Ideas For The Next Saga Server - Combined PvP/PvP/RP-server


Back in the first year or so of AoC, there was indeed pvp flagging in open world on PvE servers. This was done when a guild declared a siege on another, once this was done, both guilds were pvp flagged in the open world. This was only in game for a few months though.


It was the first suggesting OP made:
PvP in all areas (with a rune that gives 100% pvp invuls in hub cities + only protect you in hub cities)

If the Rune worked everywhere it would accomplish the flagging people keep bringing up.


Thats not what I meant when I suggested the rune-system in this thread (Idea originally from Cappa in another thread). I meant you can only apply the rune-effect in hub cities. When its applied, it works everywhere. Reason for this is that you shouldnt be able to apply it mid fight while hiding or something like that.


Well that would be perfectly acceptable. Or the other way around might be better - PvE in all areas, Rune that allows PvP. I would be happy with either way because combining the servers for the limited population we have left is the best option.


If we can’t allow free pvp in all maps, wouldn’t this server only benefit pve-players?


I dont think so. almost all “pure” pve players have returned to crom on the current saga. yet there is pvp activity. Forcing an activity which a clear minority wants on the major population isnt a good strategy. Crom have been the biggest server in terms of population since release, why? Well you can assume people whos not into pvp wants to avoid getting ganked while leveling or just playing the game, so I would give them that option.


True, but I do think that many of the players on Crom also like to pvp, but their main priority is pve, which have been hard for them on Fury, hence they have their main on Crom.

I’m just trying to think how a server where you have an immunity would work. I’m not sure I like the idea that you can change it as you like, as this would maybe kill the pvp part of the server?

Maybe a solution could be at character creation, that you can pick if you want pvp/pve or only pve, and if you only pick pve - all players will be friendly to you, but you will then lack abilities to level up fast via player kills, and it will take you longer to finish the pvp-part of the Saga quest. But if you regret the part you picked, you can talk to the Chronicler and change it, but this has a long cd to change (daily or something)?
A sort of a consequence of your picks. + more rewards if you have both enabled.

Or when you login you can decide if you want pvp enabled and it then last for 24 hours. Something where it’s not on/off all the time.


while its true that fury is not an envirement that allows PVE, its clearly just a microscopical part of crom that does regular minigames and pvp festival.

Forcing 95% of the server to be victims of the ganking bussiness the 5% is accountable for, is gonna kill the whole server.

The main reason the rune was suggested in the first place was because it would require the least dev-time possible. There are way better ways then the rune, but its not realistic options.

Having the rune effect last for 24h without being able to break it is a rly good idea


Added it to the top :slight_smile:


Maybe if you wear the pvp rune immunity, you can’t group in open World with people who are not immune, as this could be exploited by having lots of healers and buffs, and the player you are against can’T do anything against it. Plus you wont be able to gain pvp exp or kills if you have the rune on, again to prevent exploits?


yeah this is an issue with the rune-suggesion that needs to be resolved, I talked to Cappa about it today and he said.

“they could use a “copy” of the criminal mechanic, it triggers something when you group with them, isn’t it ? that could force the pvp invul off or on on the whole group. i would say ON to not abuse it to become invulnerable on purpose”


I think you should either have a toggle icon next to your minimap which begins a casting bar to toggle pvp mode. Or right click your healthbar top left and select toggle pvp with same effect. If you kill or get attacked by another player, pvp is on cooldown for 5 mins.


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If there is going to be a new saga server I would love to have more daily / weekly challanges, like it was suggested a lot of times already:
Make a certain dungeon (or dungeon-group like all Mines of Chosain dungeons) “special” for a few days, giving more / additional rewards by doing them and maybe even add a special price for those who manage to do the time trials. Rewards could be things like Atlantean Shards or maybe even T4 relics for the time trials (and maybe even other items, vanity sets and so on - like the T1 / T3 / PvP T2 vanity sets for example).
This might add some variation to the groups that run dungeons each week and might give incentives to do more than just Mona / Palace runs for the whole duration of the saga server, it also might keep people away from farming RF all day long or make the “raid-loggers” keep playing instead of just logging in once a week for 2 hours to farm the guild raid.

The last saga server was fun overall but the second half of it was very… “grindy”, either farm RF all day long (which was / is too boring for me), farm the same dungeons for quick rares or log in once or twice a week for the real raids, daily / weekly dungeons challanges might change things up a bit and create more diversity in terms of content you can do.


Thanks a lot, added your suggestions to the top.


Agreed. Especially if they add Khitai gear as vanity set boxes. That would be extremely fun. But, in case your rng is bad, you should be getting special tokens form special events like those you mentioned and if you grind enough you can trade in for a set you want. Of course it needs to be big grind to avoid easy loot.


Just updated the top post and made it more clear.


@ Garrus-N7 Just to be sure what you want to add:

  • Add khitai vanity gear-boxes to dailys or other events?
  • What kind of grind/tokens do you mean?


Low chance to drop Khitai vanity gear in the event version of Khitai dungeons, but it can be bought for tokens if you have garbage luck with dropping the vanity box. For tokens you can buy specific. As drop it’d RNG. Tokens drop from same event versions of Khitai dungeons.


Ok think I got it :slight_smile: Added to the top under “More daily / weekly challenges”. Let me know if it’s not what you meant.