A To-do List for Funcom. Some easy fixes and suggestions #MakeAoCGreatAgain



As someone who plays this game every day I had some thoughts I wanted to offer up. easy enough fixes that are needed. If anyone has suggestions/arguments of their own please feel free to speak up and i will update the list accordingly depending on what sort of feedback is received. This is not a master list of suggestions and everything is open for debate. This is just a list I compiled from my own experiences and I penned it with low expectations. IF you disagree with some of my suggestions please note which ones and explain why you disagree and what would make a good alternative. I will update this list again when I have more time. til then Game on!

I’ll emphasize that in my view, pve gear up to tier 4 is not an issue in pvp. It’s tier 5 and 6. I will upload some video later showing how an assassin as an example, wearing mostly tier 6 pve gear can pulverize an opponent in pvp. the negative pvp stats are negligible. There has to be more than just simple stats like - hit rating. There has to be WAY more emphasis on “- pvp combat rating” and “- pvp magic damage”.

I suggest the following list as high priority

  • Increase the negative pvp stats on gear and weapons obtained in the tier 6 raid “Palace of Cetriss” for all classes. As it is now most dps classes are still packing a big punch with pve gear on against pvp geared players. Increase the pvp negative stats by a 200%

  • Add negative pvp stats to all gear and weapons obtained in Tier 5 raids.

  • Regarding the 2 handed blunt obtained in the tier 3.5 raid Temple of Erlik.
    “Nergals Bludgeon of Agonizing Wounds”.

  1. Reduce the DPS to 137.8.
  2. Reduce the Combat Rating to +504
  3. Reduce the Critical Rating to +80
  4. Reduce the Critical Damage Rating to +120.
  • Increase stats for all tier 2 pvp gear to be more on par with what a 2nd tier set of pvp gear should be for all classes. As it stands now it isn’t even worth the cost to upgrade from tier 1.

  • Increase the pvp stats for all tier 3 pvp gear in line with the tier 2 increase. There should be a stat gap between tiered sets that make upgrading a desirable option. Right now, Tier 3 sets are where tier 2 sets should be. and tier 3 pvp gear should be stronger than tier 4 pve gear.

  • Increase the universal cc immunity granted from Vindication, Liberation, Deliverance, and Ethereal escape perks to 10 seconds. As it is now it’s a nonstop cc lock fest and classes with tons of ccs are ridiculously overpowered.

Some optional wishlisty saga related stuff

  • Add another tier of pvp gear and launch it with the pvp saga server. :wink:

  • Increase max pvp rank to 15 for the new tier.

  • Increase all cc immunities granted after a cc is expired to 45 seconds from the current 30.

  • Grant a new tier 4 pvp weapon upon completion of the pvp saga quests as well as a t3 pvp cloak and tier 4 necklace.

Class changes needed.

Ranger class

  • Change the cooldown to the ranger AA ability “Running shot” that happens when the ability is cancelled to match the cooldown that activates when it is used. There is a similar mechanism on the bear shaman AA ability “Ursine Bond”. When slotted, it grants a multi cc immunity that activates when Ursine crush is used. But unlike the ranger AA, Ursine bond only activates after a successful cast of ursine crush. It fails if cancelled.

  • Add a .5 - 1 second casting time to all ranger traps that cancels out if the ranger moves.

  • Increase the cooldown for all traps to 1.5 mins

  • Remove players from the ranger tracking ability. It’s like having hacks.

  • Remove the ability to combine upper and lower attacks on ranger shots to achieve double effects on ranger combos. When a ranger fires an upper shot then a lower shot then a combo, both upper and lower effects are dealt out.

  • Require an upper or lower attack to be activated before a “combo” shot can be fired. No more instant one button combo shots.

  • Make “Deadly Draw” a 2 slot perk

  • Make “Hunting hawk” a 1 slot perk

  • Make “Running shot” a 2 slot perk

  • Make “Point blank shot” a 1 slot perk

  • Reduce the overall stamina cost for ranger combos. I have noticed in pve instances before that I was struggling to keep stam levels up while applying dps. Maybe i wasn’t “doing it right” but there u go.

Assassin class

  • Increase the cooldown on reusing the assassins “Avatar of Death” ability to 2.5 mins from 2 mins.

  • Reduce the damage done by the “Death whirlwind” combo by 15-25%

  • Reduce the area of effect for “death whirlwind” by 15-25%

  • Reduce the damage output from “Miasma Soul strike” by 15-25% and up the shard cost to 3

  • Remove the soul shard requirement for all feats and abilities in the “Lotus” tree that require them.

