Now what-Rp?Premades?

Well that was alot of fun!

Will people keep fighting for PvP 10?

How will they do this without bori? Just buy it?

Most of the PvP 10s out there bought it or farmed events/packages with little competition. I played everyday. I think I saw only a few good fights over PvP events.

Is that the plan? Try to get a 6 man and farm PvP 10 somehow …?

Premades? RP?

Incentives for the big wars seem limited save during US hours.

What will everyone do now?

Ptah Prince of Memphis

Allready left forCrom. Not doing the grind again.

That’s what I think too, Dreadh. I didn’t like the first Saga and I don’t really like this second one. I play it because, otherwise, I can’t PvP, but grinding all over again when I’ve done it for years is not what I would have in mind if the game is somewhat going to be fixed. I’d rather start banning the cheaters and afk trolls we kept seeing in Crom every single day. I finally get more or less good in PvP and Saga happens. To me it’s just a cash grab, which works well if you want to play in these new servers properly.

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The server fell way below my expectations because of the P2W gear gap (and lowbie class imbalance).

Now that a significant proportion of players already has R10 + Serious/Full AA, I won’t even try anymore :rofl:. I’ll most probably just hit 80 as a matter of principle and check Fury after the merge.

People who are not at least pvp8 by now must have no clue on how to stack pvp xp boosts before consuming whatever rewards they had from festival/dailies, and instead of keeping them in their inventory on all those lower level brackets they just consumed them right away.

For those who do not know what stacks :

Shop potion for 100% pvp xp
Cloak from Saga quest for 100% pvp xp (the lvl80 one, and no it doesnt only boost xp from kills)
PvP Candy from Halloween quests for 50% pvp xp
Winning 1 whatever festival event for 50% pvp xp
Guild renown 3 Bori book from Cimmerian End for 5% pvp xp

All of the above stack with each other, and they also stack with the 30% boost from being subbed, and if your guild has a t1 battlekeep you get another 5% on top which make any reward give approximately 4x of its tooltip value to you.

Even without doing a single festival quest ever, if you would have done “blood begets blood” in the daily PvP zone once/twice per day for the 51 days the server is up, and you would have saved your rewards and used them with all the above mentioned boosts, you would have been pvp8 easy.

You do not need Bori at all.

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Cloak is only pvp kill xp?

I didnt test the cloak myself since i consumed all my skulls 2 days before lvl80 cap due to inventory space issues, but a friend told me it works with everything. Ill test it when i get home just for good orders sake. If it doesnt work ill edit, but i really doubt that.

Without the cloak, but with all those other boosts i mentioned, i was getting ~18,600pvp xp from a 5k skull.

Oh you meank the level 80 cloak? I did not check its stats so far. I thought i decide later which one to grab from Box, thought stats are same as tier
Highlord 3 pvp.

They are exactly the same indeed but the lvl80 quest cloak has + 100% pvp xp boost on top (ill test later if its only for kills but you could do that yourself also).

Very nice suprise indeed. Thx.

I had a bank full of those things and my inventory was loaded. Used every boost imaginable and went from 50% PVP 3 to 50% pvp 4. Gonna have to disagree on your entire post.

You can disagree as much as you want, but its simple maths. Do them :slight_smile:

If you would have been getting rewards that worth 4k xp without any boosts (which is close to nothing) every day for 50 days you would have ~200k pvp xp on you which multiplied by ~4 (with all the boosts) is ~800k…which is approximately the amount you need to ding 8 from 0.

You are forgetting one thing: you are in a guild that had more than enough people online every single day to do the pvp events (and you were playing yourself a lot) and it was often uncontested too. You can’t expect everyone to be in the same situation. Nor can you expect everyone to know about all the XP buffs you can stack and whatnot. It’s also quite difficult in terms of bag space on this server unless you pay real money. Same story with AA, I didn’t even know myself that the thingies scaled when you’re not 80 and wasted a lot of them for that reason.

So it’s perfectly normal that a lot of players find themselves far behind and complain now. You have to remember that MMOs are full of “solo” players. They generally won’t start a group themselves and it will be hard for them to join one as well. So on a pvp Saga server with permanent festival, they are at a huge disadvantage unless they p2w their way up (or make an effort and change how they play the game but it’s not that simple and AoC doesn’t have a LFG tool or anything).

