Funcom please make AOC playable OFFLINE

I hope you are planning on letting us play the game offline if you take down servers?

I don’t think there is any chance anytime soon of the servers being taken down. We have something new on way after a long time. What the new content is, we can only guess atm- but it will be tested on Testlive in 3 to 4 weeks. I doubt they would roll out something new, only to shut the servers down. There have been people saying for years, the game is dead which simply isn’t true. It’s a smaller, dedicated player base for sure but doubtful it will be closed anytime soon :beer:


Since much of the game is kept on the server side I don’t see how you’d even have a game to play without the servers being up.

And adding to what Jarafin said, game’s still making money, why would they even think of shutting it down? Obliviously things are going well since we’re getting something new.


offline mmorpg is an interesting concept!


Totally agree, if the game ever tanks and they can find a way to transfer it so it’s entirely client based I’d spend some money to buy it.

I used to play Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising and they did probably the next best thing as when they shut the game down they still had pre-paid money on the servers so they just left them up for the next 3 months. Couldn’t make new accounts, no new characters, but play you’re heart out on exsisiting stuff til the server owners pulled the plug.

There’s WoW classic servers, so something like this exists. Of course, WoW has a much larger following than AoC.

same as mmorpg with 100 ppl online… oh wait

if we could get this game to be SP (and maybe with IP/ Ad hoc MP) then it would be awesome since players wouldnt lose anything, even after plug would get pulled.


I haven’t seen any announcements regarding new content. Can you provide a link or something?

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Take the link, has info

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Cool, thanks. Let’s hope it’s actual content and not cosmetics/shop update.

So there will be a new “Conan single player” title in 2020 according to a slide someone captured from the FC shareholder meeting.
For AOC i still would love to see at least an endless dunegon mode. While I think offline is not an option a (solo) challenge to push the limits would be a nice attition.