New content? Plans for future?

Would be nice if Funcom will reveal some fog about AoC future - will be any new content for this game or at least new Saga’s or servers?

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Expect nothing. At best (or worst if you’re like me that dislikes OS) you get another Onslaught map or something with gemslots for legendary necklaces in 2023 or something (Please, no thanks).

What you have right now is basically what you’ll get.
I would be happy to be wrong obviously, but that just isn’t the case.


This MMO has achieved “completed” status. Something most MMOs try to avoid (and should never be ideally) but here we are. The game is on maintenance mode. What that means is, They leave the game servers running as is, provide no future content updates, and merely maintain the game in its current state which equates to restarting the server once in a while to clear out the cache presumably.

You cannot even get customer support in this game.

So just play it and enjoy it as it is and will forevermore be, or move on.

They’ll leave the servers running as long as people keep dumping money into it I’m sure. But once the cost of maintaining the servers is higher than the monthly influx of cash, it could be a different story.

So if you love this that game you better shell out that cash kids. Grab Mom and Dad’s credit card and go to town!

Honestly, the only way that they would ever resume content creation on this game is if suddenly hundreds of thousands + of players descended on to the game and subscribed at the same time.
I’d say you have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing something like that.


pretty much this. Its pretty sad when you see mmorpgs with less players than conan making efforts into sparking some life into their games, succeeding in the process, but funcom does nothing.


I dont think that run new server costs some astronomical numbers of $. They have dozens of Conan Exiles servers. I bet even home pc can run AoC server in present days. So i dont see any reason not creating new sagas or new “classic” server. It costs minimum funds but can bring more if organized properly.

Is there something wrong with your head that you’re having difficulty understanding the situation?

Funcom is not going to add on any more servers or content. It doesn’t matter what you think. It doesn’t matter what I think. It doesn’t matter what any Age of Conan player thinks. It doesn’t matter what you think a server costs to run. The bottom line is, Funcom does not care about this game anymore. Or it’s player base. Or your thoughts on it. They can’t even be bothered to offer customer support in a timely fashion. What makes you think they’re going to add more content?

Exiles is their main focus now.

Do yourself a favor and forget about getting anything else out of this game beyond what’s already here. It’s not going to happen.

Alas, the only new content you have to look forward to in AoC is that machinima web series being developed by that one guy with a YouTube channel. Spread something. And even that’s coming to a close soon I hear.

Sorry bud, I hate to be the bearer of such bad news but I don’t know what else to tell you. That’s just the reality of things here now.



Lonf tine no polygon !

Don’t be selfice, lissen to the conunitu !


After all…
…we are your life hood and if u don’t complie u will die !


I’m fairly certain FC wouldn’t care much if AOC died tomorrow :smiley:

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Im old enough to not have any illusions about how buisiness works. I just want clear answer from CM about any plans for aoc future. If they cant even create one new Saga server that costs nothing for them - okay, so be it, then i have nothing left to pay for and have this game on my HDD.


Now you’re beginning to see the truth. There is no more content being planned for this game. So save your money. Funcom’s stance is that you should be thankful they don’t pull the plug completely.

If game has no updates and 100 ppl online there are no difference between that and its death. So its better be turned off then

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That’s what we all thought before they added the Onslaught scenarios. Then those got added. They are not much content - but they are content.


This question actually had me wondering the last couple of days what would happen if there was a sudden influx of new players. Like say a bunch of current players organized their own kind of ad campaign and somehow by some miracle managed to cause a rapid growth in population. Would that cause Funcom to maybe rethink things and support the game more?

Wishful thinking, I know. But it would make an amazing turnaround story if it actually worked.

It would make them to do a discount on overpriced uselss power items in item shop and run a returning player shard event :P.

T7 Unchained

Location: Khopshef
Entered via Quest giver


The Man in Black
Chicken Handler
Massive Prize C0…k (End Boss)

Gear/ AA/ XP Required full Raid 24/24

Stat Requirements:

T5-T6 level of Hit Rating/ Critigation/ Mitigation/ Protection
Plus Mechanics that require certain Chaos Gem Blessings and Runes

Rewards: After the End Boss you’ll get a text message ‘‘Grats you beat the game’’ then you will be automatically disconected with another message ‘‘Thank you for joining us’’ followed by Credit Titles and last message ‘‘You can re-create another character with a bonus Character Bundle pack. Do you wish to proceed?’’


