Was saga really a good idea?

We luved the fights in white sands during the Fury days, and so it was saga, but now the level cap is 30. No more PvE no more PvP. I though they would lock all the maps but conac valley that would become the new PvP area, instead someone is in Conach, someone in Stygia, someone in Khitai, so where is the massive PvP now? At this point is more convenient to buy a premade toon, save 600 points to move to Crom, or to level to Crom where you can do bori and pvp events without problems.

I agree, it feels too spread out. The population also seems to decrease a lot once the current level cap is hit.

Just wait until people are done with lvl 80 quest too ,fury will seem full compared to saga after that :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want pvp, you go to the pvp event area. Ask in global if you cant find it. If you go to a random map the chance of pvp is small ofcourse.

If you dont like pvp but simply want a pvp 10 toon. Go to crom and farm bory all day, then quit the game because you achieved what you look for.

Hold on a second, you are saying once you are pvp10 you can quit? Correct? The point of saga is to offer massive PvP raids around a map, because the way saga is working now it’s the same way Fury used to work many years ago, but there was a difference, that Fury had a lot of players that we do not have now. Also those PvP event are not up 24/7 otherwise it would just take 2 days to level.

I don’t care about levelling pvp because i have already some pvp10, some of them were level 8 when bori did not exist yet. I just want the old raids that used to happen on keshatta, that’s why i joined saga in the first place not to level a toon like i have said i can do much faster on crom or fury. Regards.

Read again. I say, if your only purpose is to have a level 10 because you dont want to pvp, then…


Good idea? Yes. But on execution- not really. most problems have been listed on other threads. the worst being the constant crashes ( just did after again 5 minutes of game time and first time I logged saga all weekend ). I was looking forward to Saga Blood even though I am only a casual pvper, but now it’s just a huge disappointment.

Fully agree

The “idea” of a fresh start PvP server wasn’t a bad one, but in typical style, they blew it.

The shop gear, the bullsh*t loot crates and the server being broken with crashes and various game breaks are all a complete failure (even the level caps to a degree, I’d rather have the classics - something like 1 week of 18, 2 weeks of 39, 2 weeks of 59, then go to 80).

Roll out the server with NO item shop whatsoever (completely disable it) but require a subscription to play on it and fix the damn server first (minis were crashing frequently before Saga, so it wasn’t news). Disable AA, Bori, all expansion zones (so the lvl 80 experience is unique) and do something to allow sieging to happen, then it might’ve been something enjoyable.

As it is, it’s just another flawed cash grab Saga server, though at least the only glaring issue with the last one was the raid finder, this one has a lot.


I think, this is what they should have done.

Cap level 20, lock all the maps but white sands. There you have your massive PvP.
Cap level 30, lock all the maps but conach valley. There you have your massive PvP.
Cap level 50, lock all the maps but khitai. There you have your massive PvP.
And so on.

Who cares about levelling pvp 10 in saga and you cannot get PvE levelling, so we all care about PvP raids.

It was a good idea to get some new players and to give some fun, but because of the above i guess they ruined it for many players.

I gave up some raids because fighting in white sands was fun, but now there is the WB event and i’m barely logging saga, not giving up that event to run 30 minutes just to find someone to fight with.

Only problem with that choice is it’s a B2p area. Better to keep to the F2p area’s so all can play.

it was a fantastic idea with the potential to bring in fresh players(i havent played since 2010) but they fked up and lost almost all new players when they perceived the game as p2w cause of starter pack, which to be fair was correct.

the only maps they needed to lock were minis. levelling wpvp has been dead since 2008, the vets have a hard time breaking old habits so they just sit in khemi spam queueing minis. Thats whats killing the server, I just log out when i see everyone in a mini.

It showed us one thing: You simple can not please PvP players in AoC,
Store bought gear - bad.
PvE for gear - bad.
No gear - bad.
Leader boards - bad (Misleading at best).
No matter what the Funcom Devs, do, someone is not happy.

The real issue in my opinion is the community. Stop calling each other trash. Stop with all the unfounded “cheat” and “hack” accusations. Develop good relationships. Do like PvP players and build balanced groups and use the tournament option.


Unfortunately cheats and exploits has been here from the day this game was released, if i remember well on the combo skip that was a bug exploit FC said something like they do not agree with it but atm FC cannot do anything about it. The “buddies” and the “goblins” just to name some are still there. Yes i do not like those “great” pvp “players” good at talking big and farming their own alts just to show they got some stats, let’s leave alone the mini where they put an alt as afk to make you lose the event.

I am someone who has played AoC for years but have always found the pvp hard to get into. This pvp Saga has shown me that a lot of my problems before stemmed from the huge advantage gained by having an established toon with AAs and pvp gear.

This might also be the reason for the dwindling pvp server as the learning curve, together with the gear and AA grind, makes it very hard for the average beginner.

I’m not saying that me having the same gear as most others(the pay2win set) has made me a great player, but it has made me competitive. So the Saga of Blood has at least converted one person to pvp, and I’m sure I’m not the only one.

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The brackets schedule is mixed up IMO. Monday onwards after event weekend saga feels empty already . Much better schedule IMO would be start new brackets Monday, have till WE to level and gear up and enjoy event on geared toon…

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I missed the PvE saga, and i always say this game is good for PvE but not PvP. Many reasons, not just unbalanced classes, but also because the whole combo system is purely PvE. I have been playing many games, i cannot say FC is the best out there but i can say FC is quite good, if i only think how many game providers out there are really a bunch of scums.

Let’s see what is going to happen, maybe they will make some nice event. I knew by experience, because this happens in every game, everytime there is a new server the first days it is full of players, wait a couple of weeks and the server is already dead. Maybe if there will be another saga they might listen to some suggestions that have been given here, that are valid points. For the moment, i really don’t feel like running around the map for nothing,

In easy words, camon FC make us happy :slight_smile: I was planning to stab some stupid caster while he was on SW during a PvP raid with my sin on saga :slight_smile: