Age of Conan no more updates?

So i remember som good times back when AOC came out and a few years going forward.

But just came back to the game, and was wondring, will we never see new content for AOC?

Do we know how many devs there are on the game right now?

I could not find much infomation about funcome talking about AOC :S

There might be some minor updates like a dungeon or a small area (e.g. Kuthchemes, Skullgate), but no big content-patch like Godslayer, not even in the size of Turan.

They didn’t fully drop it (yet), but I don’t think that any dev is working fulltime on aoc.

Could be fun to know, who is working on AOC and how many

1 community manager making server restart notifications and helping people get their money back for failed sub payments, thats about it.

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Killed by FC 2021 :frowning:

All of you should contact funcom and ask if they need more interns to make more content. :slight_smile:

New update, funcom points are more expensive!! You buy and you like!!!

I just checked, I still see the same price : 5€ for 600 points.