Is age of conan dead?

Is it really dead age of conan? I understand the game is in “maintenance mode” but not even customer support? What do we pay for? Are we premium players a joke to you? It’s beyond my ability to comprehend that in this whole company “funcom” there isn’t a single customer support representative to deal/assist us. I run out of words, I can’t even explain my frustration anymore. Can we have at least an honest answer about the near future of age of conan? I think we deserve at least an answer.


Soon™ there will be an answer. Not sure if the right one you are waiting for but AoC will get something “new”. But I think it is just another SAGA server (RP?), we have to wait for the announcement.

the RP cannot be automated like the pve where the players facing mobs managed by the system or the pvp where they face each other without third parties. Who manages the RP objectives? Would Funcom field numerous GMs that remain invisible to read and judge the players’ RP 24/24 7/7? I don’t think so.

Who? We saw it once… we will :slight_smile: You are right there is nobody left to work for AoC so players would have to take it in their own hands :wink: But it looks like another PvE …

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