3 things you would like to change in AOC?

So, I’d like to see the 3 things people in the community would like to change.

Not that I think anything will change, mostly just for fun! I’ll go ahead and post my three wishes first!

  1. Make a third option when zoning or replace epic zones with PvP zones and merge all servers.
  2. Make people able to sign minis in groups of 2 or 3 players.
  3. Give players a new reason to PvP at lowlevel(19,39,59). It was so much fun doing it. But its mostly dead now…

Edit: Lowlevel PvP wasnt just fun. It was also super important for new people to get into the PvP. If i where to get into PvP today at level 80. Man I dont think i would be able to do it.


All of my changes would be to the shop…

Ability to purchase gold cap increases. They can be small amounts like $5 for a 5 Gold increase.
Ability to purchase Character slots.
More cosmetic items of all kinds.

This games shop should have been updated 7 years ago, it is way behind on what other F2P games has and Funcom could be making far more money if they do it. It would also remove many of the roadblocks that keep players away like that very low gold cap.

It was updated nearly 2 years ago! In doing so, they did practically the opposite of your suggestions! I’m pretty sure you can at least still purchase character slots though.

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Things I would like to be changed:

  1. Removal of the chat channel and tell restrictions of free-to-play accounts. It is not friendly to new players and also prevents them from seeing the full activity of the game.
  2. Addition of Altanean Shards to instances outside of raid finder, challenge boxes and the login boxes (such as adding them to normal raids, 6mans instances and PvP activities.) And/or enable the exchange of rare trophies or other types of tokens (I would happily exchange 500 of my 6000 imperial insignas for 50 shards) for Atlanean Shards and vice-versa. Both or either of these will encourage players to participate in more activities.
  3. An ingame non-real money way for free to play players to lift their gold cap even if only temporarily. Such as purchase a 1 hour gold cap removal potion with rare trophies or MoAs or insignias or a PvP token.

Open tag on mobs. Fighting over mobs when you have to kill 25 but there are only 20 in the area sucks especially when there are multiple people. It really sucks when you try to invite the other person and they decline and continue to fight over mobs.

  1. Delete raid finder
  2. Delete world boss
  3. Give PvP flagging + bonuses for questing with PvP turned on

Yeah give up on PvP it’s partly what killed this game. Nobody is going to turn PvP while questing. It’s already a big enough pain to fight over mobs.

It’s clear PvP in mmos is a dying breed almost all mmos out today PvP is a small part of the player base. There are plenty of other genre you can go PvP in.

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That’s why you don’t have to flag yourself :S

Raid finder and world boss killed PvE in this game, saga went from groups to a giant raid finder spamfest where no one was even doing 6 mans anymore within 2 hours

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Things I would change:

  • Make T1 / T3 vanity armor sets purchasable by T1 / T3 relics and gold (maybe not the same amount as the real items cost, more like 100 relics and 20 gold for the whole vanity set)

  • Make Skin tone / eye color changer items available at the merchants that already sell hair styles / hair dyes / tattoos and so on (maybe for rare trophies and so on so we have a reason to spend them again… some of my characters run around with 8k of these things and got no use for it at all), customizability is always wanted and needed in RPGs, those items are a really great idea and I hate that they are “time limited” and going to vanish after the saga server is done, they’ll probably never come back and that great idea is gone forever

  • enable more “NPC clothings” for players, there are so many different items in the game that are only worn by NPCs that look great (The blue dress you can buy in guild cities for example some NPCs got in dark blue / almost black or some cloaks that only NPCs wear and no such model is available for players)

  • disable the “armor tier restriction” from vanity slots - seriously, it’s just unfair that Assassins / Mages can only wear cloth armor as vanity while Guardians and such can wear basically everything, the T1 / T3 vanity armor sets made it possible to wear “plate armor” as Assassin and it’s really nice since you can mix so many different items now, please just remove the restriction all together from vanity slots. Since they do not count for your stats what’s the point of having this restriction in the first place?

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I imagine that limitation is far deeper than just the Vanity Slots. Probably isn’t an easy change to make in the slightest.

  1. Allow groups of 2-3 to sign up for PVP minigames. Every online game in history let’s you play with friends… except this one.

  2. Close Fury and Merge. PVP only happens in consensual ways on both servers anyways.

  3. Going off of point #2, Merge the servers (when Saga moves would be a good time), allow the PVP events to be in the cool places like it is on Fury and have 1 daily PVP zone like Fury. Other than that, adopt the full PVE ruleset.

  1. Greatly expand the shop with more vanity items, gold cap increases.
  2. Bring back Funcom Points to membership, as is, its not worth it even a little.
  3. Well past time to increase the drop rates on resources. There is no longer a point to having people grind in such a way and making it easier for guilds to build cities may very well help on the pvping!

Ugh, not that again. I thought that particular bit of misinformation was dead.

Age of Conan was developed as a game including both pve and pvp. It was (falsely) advertised by Eidos as a pvp game before release. That’s all there is to it.

The itemization introduced by the 1.05 patch has indeed made one part of the AoC pvp a gear race. But that’s no reason to spread false information.

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  1. Remove raid lock out timers.

  2. allow us to teleport to any resurrection pad on the map. Just as it used to be.

People don’t want to waste time. find ways to make people’s time better compensated for. It’s the rarest resource and people are not going to waste it on trivial tasks.
That is all.


There are many things that the game did well, but when taken in conjunction caused problems or really only appealed to a small number of people.

  1. Difficulty - You have an amazing combat system but is also one of the more complex, most MMO’s require you to tap a single key to execute your special attack, here you may be executing a combo with 3 additional moves that have to be performed in a specific order along with managing cool downs, resources, shields, positing etc along with the wonder AI which has patrolling NPCs and their own combat moves which can leave you being knocked about and stunned for some of the fight. None of this is an issue in itself, but you then have the mission types and rewards for such. After battling through 100 enemies to collect 30 items (as only some enemies carry them) you get back to the quest giver to get some tin and a ‘there you go boy’ to pick up the next mission to do something similar. The rewards hardly justify the effort and even less so if your having to stand around 10 minutes waiting on a spawn cause someone ninja passed you and steals it. You should be a death dealing Barbarian (or whatever class you are) not and this is more so in the end regions constantly fighting for your life as 3+ 85 mobs is a real pain.

  2. Crafting - I don’t think there is a game out there with a more difficult yet less rewarding crafting system. Seriously the time it takes to gather resources and the possibility of finding the note low or empty coupled with the option to constantly be attacked, needing to craft every piece of gear to go up the next tier (leather grind for the win), needing a tier 3 player city to do the level 80 gear and for what. Some blue gear if you have found enough rare materials. Given the massive investment crafting is, you should be able to produce high end game gear and not only if you go on raids to get it but just by virtue that you have ground out the requisite trade skill resource.

  3. Appearance - This game has done amazingly well in capturing the look and feel of the Hyborian age, but as far as vanity slots went it didn’t really go far enough. It should be possible to change the look of your weapon so when you get that Tier weapon you aren’t stuck using some ugly ■■■ primitive blade if you don’t want or can use that primitive blade if that is your thing. Now I think the new tier 3 vanity sets are amazing as I’ve been able to put my DT in to the Assassin T3 set, its so nice to be in an outfit that doesn’t leave my knees exposed or massive gaps where a sword can cut up my torso or simply bare arms. It seems if you where cloth armour you will protect your entire body but if your in heavy armour leaving arms and legs exposed gives that real protection. That said while I like the Assassin T3 set its far from perfect. Looking at other MMO’s and how much they offer to your choice of looking how you want.

So TLDR: Make the game easier, less grinding and more accessible; Make Crafting more useful given the work put in; Give more options for look.

As to the PvP side of things, it didn’t solely kill the game but it sure as hell did nothing to help the game. You have a long difficult grind before you and then you get ganked on top of that. Sure the gankers may say what fun they had but few people who have battled their way to a quest boss and about to complete one of 100 very similar quests to slowly level will find getting ganked and starting all over again from some rez pad which savor the experience. Hell waiting on the Black One Boss to respawn is painful enough now imagine after waiting on him you get ganked before you can kill him and the gank party kill him so even when you get back you will be waiting on the respawn all over again.

  1. Update some prices. 70G for swift mount is from times of WOW: TBC and Kheshata grinding.

  2. Group finder for khitai normal and low dungeons. If raids are possible, why not dungeons. Maybe more people would join old instances.

  3. I am not pvp player but give them some love so they shut up (i know, they never do). :smiley: What about two tier pvp? Normal - merged all levels and ranked for 80 from certain pvp level 3-5 for example. Few more minis… etc.

  1. Include the directional swings in melee combos to better level the playing field for people who don’t want to cade macros to have a hope of being competitive in PvP. While it is fun (kind of) to engage with mobs using the current system, macro usage in PvP requires coding skill and third party software to even compete.

  2. Enhance craftable gear recipes to make exceptional results as good as T1 gear. This would spark a rebirth in crafting as a desirable pastime.

  3. Reward even losing players for engaging in PvP by increasing quality the longer they manage to keep up the fight.

  1. Jumping causes you to lose 40% of your total energy.
  2. Jumping adds a debuff to yourself, that you can’t cast spells or attack for 0.5 sec.
  3. Invest in a anti cheat software for your game.
  1. Balance pvp a new 80 without gear is focused and loses interest in mini games because of that. Make minis 1-5 and 6-10 maybe.
  2. Stop the guilds that form a raid and then bring the groups to minis. This also hurts PvP when a unknowing person signs and ends up a team if 4 afkers while farmed by the other side
  3. Lastly monitor the Global chat and take action on the offensive players. A little trash talk is fine but a few go too far
  1. I would remove t3 pve gear and t2 pvp gear from the item store. I know t3 is quite old but it still rewards people for being lazy and gives them a headstart on other people who are good on their toons but suffer from being in a guild that doesn’t have the capacity to raid and cannot get into pug raids easily.
  2. I would add afk timers to rf and wb fights, so if someone is afk for 2 minutes they get booted from the instance.
  3. I would make give rf a 72 hour cooldown for loot. So you can do rfrfrf to your hearts desire, but once every 72 hours will you get loot. I would also add the shards to select raids and 6 man instances to encourage regular pve activity.