Ideas For The Next Saga Server - Combined PvP/PvP/RP-server




  • PvP in all areas
  • Not everyone prefer PvP in all areas, and this has been suggested:
    - rune pvp-immunity / lasting for 24 hours (not able to break)
    - toggle pvp on/off via minimap with cd if killed (24 hours cd?)
    - add consequences for wearing the pvp-immunity/less rewards etc.
    - important to avoid exploits by being grouped with pvp-immune players
  • No item-store bought pots/AA/gear/mounts/gold/pets or any advantages
  • Enable that you can buy 1 extra character
  • At the end players can decide which server to transfer to with each of their characters
  • Guildcity ideas for Saga:
    - apply for a guildcity with just 1 member in the guild
    - degrade materials needed for the guildcity on Saga
  • Make the server run for 6 months? (vote for length)?
  • Raids on Saga:
    - degrade Raid-tokens from Raid Finder or remove it on Saga
    - if Raid Finder is not enabled, give us another option to get Atlantean Shards
    - upgrade tokens from real Raids
  • Add weekly leaderboards rewards (just small rewards):
    - f.eks. guild that declare first siege
    - f.eks. guild that clear raid first (should this follow RL-guild or the number from a guild)?
  • RP: alliance mechanics:
    - f.eks. RP: capture and prison mechanics
    - f.eks. RP: blessings for different actions
    - f.eks. GM’s involved in RP plots to drive RP/PvP- events (talk with RP community)
  • Get Veteran-tokens back + earn more tokens by playing Saga
  • Minigames: make it possible for 2 or more to sign up together
  • Make it possible to donate any tokens to guild-bank

Changes which can affect the other servers

  • More daily / weekly challenges:
    - f.eks. dungeon-group like all Mines of Chosain dungeons
    - additional rewards by doing them (like Atlantean Shards, T4 for time trials)
    - rewards like: vanity sets (T1/T2)
    - rewards like: Khitai vanity sets and tokens so you can buy it in case of bad rng
  • Add more achievements to do
  • Add more jumping puzzles / diving spots
  • Add option for markers on mobs/players (applied by groupleader and only visible in party/raid)
  • Appearance:
    - make a wardrobe (account shared) for vanity gear
    - (with wardrobe you need tokens to apply the look with either item shop-tokens or from quests)
    - vanity gear is not weight dependant (meaning you can also add full plate as vanity on a cloth player)
    - make a preview function on gear/hair/skin before applied
    - more sliders in character creation
    - add numbers to the sliders in character creation
    - stop the face from rotating in character creation
    - fix that voice can change (sometimes happens and never goes back to what you picked).
    - enable customizing of characters at level 80 (for a cost)
  • Add customized guild logo
  • Dungeons:
    - make it possible to do solo-instances with 2 or more players (just scale it)
    - make scalable dungeons (so you can pick the level before the group enters)
    - remove hidden CD’s from instances or make it possible to “clear CD” (like in Vile)
  • Add option to /kill yourself to wipe faster - or if you are stuck (and don’t have SW or Sacrificial Blade)
  • Option to see how much +hate each party member have generated on a mob (vote for this)
  • Fix the ms/ping for EU-players

Item Store

  • Enable that you can buy gifts for others in item shop
  • Add beginner pack in store with extra inventory/bank space
  • Add new and more cosmetics to the item shop
  • Add PvP-/Raid vanity-gear to item shop (ONLY T1 and T2)
  • Add guild city social and cosmetic in item shop
  • Add new hairstyles in item shop
    Float item shop with these things so you can earn money
  • Add ‘preview’ in item shop
  • Add item shop items and membership fees to Steam

Please post your ideas for the next Saga in case FC are planning to make another Saga.
(maybe your wish come true).

And we need to keep @Mussagana & Andy B busy! :wink:


What about an option to customise character…for like 10g at lvl 80? I think it would be fair.


How about Funcom actually add content for the normal servers and not rely on gimmick saga servers?


Most of your suggestions are Balli-centric. I don’t think they will bring more members or encourage more activity. I don’t really see myself involved in another saga it’s not really helped the community overall…they have been fun and proved there’s still alot of interest and fun to be had in aoc.

My only suggestion and it’s been said many times.

Merge servers…and a PvP flag.

Make fun events.


I like that idea, I will add it to the list later today :slight_smile: I’m “blocked” editing the post for 24 hours since last night.


Ofc my ideas on the list are “balli-centric”. I wouldn’t come up with suggestions that would be boring for me. That’s why I asked you all to chop i what you would like, as I sadly can’t read minds :wink:


Just stop with the Saga servers and fix things in the game, there are enough issues and things to fix. No need for all the energy from FC to make some vanity cloaks and armours.
Oh and merge the servers already, whats the point of having 2 when both is having problems, and make it so that you can chose to enable pvp in a instance or not.


