Black Colossus - Kuthchemes - in the next update?!


Just saw this: AoC Sneak Peek Stream (Following MYZ Contest winners) - Wednesday May 08 @ 1:00 PM EDT / 17:00 UTC and got a flashback from the epic fight with Conan and Natohk (The Veiled One).

Could this be a new dungeon? Or even new raid where we fight Natohk at the end?

I dare to dream about new location like Turan with one raid, dungeon and a leveling zone…

Lets find out in todays stream… just dont let it be a new item store item, please :smiley:

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Is that sneak peak for AoC or for that other game, “Mutant Year Zero”? I somehow read that there is a sneak peak of some contest in this other game.
I didn’t know they announced anything for AoC. At least I didn’t see any announcement.


First it is some contest for MYZ, then its all about something new to AoC.


We can’t expect much - it’s Funcom and it’s AoC, but we will see. Why idea about Natokh? Before Saga of Blood people expect a lot too - like new zones.


Saga of Zath (the first pve saga server) had nothing to do with Zath, which is a spider god in the Conan stories. But we did get a spider mount, I guess…

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People really stop getting their hopes up about "new " content, only content there will be is reroll toons from 1-80 again, or some item shop bound content (recolored gear etc)


I am not pessimitic in general - or at least it try not to be :wink: however the fact that it is teased as 2nd topic of another spotlight does not speak for something big, right? Otherwise it would certainly deserve its own spotlight right?

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Well we’ve all been proven wrong new content will be up on test live in 3/4 weeks :grimacing:

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Something to do with the black colossus novel… reading later !


Just heard will be opening testlive again for content testing… something new this way comes

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As I said, they are already involving some players in beta testing and more invites are on the way!

When was the last time I was beta testing AoC content? … Rise of the Godslayer :slight_smile:

OFC no expansion this time but at least give us something like Turan to play with :wink:


Well I will try my best to involve my old and new friends who is/was playing age of conan, for beta testing !


Yes something that’s size would be nice It’s definitely going to be set in stygia as black colossus is set there probably going to be a new area with new dungeon in it :crossed_fingers:t2:


City of Kuthchemes could be the location. You can see it on the ingame map (above Stygia).


Didn’t answer to a question in the stream that the new content wont be anything in the scale of a expansion like Turan or a T7 raid?
I think that pretty much cancels out a new area then.
Well, we will see what it is in a month.


City of Kuthchemes must be over there as a new map or as an instance.

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Testlive lives again?? Don’t remember when testlive was last used for testing… this sounds incredible! Got my hopes up now

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They’ve only just announced it hence why they can’t answer that question it’s a teaser


My guess is that it’s a single player instance sort of like Refuge of the Apostate, Dead Man’s Hand, etc.


That would be so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever done those anyway