Onslaught Game Mode?

Did somebody watch the financial presentation stream?
Around Minute 10:

After 1Q: Onslaught Game Mode

Hmm… maybe that is what is now on TestLive? Still in closed beta but soon available for everyone to test and try it out?

Cant guess what it could be… but it looks like we wont get any new content (= zone, dungeon, raid) after all :frowning:

Maybe onslaught is an endless wave challenge? That would be pretty cool.

fighting the guards in OT?? lol


Chicken challenge? Count me in! :rooster:

I did check the slide deck for Investor presentation and it says just this as in the topic title as the only mentioned addition. So its not an expansion for sure i guess. A “mode” is more like a different way to play basically the same content? Also on the same slide “unconquered” is termed as a mode as well.

Hm… cound be some kind of world boss similar event with hordes of whatever storm the main hubs and we need to defend them… like in Conan Unconquered.

That’s actually sounds sort of fun.

Conan Unconquered meets Conan Unchained. Lets see…

Could be they “recycled” the introduction of crafting recipes …
when they spawned the bosses dropping recipes in Hub’s
(At least the Khemi harbor in front of the traders I can remember :thinking:)

Please no more recycled content. This game needs some love. Real love.

Actually they should share their concept/idea in an early stage, I am sure the community could improve it, maybe with same efforts in development if done early, but much better experience for anyone.


Maybe a Funcom official will read this and give us a little statement if it’s the Black Colossus/TestLive thing that was announced or something else…

IF someone is reading this…
@AndyB maybe?


“We have a few things coming for AoC, like the onslaught mode”

By Crom’s icy stare, let there be something else too! Onslaught mode might be fun for a minute, but add a dungeon, instance, something else included in “a few things”

Funcom. We don’t wanna wait more, just tell us what it is. We are waiting years for new things, don’t let us wait more. People want know for now.

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Ditto. Just tell us please, we the loyal players are desperate for new content, modes, whatever. End the suspense and release the kraken already.

Please let there be something more than a new outdoor event. That will be fun for the first 3 times you do it and then we’ll be searching for actual content.

But if it drops Atlantean shards, we can do it for years!


Just turn off RF and add a dungeon finder. This would be more content than adding even a new raid. We have so much dead content out there. Died because of raidfinder. I dont think any of the new player would leave the game if you turn off raid finder. No. They would finally discover the many dungeons and real raids out there. After comming back and playing the game for a month I can say clearly that the raid finder killed the game. So I stopped playing again. Just login for the daily reward.

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I couldn’t agree more. Unfortunately for myself I don’t believe this will bring players back. I think the damage is done and the population has been in a downhill spiral for some time because of RF. All we ever wanted was a dungeon/raid finder like ESO has. And we got the crap we got.