I’m behind myself because I knowingly didn’t bother saving any skulls (and also knew that 80 bracket would be a complete farce with the shop and the huge disparity in pvp levels) but I don’t really care because yeah, from the early Saga days I could tell what was going to happen at 80.

I had 2 options to be competitive at 80: play a lot or pay up. I chose neither :stuck_out_tongue:

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It is not of my concern if people complain Louis, i posted what i posted so those who don’t know how to quadruple their rewards can learn how hopefully, even though we are talking about stuff that are in game for like 5 years or more…
I also didn’t forget anything, blood begets blood is a daily quest and not a festival one.
Your bag space problem solution is called headhunters collection (122 slots) which costs 5euro more than a monthly sub and gives you a free sub for a month.

Of course there is a solution to the bag space problem in the shop, what a surprise :slight_smile: A problem that doesn’t exist on other servers because of vet points and claims (don’t even remember which it is but w/e). The price is irrelevant to me, personally, it’s the principle. So much nudging left and right to make players spend more money, even those that have been subbed for years and years. Allow me to not be a fan of that.

The fact is this game has a heavy p2w flavour nowadays and it’s worse than ever on this pvp focused “fresh start” (cough) server. Of course you can also play a lot (and efficiently) and do fine vs those that spent a lot of money, thank god we haven’t reached the depths of some of those Asian MMOs.

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Numbers don’t matter in PvP events at all. 6 people in hide or 1 person w store bought shizta swoops in to win it all. Easy. New players crushed out early.

The original post was what to do next because shoulda woulda coulda…don’t pay the bills.

I’ve really not heard anyone answer the question I posed.

I’m one of those solo players, have been since 2008. Set server and then Crom. Saga server has been cool, I like pvp. But I’ve stayed away from it because the grind to catch up with pvp 8+ players is huge. It’s no fun getting crushed. So I level alts, build a city. You want me to pvp, then drop the pvp level requirement on gear. The tokens and gold are enough of a gate.

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Actually, catching up on Saga server atm is uber fast. Leveled up tos from 6 to 70 lvl in 15 minutes. Catching up with pvp lvl is also uber fast: daily q from minis, daily packages and pvp events… Rly players have so much helpful boosts that anyone who knows them can advance pretty easily.


Idiotic thread.

Everybody with a nuanced and real perspective of this game know very well that PvP 10 doesn’t mean everything (remember, everyone got full t1 at 80, which is a competitive starting point)

But even if that isn’t your perspective… What those players should rejoice about is how fast it is possible to progress (like pointed out numerous times), not jump on the this poor willed and friendless (yes… you ideally need friends in an mmo/pvp game) frame of mind that satetka has here.

Totally also understand dreadhs pov (according to forecast), no incentive to keep playing with lousy rewards and boring, actually damaging quests… (minigame participation??? total nonsense for pvp. maybe in RF you could get away with it, but that quest needs minigame WIN condition)
Minigames now are total nonsense with the ammount of afks.

Im not gonna bother to complete the quest.
Only reason for me to play would (once the afk-fest cools down) be minigames without the exile rune, which is welcome. Another plus is the active duel arena where I might drop by.

Sadly, funcom don’t fully understand the pvp mindset, as a result we got this poor and disengaging quest at 80, again catering to RF demographic, not the PvP demographic.

A lot of good stuff about this saga so far, but fundamentally it shows how out of touch they are when they do such errors as participation quests.

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Isn’t it a bit ironic that someone promoting the virtues of friendship sounds so agressive and hateful ? :sunglasses:

If it wasn’t for the PVP noobs (some of them are actually trying to do their best, mind you), all that would be left would probably be the same consanguineous clique of like 15-20 PVP übers fighting each other every day (if they’re lucky enough to be simultaneously signing in to be able to start a mini).

Just say it clearly if that’s what you really want because there’s nothing you hate more than being disturbed in your display of awesomeness by a bunch of Crom scubs who unfortunately dared to try something new for them .

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