Ideas For The Next Saga Server - Combined PvP/PvP/RP-server


If saga started as advertised “nothing but a broken oar and rags” we would had to pve for gear while being on guard for PvP attacks. It would have forced us to run in groups or guilds for protection. or solo at great risk. Both would have been so much fun imo. My suggestion would be hold off on the gear boxes until at least level 20 or later.


I have a suggestion. All the rewards surrounded individuals. Nothing for the team. The coolest things in aoc are often team centric. I’d have like to see EOS win a thing for having 200k kills (probably 300k by the end). Declaring the first siege. Doing the first t1 and t2. I’d have like to see a guild on guild royal rumble in Bori…last guild left standing. I hesitate to suggested bori farming might have remained active promoting PvP as the scrubs scrambled for PvP 10 unable to penetrate PvP games.

Stuff for RP? Wow…where to even start…alliance mechanics. Capture and prison mechanics. Escrow to support win loss rewards. Blessings for different actions. Gms involved in RP plots to drive RP PVP events.


Great suggestions. I have added them to the list above.


are you adding everyones suggestion to the op post or are u filtering out the things you personally agree with? should rather have the whole thread as a base of diffrent suggestions without implying that the OP post is the final product of the suggestions if its filtered.

Make holy cleansings dmg-component only trigger on players, not pets and the pets of pets and their uncles, to mix up the current lame group and raid meta thats too heavily reliant on casters. :roll_eyes:

depends how you look at it, in my opinion you should always try to create friends n bonds in an mmo, if you sign up to a minigame solo by your own choosing, it doesnt automatically mean you have disadvantages, but in the cases where it does, its kinda on you for signing solo in an mmo. Three players seems to be the sweetspot in my opinion.


I’d much rather have something eventful thats actually utilizing the entire game like current Saga did with its level brackets,

it was tons of fun to actually play the entire game again (lowbie dungeons, lowbie crafting, lowbie quest rewards) and not just that couple of endgame dungeons + t5-t6 raids that prove the most bountiful.

if more content means just one more dungeon I’d prefer another Saga where every aspect of the game will be utilized again instead.
if they’re gonna do something to the main servers, I’d like something like scaling dungeon difficulty that would apply onto the majority of the game, if you get what I mean.

single dungeon no thanks unless it is truly epic and a place where one could actually make use of the insane gear aquired lately (t6+RF stuff)


Scaling dungeon-difficulties seems imo be the least amount of work with the content it gives since it gives purpose for t6 chars, and can scale downwards aswell unlocking harder dungeons for the RF crowd.


What did I miss to add to the top-post? Think I have either removed or added the suggestions from this thread so far. If I lack something please point it out :slight_smile:

And about HC, I don’t mind :slight_smile: I just love Pom!
And I love the game and what it offers, and I’m only trying to combine the wishes for people.
Do I believe FC has the manpower or desire to change all these ideas? I don’t know, but I rather post ideas instead of just crying about a dead game.


Yes I would love that changed. I already added this with just for 2, should it just be scaling nomatter how many people it is (below 6)?


never claimed you missed out to add anything, just asked how we should approach the thread so everyones opinions have same weight. If you dont cherry pick suggestions to the OP post and at the same time claim its the final product of the thread im good :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::sunglasses:

with scalable dungeons im mainly thinking about Mythic+ group system in wow which is rly popular. You choose what difficulty of the dungeon you want (level 3 could be todays difficulty, then it stretches unlimited untill its impossible, increasing dmg and hp percentually each level).

Theres a weekly cycle where you and your group try to complete dungeons the hardest possible “level”. In the end of the week you get rewards based on the hardest completed dungeon you did during the week.


He means like change what level you want on your dungeon before entering, say each instance has 10 levels (or any number you want), where say level 3 would be where todays aoc damage and hp of mobs is at

then for each level higher mobs do more damage and get more hp, to the point of level x where it becomes impossible to do it, or you can scale it down if your group doesn’t have the gear yet.


Alrighty, thank you :slight_smile: Added


i feel on behalf of the RP community i must protest this posts title!

We demand representation and RP events!


uhhh you are right about that. I will add it to the title! ;D

  • PvP in all areas (with a rune that gives 100% pvp invuls in hub cities + only protect you in hub cities)

Well this is the key, this rune (available forever on claim list so if dropped accidentally from inventory it can be retaken) possibly be permanent and not 4h duration (or i forget to renew it and get killed haha), if i want do pvp i just remove the buff. When the server end it could be merged with both crom and fury and have finally just 1 “and all they lived happily ever after”


I think in order for the server to be a pvp-server, we would need pvp in all maps (apart from the cities or something). Otherwise it takes the purpose away?




Just changing so that the pvp zone and pict events are the same zone all the time would be a good start.


I personally liked it when you can PvP everywhere. You used to be able to PvP in the inns. Hence the concept of PvP vulnerable tagging. Not everyone will want to be PvP enabled all the time.


You cant mix PvE players with open world PvP. No PvE player will stay around to get ganked while trying to do quests. We already know from the past this doesn’t work. I would much prefer we stopped doing gimmick servers and actually provided PvE and PvP content to the existing permanent servers instead of splitting up the few players we have.


when in the past did it not work? don’t think it was ever done.

besides, that’s not even what OP is suggesting. he’s suggesting a buff that would make it impossible to get ganked if you didn’t want to.