  • Replace the ability “Crystallized lotus extract” in the lotus tree with the “Relish in death” feat from the corruption tree

  • Increase the cooldown for “Lotus Overload” to 2.5 mins

  • Add a +90 Holy invulnerability to “Dull pain” - never understood why priests of mitra could be the exception here.

Conqueror Class

  • Reduce the duration of the “Overcome the odds” ability to 8 seconds

  • Increase the duration of “Fighting Spirit” to 1 min

Demonologist class

  • Add a .5 -1 second casting time to the demonologist “Detonate” ability.

Bear shaman class

  • Alter the bear shaman “Grace of nature” ability to include snare removal and increase the cooldown to 1.5 mins.

  • Alter the “Stone Hide” Ability to grant +30% damage mitigation from incoming physical attacks instead of +25 deflection. it’s useless.

  • Add a cast time reduction for ursine crush to the “Rampaging Crush” feat allowing a 25-50% reduction in cast time.

Tempest of Set class

  • Remove ability to use serpent transmutation while cc’ed

  • Lower casting time for “Healing Lotus” to .5 seconds

  • Lower casting time for “Life of Set” to instant cast

  • Alter “Storm Blood” to be the way it was before. To not cancel out any active AOe spells while used.

  • Add an additional 4 hour buff for armor bonus that stacks up to 5 similar to a dark templars “covenant of invulnerability” buff, but instead offers physical armor of +500 and gets reduced with each lost stack.

  • Grant the 1st rank of storm field at level 10 instead of 40

  • Alter puppets of set to be a self centered aoe spell instead of a targeted spell.

Priest of Mitra class

  • reduce the casting time for “Wave of life” to instant cast

  • reduce the casting time for “Emanation of life” to 1 second

  • Reduce the overall mana cost for offensive spells by 20% - tired of hearing poms whine about mana drains.

  • Reduce the damage output of repulse by 20% - It’s already a strong aoe knockback with a quick cast time. It also deals a lot of damage.

Barbarian class

  • Reduce the base damage of “At the gates” by 20% and make it a .5 second cast time.

Necromancer class

  • Increase the base damage of “Grip of Death” by 2 or 300%

  • Significantly reduce the damage output of the “Slaughter Wraith” pets summoned by the “nightmare Companions” perk by 30% - these things are ridiculous.

  • Force necro dots to be dismissed upon a players death. _ one can wish right?

  • Reduce the damage dealt by the “necrotic bomb” pets upon detonation by 50% or just get rid of these abominations.

Guardian class

  • Increase the proc rate of “Storm Blade” to 10-15 procs per min

  • increase the base damage of "intimidating shout by 150% and add spell crit chance.

  • Increase cooldown on “intimidating shout” to 1.5 mins if damage changes are applied.

  • Increase the damage done by the Guardian “Storm Strike” combo by 150%

  • Increase the snare duration on the guardian combo “Skewer” to 10 seconds

  • Add a aoe silence effect to “Cry of Havoc” similar to Bear shamans “Booming roar” ability.

  • Increase the damage bonus granted by "disarming aggression to 10% and lower the duration to 10 seconds.

  • Change the “Last stand” ability to be unusable while a player is cc’ed

  • Add a 10 second damage bonus of +15% melee to the “Call to arms” ability

  • Alter the combo “Dulling Blow” To give the target a 90% miss chance for 6 seconds at rank 5, 80% at rank 4, 70% at rank 3, 60% at rank 2, 50% at rank 1, Increase the cooldown to 1.5 min and add a universal cooldown for all ranks. This should also apply an immunity that should last for 1 min on players similar to fangs of set.

  • Increase the base damage output of “reckoning” when used after a successful storm strike combo by 200% but remove the spell crit chance

  • Increase the evade chance granted by the “Lightning reflexes” ability to 50 - 75%

  • Increase the base damage output of “Traumatic wounds” by 200%

  • Increase the damage mitigation on the “Defense” tactic to 10%

  • Increase the hate modifier for the “Provoke” tactic to 10%

  • Increase the bleeding effect duration for “Impale” to 10 seconds and up the damage by 200%

  • Increase the bonus armor for the “toughness” feat to 10%

  • Add a +15% bonus armor and protection to the perk “Deliberate Reprisal” and increase the critigation chance by 300%

  • Add a Critigation bonus to all guard combos

  • Increase the cooldown for the “guard” and deliberate reprisal combos to 2 min and add a universal cooldown to all ranks

Dark Templar Class

  • Alter the ability “Mind Shatter” to be a single target knockdown

  • Significantly reduce the mana drain ability granted by the “Seal of yog” ability by 60%

Soldier Archtype

  • alter the defense and frenzy stances so they can’t be switched while a player is cc’ed or knocked down

  • Increase the hate gen bonus granted by hateful strikes by 200%

  • Fix cunning deflection to actually reflect 50% of incoming damage back to the attacker.

