Saga PVP Server Idea

So since the Saga PVP server has basically been announced with the login rewards, I have a suggestion that would make the server really enjoyable for all levels.

First: Item Shop
-Remove the T2 PVP gear off the item store
-Remove the PVP xp from the PVP boxes
I understand Funcom needs to make money, but offer vanity or items that won’t break the server.

Second: Lowbie PVP
-Force a level cap on players
Make the max level for the first two weeks(or really however long you want) level 19. This will streamline all the PVP on White Sands, Acheronian Ruins, or Underhalls. Once those two weeks are done, make the next level cap 39 for two weeks. Which, again, will streamline all the pvp into level appropriate zones. Every two weeks increasing the level cap to the next highest minigame bracket. This will maximize lowbie PVP and force players to watch their backs while leveling. This also will allow MOST people to hit 80 at the same time, creating an even playing field.

Third: Buffs
To hurry things along, keep the PVP event buffs we currently have applied on the Saga PVP server. Maybe tone it down to 100% so that its still somewhat of a grind to PVP 10.

Fourth: PVP Event
Keep the PVP Events running 24/7. Whatever level bracket we are in, choose that zone for the 2 weeks. For example, when we are level capped at 19, choose white sands. Level cap at 39, choose wild lands. Mainly so we aren’t getting stomped in Commons district by 79s at level 39.


I like Nr. 2; Level Caps. I would think the whole purpose behind a Pvp saga server would be to give the best Pvp experience and keeping everyone close in levels should help with that.

Otherwise some will zoom up to lvl 80. What was it? 36 hrs for the first lvl 80 on the PVE Saga server?

I’d much rather pvp at 19 with zergs of people having a blast rather than trying to get to 80 as fast as possible to fight all the other people try harding to 80. We’ve done plenty of 80 PVP, it’s time for some lowbie PVP action.

  1. Remove the crit potions from the item shop. No boosting items at all, basically a flashback to 2010-11pvp.

  2. +100% xp should be enabled during the Saga

  3. I am not sure does 19 39 59 79 lvl minigames grant campaign badges, if not, we should have those

  4. Victory tokens, look at point 3.

  5. No shield of the risen for EOS players, so we can farm them

I love this idea! As I have stated in many other posts, to me the main attraction to this server is lowlevel PvP, lowlevel PvP and more Lowlevel PvP.

To think what an experience this server will be if this actually was to happend. People will go groupruns to get better equipment as tho it was endgame, at level 39 or 59 i can only imagine! Main system runs all around the clock! That must be exciting even for hardcore PvE players!

It would be tottaly unique! Never happend before in AOC! :smiley:

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It was actually a little bit over 11 hours! I hope there will be a cap so I will get to have some sleep the first night it comes out.

yes please level cap increasing every week, 19 the first 39 second 59 third 79 fourth then finally 80, would be fantastic!

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I think we as a community should concentrate on supporting one or few realistic ideas.
I’m not sure how difficult is to restrict the level, but this would be amazing.

Items from the shops are likely not going anywhere, though. There is no financial incentive to run a pvp server and delete viable pvp items.

+level caps, every 2 weeks

For a moment I was thinking, well, what do we do inbetween (99% pve player here)…but with the need to level under attack, gear out on level range, and the possibilty to actually have FUN in minis as a noob or new player…it sounds awesome.

+for no shield of the risen for EOS

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Sounds about right, it took me about 12 hours, in one *long ass) play through to do it solo.

I’d suggest disabling Vanaheim so no one can just hide away in it (and everyone already bought it for Saga anyway, so there’s no money left on the table)

yeah level caps (around 1 week per bracket) would be sweet

hope itemshop will not be p2w like saga of zath, and more vanity and faster leveling only.

Hey. We have experience pve from pvp kills, true? It will be fun to level up by fighting.

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A level cap will bring plenty of fun to all the leveling zones and allow lowbie PVP to prosper

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Please increase the PvE xp gained from pvp on the server :slight_smile:

Don’t you dare to not introduce PVP T4 armors with Saga of Blood

Make PvP1 set available for all fresh Lvl80s introduce a PvP4 set and tone down the PvP-Lvl requirement for the actual PvP2 and PvP3 sets.

don’t think the lvl 19 bracket should be closed for 2 weeks. I’d say 3-4 days tops.

at those levels some classes just dominate the others way too hard, and the gameplay isn’t even that fun in such a low level.

The time frame can be whatever Funcom wants. I think a week is solid. It gives people who have work or those who just started university time to level and enjoy pvp at those levels. If its only 3-4 days it should start on a Thursday and end on a Sunday.


it could be fun also if they have quests to complete at each bracket. kill x ammount of people in underhalls

maybe they could even have the pvp festivals on white sands during the starting week and tie some quest to this too.

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Indeed. Full leveling by pvp would be coool

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