn’t last too long. Then same people go out and just bori farm the events.

This leaves pits, mini games, and billboard quest. Bill board quests are just lows trying to level. Dueling is now being trolled by a guardian who just runs away from you begging you to let him kill you. So time runs out and you are waiting for some time to get a duel. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose so xp a little slow.

Mini games…just like crom. This is all I do now. I wonder if the ten players are bored with farming aa’s in events? I’m certainly bored with trying to form groups because everyone is too afraid to go out there and even try.

What is the solution then? For more casual players, that cannot live in a video game what is the best way to catch up with pvp level, skill level, and aa’s?

Keep trying and learn to beat them?

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A sure possibility, but I’d be better off in pits so it is 1v1 as opposed to 6-10 vs 1.

Well, If you’re in Ptah’s guild EOS you should have at least 30 plus to back you up at all times. That’s at least what Ptah says.

I am in EOS since my ninja invite. Someone hooked me up the first day with a code which was really nice. The issue with them is there is no “core” pvp group…just individual players playing the game solo. Some of them do pretty well but I can get one or maybe two people to agree to group up with me, even if there is 40 people online. The ones wanting to group up are usually under level 50 lol.

To be clear I’m not knocking the pvp 10 dudes in event zones. I get it, they just want to play too and that’s the best place to get open world pvp. I’m just pointing out a few of the draw backs I’m experiencing and a few others.

Ignore Lewzipher’s comments. She is still butthurt over her actions causing her guild to implode in on itself. A sad thing to be honest. With BLR gone there is a power gap left during US prime time that is no longer being fulfilled.

I can equate to your situation Kropt. If you play during US prime time my recommendation is to message the Khopsehf guild they are always open to doing pug mixed team premades if they have the numbers and are even willing to split their own guild to fight it out for events if they have enough numbers. They are always willing to offer pvp advice as well. Don’t ask to join their group though. They have a strict no handholding policy that I can respect even when it is to their detriment as they get zerged out of a zone.

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I was wondering what happened to BLR, sucks they aren’t around. Yeah I like the Khopsehf guys, they are really good players too.

You can be casual and still join a guild. Or just talk to the people at the event and see if you can team up with them.

Who are you kropt? We’re willing to split Into balanced groups for FoS and team arena, but fvck Gullah. Also we try to do real ffa for solo arena unless people group up.

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dude we are out there every day trying and grouping but its like trying to take out a sherman tank with a rifle. we had a 24 man raid in white sands today. we grouped up every day since launch 24/7 but we cant penetrate on the pvp events so yes no its pretty much dispersed right now while we wait like roaches for a window. T

he pros just say…suck it up get better. Thats what Im trying to do. There is no easy solution here. You want a silver bullet…there is none…are you on discord? are you listening to me call targets? Are you taking khopshef up on their offer to train us? I did. All the new players are frustrated but joining a new guild isnt the solution. Do you think the situation will be different?

In life when you mean overwhelming odds you have 2 choices…surrender…or fight.

I have been doing my best to talk sense into the pvp 10s from USB ect …to help the new players like you…they wont. So we must get better …keep trying. and work on our skills. This is the mark of a warrior. I have intentionally tried not to make allies cept maybe one because i truly feel this hurts the game and pvp. It is hard taking draftees to war. Being a new player friendly guild at this stage of saga is a true challenge. We all knew it would be hard from the day we saw USB at PVP 10 in white sands. Am I wrong? They have full AAs …do you? Did you learn to stack? Do you have the badges and tokens for the gear if you have pvp 10? Saga PVE was not easy for us but we learned alot. Saga PVP should be no different. Its the hard things in life and how you meet them that define you. This is why BLR ran back to crom. They didnt want to rise to meet the challenge cause they knew it would be a tough fight at 80 and in many ways a waste of time. I choose to stay cause frankly I like the environment…alot.

EoS provides something no other guild does. This is why we have the big wars and no one else does. A Soft Target. Khopshef boys have offered to train us …even balance the teams.

my personal solution has been to stay up all night after everyone is in bed and ignore RL completely just to get in some duels and events. It sucks but i see no other way.

I wouldnt say there is a power gap per se. I am always willing to come out and fight Khopshef. Just right now Ive been sleeping during US primetime so I can stay up all night. sucks but i saw no other solution to the situation.

begging for pvp events got old. being told to get better and win got old.

much as i hate to say it they should have kept bori open.

it would have at least given us an option and promoted pvp…people would have loved coming to kill us.

however even sending tells to khopshef isnt gonna help the situation. They have no reason to hand us pvp events.

I’m not new to the game. I’ve just been away for a long time. But I’d def take some pointers from people that are better at pvp then I am.

The true problem with players that share a guild with me is they don’t try. They just submit or decide to give kills away so opposing guilds can gain aa’s and pvp levels. Why? So they can slaughter your friends hahahaha. Talk about being a complete video game beta.

I’d kick them immediately. I’d kick everyone that goes afk and allows themselves to get padded in mini games. I’d kick people that use guild only so they can have better pots. I’d create a core group and start playing together and have good coordination. Even if you don’t kick anyone out, you can still create a core group of pvpers that will actually give a challenge.