Rogue Archtype

  • Remove ability to use “Tainted weapons” on players in pvp

  • Remove ability to use “Finely Honed” on players in pvp

Priest Archtype

  • Increase all big heal rates by 200-300%


  • Increase the duration of all social abilities like “Strawman” or “enlarged breasts” to 10 mins and remove the cooldown.

  • significantly lower the overall material cost to build a guild city by 75%

  • Add Atlantean shard bonuses to all 6 man dungeon loot boxes

  • Add an option to trade Simple Relic III’s for Simple Relic IVs

  • Add an option to trade Simple Relic IVs for Simple Relic Vs

  • Add an option to trade Simple Relic Vs for Simple Relic VIs

  • Reimplement the veteran token bonuses from subscribing and offer retro tokens to those who have been subbed.

  • Add more goodies to the veteran vendor. Social gear etc.

  • Lower the gold cost required to buy materials to train the “Architect” profession. It should not cost 35+ gold for a player to achieve max rank in architect.

  • Lower the cost of battle trebuchets by 50% since you lowered the health of them by 50%.

  • Get rid of the New Player Help channel and allow all users to speak in Global chat including free players.

  • Change the name of the Looking for group channel to Looking for more and advertise this channel as the ideal place to spam messages for group members instead of global.

  • Allow matching weapon types to be used as vanity in weapon vanity slots

  • Remove the totems from Totem torrent and lower the timer to 10 mins for all out deathmatch.

  • Add the keshatta renown arena as a minigame deathmatch map with a timer of 10 mins.

  • add elevated res pads in both arenas for both teams.

  • Add a 1v1 minigame queue for an arena style fight to the death with a 5 min timer.

  • Significantly lower the renown requirement for guild renown levels. Make it easier for smaller guilds to succeed. Or grant renown bonuses to guilds with less than 50 members

  • Add a method of purchasing subscription time to gift to others

  • Disable the hide ability in minigames

  • Remove hide from all classes except rogues.

  • Grant gilding tokens from world boss encounters at a rate of one a day.

  • Remove the water in the field of the death arena. It’s graphically intensive and serves no purpose other than to cause frame stuttering.

  • Buy a license for NProtect Gameguard anti cheat software and use it

  • Update the time window for event changes to a later time. Currently events such as the pvp festival, world boss, daily pvp zone on fury etc. change out at 8 pm est. This is US Prime time. Make this happen later like after midnight. 3am EST would be preferable.

  • Make Friend and Ignore lists account wide. - Seems simple enough.

  • Make Tokens of Gilding account wide.

  • Add more world zones to the daily pvp event and festival rotation on the pvp server.

  • Remove the guards from the pvp servers… We never wanted them and would like to see them gone forever.

This is all I could think of for now. Thanks for reading. will update as more feedback rolls in.


[Assassin] Since we're discussing "broken gear" lets talk about Tier 6 assassin gear for a minute. #RaidToWin
New Update. Class rebalance?

Guardian don’t need changes on Juggernaut tree. We need some changes on Tempest tree only.

Storm Blade - change procs from 6 to 12. Will be good change for pvp and pve players also damage from 30% to 50% on 5 points.

Guard combo - let the guard combo place on target a little dot.

Intimidating Shout - change the cooldown to 30 seconds and upgrade damage also let this wounds crits. Also let this dot generate high agro like Cry of Havoc.

Dissarming Agression - what we have? We have only 12% more damage. Change it to 15/20% and change it to group wide buff to buff up our team. WE DONT HAVE ANY GROUP WIDE BUFFS ON TEMPEST TREE!!

Riposte combo - fix it! Make that instant combo to high agro generating combo. We need something like that.

Lightning Reflexes - change evade rating from 35% to 50/75%.

Bloody Vengeance - why this instant combo reseting our Vengeance stacks? This combo is fast but useles in PvE fight because we loosing Vengeance buffs from 10x to 0x. Why? Make it agro generating combo or something.

Change the Tactis and Manevrs as group wide buffs to be usefull in our raids and groups. We have good damage from combos but we dont have any agro generating dots and combos. Funcom you forgot about Tempest tree on Guardian. FIX FIX FIX. Tempest tree was made to evade an attacks and we are not able to evade anything in pvp and pve because this tree is broken for years.


a lot of your changes are crippling so much. for exemple :

  • you can not nerf more the ranger’s dps without making it completely useless for pve : it is already the dps-only class that does the lowest dps, and less dps than 2 of the priest classes and 2 of the soldier classes.
  • trade simple relics for higher tier ones : no please no. raidfinder already yielded thousands of t3 and t4 tokens


The only ranger attack i said should be nerfed is pen shot and it should be because it’s disgustingly op right now. If you cant do dps efficiently in pve its likely due to high stam drain from ranger combos. i also said they should reduce the overall stamina cost for ranger combos.

