If people thinks AOC is empty, here a proof it's not

here my pcloud stats where i hosted some AOC UI & the number (600+/month) of downloads :slight_smile:

it’ makes me laugh. every week i receive same email with these stats i just looked …

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here my hosted UI forever ’ topik…

  • i added well, reshade settings from may, 21…

OK pvp server is dead, 20 players… but CROM PVE SERVER ???

there are dozens of us! dozens!


I’m a pretty new player, but I can confirm that Tortage is pretty popping. There’s usually at least 20-30 folks on at any one time, I’m not sure what the peak is. Frankly, it feels like there’s more than that, lots of bustle and activity.

Loving the game.


This game is #deadaf


L’activité hebdomadaire de vos liens de partage

Votre lien de partage avec la meilleure performance a été AOC avec un trafic de 992.1 MB et 122 téléchargements.

Le trafic total de vos liens de partage pendant la semaine a été 998.1 MB.

Voir l’intégralité des statistiques pour les 30 derniers jours

i get this same email, weekly :))))))

i came DAY ONE from pvp servers… was hard to fight sometimes, sometimes was pure dope EATIN YOUR HEART etc…

at end i reached PVP lvl 2 with help of Keschatta fights GUILDS PVP…

i swapped to PVE CROM Recently after “Sagas i dont care really”…

i reached T2 T3 T4 gears…

PvP is rare & its unbalanced in minigames as you all PVP LVL 10…

I PURPOSE, as angry day-1 AOC dude, ::::::



@AndyB plz bro…

to stay on topik,

mosts players do their stuffs their tings in their side,

but generally , all MASSIVE players are messing with RAIDS, WORLD BOSSES…

pvp server we left, we regrouped on “Crom” server !

We can all blame the lack of content for lack of population but this isn’t the case.

The problem is that from 100% Players who will try AoC and its unique Combat System:

  1. Up to 50% will leave after seeing that the World after Tortage is Quest/ XP/ Mob Grind but lacks Highly Developed In Character Deep Storyline like you find in RPG games.
    (Yes its an MMO. Secret World is also an MMO but go ahead and see its Storyline and Immerse your Character while you try to unravel its world).

  2. Alot of Details here:

  • Up to 40% will leave after they cleared T3. Why? Leveling and clearing out Old World Dungeons even Expansion Questlines ‘‘Once’’ is good and Clearing out T1 or T2 and Gearing up as well is fast enough in terms of ‘‘Token Requirements’’ it prepares you for T3, you clear it out, you don’t mind repeating it a few times and Gear Aquisition is fast enough plus a nice Storyline evolving based around ‘‘You’’ the Character.
    So in short you have Leveling/ AA/ Gear Progression/ Skill/ Story tied perfectly together.

  • Turan is another Trip to do some stuff in a similar way. Then you have Khitai. You don’t mind to Progress the Faction Storyline and get a few Equipment as a reward and purchasing a few and clear the Dungeons Once/ Twice/ Thrice or so.
    Then you have T4. You will do it a few times get a few drops and relics 3-4 items, done.

Who wants to repeat T4 for Months to buy a full set and Weapons? Why can’t we convert some T3 Relics to T4 like we did with T1 to T2 to T3? (There would be no need for Raidfinder Relic drops either).
Some classes are lucky since with Turan they can get what they need to do content in Dragonspine (Although people overestimate Critigation too much ‘‘You don’t need a full set necessarilly’’ but you still have the Excavator factions gear that are nice fillers.
The only Requirement is AA.
You have to work for more AA. Its not the amount that’s the problem but ‘‘The Time’’ and that’s only for Chaos. Should i even mention T5 and Relic drop Rate? I wouldn’t bother with T6 anyway unless i was a Caster or Guard who can Benefit from the S&S or the DT T6 Tali and Necklaces for all Classes maybe even the Conqueror 2H Tanking Sword.