Now as to the guy that stated people should just leave the guild. Since all my friends quit the game in 2013 I have not a lot of options. Plus server will probably be gone shortly. Why leave one guild for another? The people that just talk negative about new players is a large part of why you only fight the same few people in mini games. Instead of insults perhaps advice is needed? A new approach? Just a thought, and i get frustrated as well believe me.


Sounds like you could step up and create a guild that fills the power vacuum. Truly

Well now I know who you are.

  1. We have people willing to help

  2. If I boot noobs who get frustrated in minis and go afk when PvP 10s own them…Where they gonna go? Who is gonna help them? Alot of these people are nice people. I don’t have the heart to boot them. They need love and instruction. Now I may not be able to teach PvP but I know the game well and can help them. I don’t want to be just another elite PvP 10.

  3. Just ignore them and work with me on a team of 6. We have some good and experienced pvprs. What’s in a tag other then pride and ego. Be proud you are willing to help new players.

  4. If they just want pots and buffs why shouldn’t we help? That’s what being a community is all about.

There is no power vacuum there is a courage vacuum. The knowledgeable pvprs ironically just want to farm alts as well. Anyone who doesn’t believe that can go to kesh and see them holding hands. USB won’t premade…they won’t fight good pvprs.

EOS isn’t the issue here it’s guilds like USB. They need to step up and fill that power vacuum. Suggesting my leadership drop and form a new guild cause of dead weight won’t help. It’ll just give me less help to provide the only team with balls to engage. This will worsen my inability to engage.

Now we have been farming arena for days. I haven’t slept trying to catch up. I’m actually beating people now w t3 gear and AAs…I’m ready to get on the field and get to work again providing those that remain do the same and step up with courgae.

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your answer would have been find a guild,

but FC cut off any incentive to hold a PvP-community when they cut the option to sign up with friends in minis (years ago). so guilds that will take you in now are scarce, and your only option is EoS. anyways a commendable effort by Ptah, it’s amazing how many people he actually had in that guild, then compare to the numbers in other guilds.

before 80 (when we bothered to play the server) if we had 5 online in guild we would always do something together and it’s possible to slay stuff if you put your will to it. you might fail but it’s worth the effort, but like I said… you need to get organized cause this game does not provide ingame voicecoms, also it helps to be on friendly terms with these guys you wanna team up with, so finding a group suiting you isn’t done in an instant!

I feel for you :stuck_out_tongue:
ps. blame FC

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thanks for the support…i bleed for this game…i love it.

i wish i could teach more…i rely now on khopshef boys

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Yeah, this game is worth playing, and honestly, even sub once in a while. But hell in no way am I ever joining a PvP server again. The first 20 lvls were cancer so no thank you.
PvE however, love it. Gotta get that Conq geared

If i understood rright, some people are saying more or less that the only thing worth playing right now are mostly minigaes with some fun pvp to be had doing the daily quests, and maybe pvp festival here and there (I subscribe that opinion). That minigames are somewhat playable, is thanks to not allowing 6 pro-pvpers in the same team, rolfstomping everyone else. I’m sorry that a side effect is that some ppl can’t consistently play minigames with their mates, but won’t be in favor of going back to the times of only one queue for minigames.

1st of all. the term “pro-pvper” or “elite-pvper” is thrown around so much lately… but who are these players???

you make it sound like there is this immense gap between a regular player and the “pros”.

let me tell you, this game has not had a “pro” environment, like ever! there are just all people playing, and some try their best, some run around trolling, some are in-between. and this is the main difference between players! skill-wise, surely there are differences, but I don’t think the quality and fun minis boils down to who has the skill and not. it boils down to how much players want to win and play a GOOD minigame.

the pug system neglects the need for this entirely. you can’t control who you play with, and you’re likely to get in teams with players of differing opinions of how they wanna play (by this I mean: you get in teams with trolls)

it’s not only about playing with my mates. it’s about having team where atleast a couple of guys play with the same objective in mind as you. instead of this hopeless situation where everyone get upset with their randomly selected teammates, and quality of minis is non-existent (in your words: “somewhat playable” - do you consider that good enough?).
And here is the biggest sadness of it all, the result is that people don’t cooperate and learn from eachother.

when I started this game I was getting roflstomped. that’s why I joined a guild, started teaming up with people I figured were good for me to oppose the teams of 6 roflstomping everything. but in all reality, it wasn’t always that people went for the 6 man stacks. a lot of players signed in duos or solo, with great success.

anyways, it’s that drive to win and team up thats lacking, but a part of this is also that there aren’t “teams” or “guilds” that you get that drive to win against! minis are only pugs!

because of this people don’t learn properly either. they learn the pug way, not the team way. now it’s spiraling out of control with so many not learning or experiencing the game in a good way: the way where you work together to bring down that filthy stack you’ve been loosing to so many times. (YES, IT HAPPENS)

hope you see my point

ps. battlekeep mitigation buff stacking (+20% all mitigaiton) is no longer in the game.
(that’s imo a big reason why they resorted to changing the queue)