New content Yes, New content No?

Dear Funcom ( @AndyB) ,
now I, you and AoC have known each other for a long time.
We have seen so many together, so many hours of fun, good satisfactions but also delusion and missed promises.
Given the level of confidence and knowledge achieved, let’s not turn around too much, let’s play uncovered cards.
Will the new content or not be there?
It is useless for us to make fun of ourselves, if it is not there and you will say it after a long time, the disappointment will be great, so it is better to do it now, content yes, content no?
It’s a simple question

I do not want to be controversial and I would like it not to be flame down here (trolls and haters stay away), I would just like a simple answer from someone who knows something!!!


Is it me, or is this the video referenced here no longer available on the Funcom Twitch channel? :astonished: :thinking:

So with the video gone all references to new content also are removed …
any reference to the video will be regarded as “Fake News”! :exploding_head: :face_vomiting: :rage:

I respectfully second the motion at hand.

What say ye, Funcom?

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Not all references are gone.
If you check Funcom’s financial report for 1Q 2019, you will see that the listed activities there for Age of Conan are:
“During 1Q: Siege of Blood end, Unconquered Mode
After 1Q: Onslaught Game Mode”

So far this “Onslaught Game mode” has not materialized, nor is it mentioned in the Q2 financial report.

Twitch doesn’t keep videos a long time. They get archived on the Funcom Youtube channel:

I’m not sure why they insist on never giving any information and not being more transparent. They did the same for the last announcements, like the Saga End Date.


Probably because things aren’t set in stone yet .

It’s very smart to not tell to a wide public things you are planning to do before it is absolutely sure you can meet the expectations. Otherwise this will backfire when things dont go as planned.

People don’t want every detail, they could still give some sign of life.


According to this tomorrow should be a dev stream about AoC.


Yes, but it isn’t supposed to be anything special. People just asked for and AoC stream, and they said sure. So we will just get the typical CM shenanigans :slight_smile:

Bearded sweater guy said today on the live stream that the content was pushed back and there is no timetable.

Also, someone should get him a custom gui and a real demo spec lol

that means that the content will come next year or forgotten all together


I mean that was almost to be expected after no news since the announcing on stream.

What’s hard for me to understand is why no one is even bothering to give this information to the communtiy. Replying to one of the existing threads about this topic or making a new info thread literally takes one minute.

Meanwhile saying in the stream today that AoC still is a profitable game.

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Yes, that’s so true. Is it so hard to say it got postponed/ cancelled? We play this game anyway cause we addicted lol

It doesn’t take much. Probably just has to be enough to keep the servers running, and maybe they include a portion of the GM staff wages. They reduce the number of GMs, move all devs to other projects, and that makes running the MMOs really cheap, as very minimal resources are put towards them.

So AndyB said the new Black Colossus- Kuthchemes is on hold with no timetable? I just want verify and be crystal clear before I freaking explode :confused:

Thanks for the post. Be a minute while I ponder this deflection.

For those of us too lazy to watch the entire stream vod, when is the “new content” talked about?

20 minutes in…I stopped after that.