Yeah, that’s probably the most likely outcome. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although Funcom might be missing a good opportunity on this right now to squeeze some more life out of the game. Word is that WoW is experiencing a mass exodus of people looking for alternatives. As in, the river of people that have been leaving for some time just turned into a flood. At the moment they’re congregating around FF14 thanks in no small part to a certain popular streamer who got fed up with what Activision Blizzard has been doing to WoW lately. But there’s no reason to think AoC couldn’t also pick up some of those refugees.

I have played all 3 games and based on that i can say AoC cannot take any population in from WoW.FF14 is much more appealing for any type of player.Playing AoC as f2p is terrible as a new player and the 10g gold cap is horrible as a veteran player.Add to that that paying a sub actually gets you support and new content there versus even struggling to get your payment through to funcom and yeah,if i played wow and left for another game atm it would be for FF14.

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That’s kind of what I was getting at. Funcom would have to fix the payment system so it’s not an exercise in frustration (which you know, why is that a thing in the first place?) and step up the customer service a little. Those are the major roadblocks. Then just get the word out that AoC is still around and the game could probably pick up a fair number of new subs.

If they lifted or just eased up on the f2p restrictions, that would help as well. AoC is still a good game. I still think there’s a lot of new and old players out there that would enjoy it if it got a little love.

One of the biggest drawbacks when it comes to creating content for this game is the limits of Unreal Engine and how much effort and Personell it requires to work on the project.
If we compare it to what 1 person can do on Fallout 4 in terms of Navmesh/ Mesh Creation/ Scripting and the many possible ways to create working open source tools for it to create wonders it’s Day vs Night. Worldspace creation these days has become childsplay with more modern Engines.

Of course the Old Developers know AoC and know it’s coding. Only way to make this game right or fix stuff. Reproducing bugs and therefore developing a fix is very time consuming for it’s engine and you might as well produce a new and unrelated bug that way you didn’t knew it existed. I don’t believe most stuff was done highly organized.

Optimization wise it’s not the best either. Today there are ways to use Meshes and Lightning and Parallax to create crazy environments when combined with Postprocessing methods.
Also the Item Shop itself runs in the background and takes more resources as you play while it could be a ‘‘Click and Load button to open’’

Marketing has been bad because it’s all about Customer Mentality who feels punished if not Premium but also feels he doesn’t get what he expected when Premium.
The goal is to make the customer feel that by going Premium he will get some real quality of life improvements Progression wise and other utilities whilst you only get Double stuff at the moment and you got the low gold cap for most stuff removed otherwise not even a propper mount.
I feel Premium itself is very slow Progression wise both in terms of Relics and AAs. The time train is slow.

There is alot of Solo content that could lead you to accomplishment by creating it for the already available game and then end-game dungeons that feel like Conan Exiles central Spire. Everything should have Solo/ Group/ Raid options and propper rewards for it.
There should be multiple ways for progression and multiple paths including exchanging a piece of Tiered Armor for it’s cost in Relics because its silly.

Before Godslayer and Dragonspine i expected a new level cap to 100 (Very usefull for high efficiency Class Specs allowing more complicated builds) and the Dragonspine to be a similar challenge for Solo like the Central Spire in Conan Exiles plus Group content. Chaos was good and so was T5 but it’s only that and only 1x T6 you farm forever.

Also compared to other Game’s Item Shops it’s dead. The activity that happens in the Item Shops of other Games is crazy. Here the prices don’t make any sense. You decide ypu want those 25 expertise points but if you see the price you wonder why they cost more than all the expansions combined. Same goes for Mount Models. Utility items would be also bought more frequently. This would make the Item Shop alive. Most people just grab the rewards from Sub bonus the way things are and that’s it.

In-Game Chat. One of the issues is the absence of Group PuG Chat Pannels.

And finally. Should i mention the limitation of Armor models variety absence. Yeah Unreal Engine sucks… Mesh and Texture creation in 2021 should be childsplay.
I wonder how Tools have been developed for other Old Engines to allow modern modification methods and why it’s not possible for Unreal Engine. If we take a look at Github’s open source tools made for other games the numbers are immense.

I am a modder btw.

Anyway. AoC is done. Conan Exiles is done too. Now its Secret World.