⚔ Mysterious image to tease new Saga server?

Just wondering if anyone think the same - is the new background we are revealing every day in Daily Rewards somehow connected to the new Saga server (PvP)?

All we can see now is Conan/Barbarian and some Lady + Zamora on the map.

But what is more interesting are the small white parts similiar to Conan font - I think there will be a name of the new server behind the last line of rewards!

Lets see next week and here is the image we all stare at every day :smiley:


As far as I know those are parts of the Artwork shown during the Credits, there is a button in the main menu (character screen) that starts them.

It is, however there appears to be the tip of two A’s. What word have two A’s in them? Saga. I had this hunch during the second day, it never revealed a picture behind the daily rewards until now… And Adny saying “The event comes to a close in 3 weeks - but don’t worry, the action’s just heating up! Stay tuned for more real soon!”

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Think the image is freely available to anyone who pokes around in the RDB files?

Let the mystery build, neat find though :slight_smile: I think I chose the right time to get back into this bad ■■■ game, most activity on fury I have seen ever.

Zamora->city of Yezud->the “vatican” of the cult of the spider god Zath

Maybe with new server also a new map pvp zone in Zamora who knows…

One can dream… ^^


hey im also hyped ;/
look what 1 months back slaughter festivals (only vic tokens) gave me and this event
ofc potion used plus candy

@emsor Download a custom ui. The standard on is such a pain to use!

hmm…not sure what that is…must be a graphical error of some kind. guess i’ll have to get the new artist to clean that up. noobs :roll_eyes:

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And when you are in the process can you ask the new artist to create ToS spellweaving effects so we can have our own after 10 years of having the necro ones? :smiley: HAHA just kidding I am used to those skull and bones :yum:

BTW you should hurry up with the cleaning - tomorrow is the “reveal” of the first letters :wink:


Well at the bottom there’s “com” in white letters, at the top where people speculated about two "A"s there’s a white S, and in the middle there’s a bloody handprint and the letter “B” in red. I’d post a screenshot but, you know, new account.


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I say it is Saga blood something is coming sometime :slight_smile: most likely pvp

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Sagaaa, yeaaaaa! Pvp!!

So basically it means you invested countless of hours in last pvp event to improve your toons and now cannot play em for 3 month. Instead you can level a new one from scratch and get as reward the T3 pvp weapon that no one wants to buy on crom even for Gold plus a vanity armor that looks to be drawn bei a 7 y old Kid. Hype!!!

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SAGA of Bêlit


Please, Funcom, we want to go to the Black Coast! :heart_eyes:

or just Saga of Blood (and Glory) PvP server we already saw and call it a day, whatever :smiley:

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Or t3 craft weapon of choice :star_struck:

This would be the worst idea Deukalion. To see almost every player walking with 2hb blunt as it is the best weapon so far. Instead I would like to see some kind of new pvp maps along with new challenges and pvp vanity items.

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What we need it new pvp maps and challenges for pvpers. T3 craft for everyone… yes, let every noob wear t3 craft like last saga did it. T6 weapons for every noob without any challenge because T4 for now is no chalenge for today.

Pvp vanity items, new tier pvp, new pvp maps, new challenges and thats all what we neeed for pvp!

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