  • Because how much ‘‘Time’’ and Repeating it does it take to get so many Relics and Why? What ‘‘Justifies’’ such a Long Time Consuming Grind? The decision that was made to make AoC a WoW clone! Why even use WoW as a Standart? What so special about it, to me it always looked like some High Fantasy too overly Toonish Game like Guild Wars. Never liked it.

Which brings us to the main conclusion:

Because its a WoW Clone after T3-T3.5 that is designed to keep you busy repeating ‘‘Grinding/ Farming’’ same stuff that feels like a Chore till you cross that Bridge to jump to the next Tier, many people just drop it. Because that’s the Normal thing to do :wink:

  • The Gap is not only increased by the ‘‘Time’’ and ‘‘Amount’’ of Tokens/ Clearing an Instance more than 10+ Times (Because there is also the ‘‘Drop Chance’’) but by the ‘‘Waiting Time’’ as well.
    Lets say you made it to 80 and you wish to proceed. You Wait! You may do 3-4 Dungeons a day, the rest of the time ‘‘You Wait’’ Same happens while you ‘‘Wait’’ for Raids to happen. You wanna Clear the Arena to get those Runes? You Wait. You wait for 4-5 people to kill their pets and progress just a few points to next Rank.
    How many Kills to next Rank? 200? That’s 4-5 Hours and i don’t have 5 Hours just for that and it feels boring to just watch and Wait.
    You feel like doing Onslaught in between, again ‘‘You Wait’’ or just do the Daily once or twice. Right…
    Raidfinder? You just it a few times Mondays. World Boss, maybe once for the Box. (I never understood why people just ‘‘Wait’’ 30 Minutes for the next WB doing this for Hours everyday.
    It’s not Normal. I don’t know, its just Crazy…

Everytime i played this Game after LVL80 it was 20% Doing content 80% ‘‘WAITING’’
You can also see that everyone else does the same actually especially in OT. They just ‘‘Wait’’ :crazy_face:
Well i could go to a Pub and have some Beer i guess and guess what.
I tested Secret World Legends.
Sure its Combat is unlike AoC although it does make sense (i would only add to it a more complex spec/ ability system and better dodging mechanics but at least Casters are not ‘‘Bunny hopping Pew pew Aimbot kiters’’) and you never Wait for anything!
Aside from Immersing yourself in the Story and just play without being Anxious about Gear or any pressure to ‘‘Farm’’ for anything, you always have something to do and when you wait is when you use the Exchange in Agartha.
People also host In-Game Live Radio events and you can take a rest and join a casual conversation in these places while drinking some Beer at home. Sure some take it more RP oriented but everyone enjoys it differently.

You don’t need to Wait anymore!

  1. Up to 10% of the players who try AoC will leave because most are Untalkative/ Unfriendly/ Unsocial Elitists, Guilds having no meening anymore (They used to have with PvP competition) and its not like you will say ‘‘Hello’’ and get any response at all just for the ‘‘Formality’’ at least (Like you do when you go to a Store, unless you guys go to a Store and say ‘‘One this’’ Grab it take it while the Personel is being nice with you and leave without saying a word’’)

Add Elitism on top and you just created the most unwelcoming environment in an MMO. Even CS:GO is more Social lol

  1. Shall i even mention how many Bought AoC for its PvP Aspect and left it because PvP is dead or its only available in Fury where even Progression takes ages and feels like a Ghost Town?

  2. Monetization in AoC is bad. After testing SWL i found it worthwhile to spend money there and its so rich i feel like i am playing an RPG again. Sure it could use more stuff in the future, maps etc. but they will come and its in ‘‘Real Maitenance Mode’’ Unlike AoC which is in ‘‘Abandoned Mode’’

Is there a TLDR version of this?

drop a few of the most successfull mmorpgs where this isnt the case

Would you like me to send you a kitten?

I’m confused, who is an elite cyclist?

The mind-numbing grind after 80, obvious lack of developer interest, and the maintenance phase P2W stink keep me away. I level an alt a few levels on occasion, but that’s it.