But for Funcom to make changes they also need to earn some money on the game, and adding more vanity to itemshop could be one of the ideas, as listed above. Maybe you have something else in mind?


I think making one huge list will dull the knife.

Open a vote and list the top 3 ideas.


In order to even have a list of the top 3 options, it’s good to brainstorm first. Get a lot of ideas on paper, remove ones that don’t work add ones that might work and see what people think. Then work from there and see what is possible. Many options also don’t just apply to SAGA, so even if people don’t want another one, these ideas could be added to the main servers.

I don’t think merging servers is such a good idea, it’s good that we have a place for PvE’ers and new people to experience the game in a relaxed way and that there is a place where PvP’ers can play and fight each other. While there are certainly people that enjoy PvP everywhere and enjoy the Global-chat banter that comes with it, there is also people that would rather quest and do dungeons etc. without being ganked.

The only way I can see to serve both types of players would be to merge servers and have a PvE and a PvP instance of every map, but then you would still have people split, so not sure about that either.

Just my two cents.


The shop is how they gain funds nowadays. No point trying to get the NO STORE option off the ground


Split by servers and split by instance are 2 different things. Servers split permanently and doesn’t allow anything. Instance, is only temporary, no limits to what you can do with other instances.


Suggestions i like

I agree on the thing that if we get another saga server, it should be focused on pve and pvp at the same time, splitting saga server with crom based on which playerbase saga focuses on makes no sense.

buy gifts for others in the shop.

Pvp in all areas (with a rune that gives u 100% pvp invuls that u can only apply in hub cities)

At the end players can decide which server to transfer to with each of their 2 characters

Add weekly leaderboards rewards (just small things)

Minigames: make it possible for several to sign up together

Suggestions i dont like

Make the server run for min. 6 months (prefer a year)*,

saga shouldnt replace the real servers to that extent

Degrade tokens and rewards from Raid Finder

saga shouldnt have raidfinder at all

Option to see how much +hate each party member have generated on a mob

You prolly talk about the term Threat. ±hate is your multiplier to how much threat your dmg is producing. This would dumb down the game by an awful amount.

Add vanity weapons

FC already said this isnt possible / worth the time

Add all PvP-/Raid vanity-gear to item shop (all tiers)

This would terminate the “wow” effect of achieving those items by work

Make it possible to donate tokens (any tokens) so you can share if you want (to players or guildbank)

And have a main-raid clear t6 in least amount of time possbile and give tokens to your alts? no thx.

Rest of the changes Im neutral towards, but imo not worth funcoms time. Better to prioritze the obvious things when funcom can barely do anything.


Nice post Mori ^^ :slight_smile:
Why do you think it would dumb down the game to be able to see the hate generated? In my pov it would make the game more tactical that you could see this, instead of just guessing how much hate the tank has generated or guessing what kind of gear he has etc.


Because the way the game works right now, you learn by experience what you should and shouldnt do aggrowise. You know you shouldnt use HC on the first dps phase in slithering chaos if the tank is a random global tank for example. With an aggrometer, you wouldnt have to learn the aggro of your abilities by experience, you would just stare yourself blind on the aggrometer.

But the biggest issue is not from a healer/dps perspective, the reason this game rocks compared to other mmos is how aggro for tanks works in this game, in wow you have a goad on a 10 second cooldown. In this game you have to learn how to “feel” the aggro of you and the other tanks without seeing on a bar how you are doing. Without this aspect, taking would be hella booring.

It can be hard thinking of how changes affect other classes / archtypes when u only play 2 classes in the same archtype ^^ but some of the suggestions were spot on, shouldnt be limited to saga tho, many changes could be applied right now.


A aggro-meter is not gonna play the game for the tanks, and I could imagine that a tank can learn from watching which skills og combos that aggro more.
In that sense you are are explaining, you could almost say the same about a dps-meter then. That it is dumbing down the game because you just have to feel how well you do your rotations, haha


I tank in wow where you have active aggrometer, and I can tell you that it surely does play it for you aggrowise

Its not the same because your dps is not a active symbiosis of others dps like aggro is. Dps on a strawman-parse should just be as high as possible, while aggro is delicate and dynamic, both up and down the scale.

ps: when veterans try to sell this game to others one of the main points is that there is no live dps-meter or aggrometer ingame. Quite sad if one of the unique selling points gone from this game.


Totally agree. If they are going to reuse content over and over again I’d prefer Sanctum, Black Castle and Atzels Unchained etc. Enough of this Saga crap.


Just updated the post with some of your suggestions :slight_smile: keep them coming


I think it will be too OP to make it for several to be able to sign up together?