If people thinks AOC is empty, here a proof it's not

here my pcloud stats where i hosted some AOC UI & the number (600+/month) of downloads :slight_smile:

it’ makes me laugh. every week i receive same email with these stats i just looked …

here my hosted UI forever ’ topik…

  • i added well, reshade settings from may, 21…

OK pvp server is dead, 20 players… but CROM PVE SERVER ???

there are dozens of us! dozens!


I’m a pretty new player, but I can confirm that Tortage is pretty popping. There’s usually at least 20-30 folks on at any one time, I’m not sure what the peak is. Frankly, it feels like there’s more than that, lots of bustle and activity.

Loving the game.


This game is #deadaf