If you really do think AoC is not a dead game take a trip over to GW2 and see. it will blow you away. You are never alone anywhere, even in “old zones”. GW2 is regarded as a somewhet dead game and they can boast of probably 100-200x the players AoC has.

I believe if someone considers himself a Hardcore Gamer Main Hobby MMO Player and can log in every day for 3-5 or more hours and is also Hardcore AoC and not casual but also a New Player that hasn’t experienced the Game he can go Serious and Premium and Progress otherwise logging in for a few dailies and do some stuff from time to time it will take him Months till he equips his Class with AA and Gear to enter End-Game stuff.
AoC is designed around this type of Customer like WoW does, both monetization XP/ Time/ Grind and Content. So yeah its not for me. The ‘‘New Player’’ Hype is the only thing that kept me going but that happens only once.

Took me a week on my latest chars to get enough gear and AAs to raid.

Sounds like you are just yet another soul who walks around in mmorpgs being annoyed by you not wearing the latest shinies, but does everything you can to avoid the road of getting it. The faster you realize mmorpgs isnt your cup of tea (flavor insta gratification) the better.


Took me always 2+ weeks to even level.

Sounds like i am just someone who plays MMOs when he has spare time.
Never avoided anything just played when i could play good or bad timezones depends. Low population certainly doesn’t help a casual do stuff.
What takes a ‘‘Gamer’’ in time to boost a Character is Triple or more for a casual. I wouldn’t expect an Elitist reply, at least not from you. I feel dissapointed. But anyway i was answering to Dirle.

I think it’s very Sub-Genre related. Old Days AoC was plug and play PvP and not overthink it. Then they decided ‘‘Lets steal the No Lifers - Grinders from WoW’’ and it became a PvE Grind Game. That’s why i liked ESO and SWL Remaster alot because its a different design.
In AoC if you’re not entirely dedicated to its Grindy PvE aspect Daily for Hours you wont get very far. At least not as fast as you would expect.
For me to clear the Game entirely would take almost 2 Years and that’s a No-Go for me.

That’s the main reason PvP is dead here and why many left Early Days, because you have to go through the long PvE grindfest to even play it. Most of the players who prefer PvP just don’t want to go through that. We are Plug & Play types.

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2008 called and wants its mimimi back. AoC wasn’t even primarily a pvp game when it launched, they changed that focus pre release. This conversation is over for sooo long not even a necro could revive it.

But anyway. Is there real content to keep a casual player busy for years? Yes, absolutely, and AoC is a pretty casual friendly game. No NEED to log every day, no rep costs, you can dive into any content for an hour after work, except raids and one dungeon - but they are literally build for times when you have time at hand, and are player organized, hence a guild or raid force is a good thing. In a MMO. How surprising. Did they add only grindy so called “content” lately? Hell yes, RF, OS, IS, Worldboss, long solo quest in DS, nothing to encourage socializing or group play. Is there enough not mind numbing solo/afk content for an MMO player to get to endgame without much grind or soloing? Yes (though leveling can be lonely, but from my experience I am much faster alone anyway, if I care about the time it takes to reach lvl 80). Is there repetitive content? Yes, you have to do dungeons or raids multiple times to over and over again, nothing unexpected for the genre here. Because there is actually a learning curve, and a huge part of the fun is to get better, play better. Does one have to search and find people to play with in the first place if one wants group play? Yes, always has been that way, always will be, small population or not, you need to find people to play with yourself, friends are not handed to you for free.

The point is: You should feel joy while playing the game, you should have a good time regardless how much time you spend in the game. If you can not find fun in any of the content, this is simply the wrong game or even wrong genre for you. This game is not meant to be beaten, again, wrong genre. I will never understand why people buy chocolate ice cream and then complain about the chocolate chunks.
And godessdam, the forum warrior triggered me. But something about this game must have triggered you heavily, since you can not resist to come back to comment passively aggressively about a game you so dramatically left.