  • trade simple relics for higher tier ones : no please no. raidfinder already yielded thousands of t3 and t4 tokens

Why would this bother you?


about the pen shot : it’s not that op damages when you consider you are stuck several seconds casting it. and ranger do not suffer stamina issues or you are doing something wrong !

about tokens : lack of incentive to do that content ?


Well I mean you would need significantly more lower tier tokens to trade for higher tier ones. I obviously don’t mean trade token for token. I meant a similar system to the current tier 1-3 vendors. Like 10 tier 1 tokens for a tier 2, 10 tier 2 tokens for a t3 and so on. I don’t see it as being alack of incentive personally. but more of an incentive to get people geared out to do that content. and encourage people to do lower tier content again as well.

and yea pen shot is extremely op. It can crit for upwards of 6-8k on a player in pvp. So… agree to disagree on your points.


i didn’t say it didn’t crit high, i say you cannot nerf the class average dps : nerf here and buff there can work.


i say you cannot nerf the class average dps

Where did you see anything that said this?


you didn’t mention it either.


Appreciate your time in this, cuz its clearly from love to game, but I gotta disagree with most proposals. Some gear changes are ok, but almost all class balance tweaks are just absurd. Plus you got few points wrong on how they work.


Care to elaborate?


Good effort of this long post. But sadly, its clearly made with a narrow pvp perspective with seemlingly low knowledge how it would affect PVE. Alot of these suggestions would be fatal for some classes in PVE. Its too much to cover for now, but il edit this post later. But for starters “Move the conqueror ability “Overcome the odds” to the carnage tree in place of “Flashing Defense””.: would be RIP to PVE brute tanking.

So about the token-trading. Raidfinder already nullify the entire PVE part of the game up to Jade citadel, any action to futher up this low-watermark shouldnt be seen on this forum, ever :rofl:


Uhm… that would result in roughly 10k healing crits with AAs and the T5 rune… a little bit too strong if you ask me…


You want to have a rethink, because you just killed Conqueror tanking (unless you have the best gear in game to compensate for these ridiculous nerfs).
Moving Overcome The Odds to Carnage = Bye Bye Brute tanking. Carnage is then superior in every way
But then you’re nerfing Carnage tanking by making lacerate automatically give -10% mitigation.


@force right now it heals for about 1300-1600. for a health pool of 10-15k for most players a 3 time boost would heal 3900-4500 and crit for maybe 7-8k. Sounds reasonable to me considering some dps hits crit for 6-9k. that’s how the big heal used to work back in the day when health pools were much smaller. right now it barely ups your hp by more than 25%

moriala, Conqs were never meant to be main tanks in pve anyway hence why they only had heavy armor, no shield and higher dps than a guardian who if ou remember, was initially the games main tank class until funcom decided to give full plate to the other soldiers. Now guardians in pve have become mostly obsolete. There is no reason conqs need two bubbles in brute tree. I’m sure any conqs out there that pve would adapt just fine and flashing defense would be almost like a bubble anyway granting 100% evade for 8 seconds. And agree to disagree on the tokens. Not everyone is in a top tier raiding guild.

evito, There should be a tradeoff for using the dps build over the brute tree. you use carnage tree you lose a little mitigation. 10% isn’t that much. the class is already tanky af. Like i said to moriala, Conqs should revert back to their respective role as off tank. Make Guardians great again.


Are you going to suggest to remove all of the DTs health tap so they are just “off tanks” as well? Didn’t think so. And trying to pigeonhole tanks into specific roles is completely stupid, they can all main tank as needed. Guardians are already monsters in T6.


I think this too wide of a thread, and with too many radical changes. any dev trying to absorb all this will have no clue where the desires for some of these changes come from, and I am puzzled myself.

to take on example:
instant stunts were removed for a reason!

ofc I agree to the obvious stuff like higher PvP penalties on t6 gear among more, so If I were you I’d clear the thread for many of the radical changes and streamline the most commonly accepted ones instead.


One could argue that the dt class using a shield and 1h weapon should be considered a main tank so even though they werent meant to be main tanks in the beginning i think they make good main tanks these days.


:rofl: :rofl:
this just proves :



instant stunts were removed for a reason!

What reason is that?

Evito, Flashing defense is probably better than overcome the odds. Just saying. 100% evade for 8 seconds? Isn’t that a bubble? I just think it and octo are in the wrong respective trees