Thanks Funcom again!

I want to say Thank You Funcom. Adding more content to Age of Conan 12 years in is awesome!

A lot of people love this game and will play every bit that you add and keep coming back for more.

Try not to keep us in the dark and let us know of any content you will be adding, even if it is far away.

Thank you again, and it is wonderful you keep the land of Hyboria alive.


How is Iceslaught ?

Did they add new item store boxes?

Double shards yet?

I am glad to see something new, maybe we even call it content. It is wonderful.

BUT, to be a critic- Onslaught forces people away from dungeons, forces them to grind OS over and over, and yes- this is similar to some of the criticism I’ve seen about Raid Finder. There are so many wonderful dungeons, that I have not even done because there are never any groups or interest in doing the older content. These need attention, they need a reason to make people want to do them again- for example, SHARDS. I play less now than I have for a long time because there simply isn’t anything to do- unless I want to grind RF or now- OS.

Anyway, I hope for more- I am thankful that Funcom has turned their eye towards Age of Conan in a small way.

Edit: After briefly looking at the Dungeon Finder in game, I see that it is only the Purist Dungeons that you MUST be doing purist for, or only 2 level 80 Dungeons. It is a start, I guess.

How about spending resources on a T7 raid instead of Onslaughts?

It’s been over 5 years since T6…

That didn’t take long. 6 hours!


What’s the point of adding t7 when most of the current population can’t even make it through t5? How does that benefit FunCom or the community? Can’t you be happy that new content got added, period? You can grind onslaught instead of grinding raids… it’s mindless grinding at the end of the day, either way.

It’s a nice addition and there have been some tweaks with other things as well.

Just give it a week or more, till some issues are fixed. More dungeons will be added to the Group Finder, regular Raids i think as well. It doesn’t replace PuGs, it just helps ‘‘Not relying when a PuG might pop’’ so you can join and you can see what requirements it needs, Healer/ DPS/ Tank etc.
I wish there was a feature saying how many people are queued up and so or i am blind and haven’t discovered it yet.

In any case it’s a nice addition.
What Stygga says about T5 etc. is true.
Many players once they gear up from World Boss, go immediately to grind Khitai Faction Gear and get carried in some T4 raids and that’s it. Then just RF and OS. But they lack both AAs and Experience to perform good there. Myself included. I just don’t have the tools. UC and T3 gear combo is fine, but what about Resolve/ Forced Engage/ Maxed Irritate/ Maxed Strikes/ Wards?

The population starting with T1/T2/T3 or even T3.5 especially and Unchained and lvl 80 Dungeons/ HMs is quite low and that has an impact in Raiding Quality/ efficiency and reliability especially concerning a Tank. You also wont find many guilds that can accomplish T5-T6 efficiently and there is even less T5 then T6 going on. The only real way to go to T5-T6 and be reliable, is climbing Tier by Tier and become really better. Not Better geared first. First you learn to survive and be reliable without it and then comes the Gear.

But i understand that players who managed through T5-T6 would want more challenges. I think OS wave 40 is the biggest for now. I am also curious how many managed it… My best is Wave 10 Kuth (And i don’t mean being carried by T6 players at Wave 15 to get the items. I wont count that as my accomplishment, i was just carried there).

Afaik 2 teams made wave 40 so far

T7 would be nice for players who completed t6, but most of these players left already due to missing challenges.

Unfortunately nowadays many players just want best loot by doing easy content and avoid challenges.

Some more years and noone will need t6 any more, since we already get best cloak via worldboss, best necklace via arena, best weapon (for most classes) via onslaught, best rings via raidfinder, all of them being mindless grind without the need of facing any challenges.

Aiming at the attitude of the majority funcom will generate most activity by adding grinding content and not challenging raidcontent.

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Daily swing at pve community, feel relevant yet?



Introducing T7 raids is basically only way to get some hardcore players back into the game and try to rebuild PvE community. Noone is coming back to aoc just to farm new gems in onslaught


It is Awesome funcom adding more content. Glad they prove those haters claim aoc was going down. they ate them words raw.


Yeah the population is blooming and enjopying all the content the game has to offer !Them haters won’t recover from this .

P.S : pass me your dealer’s contact please ,good stuff

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