[Assassin] Since we're discussing "broken gear" lets talk about Tier 6 assassin gear for a minute. #RaidToWin

So there is an assassin I know (who i will refrain from naming) who is an overall OK guy (when he isn’t raging over a duel loss or acting like a spoiled brat) who has a full set of Tier 6 PvE gear and loves to use it in PvP. Why you might ask? Well the dps output is insane and he would be dumb not to. Let’s have a look at the stats on this gear

As you can see I highlighted the “debuff” in red. The “Emerald Lotus coating VIII” gives a player who wears this gear the following stats

  • -300 PvP Combat Rating
  • -80 PvP Magic damage :rofl:
  • +1250 Armor Penetration ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  • +875 Spell Penetration :roll_eyes:
  • -600 PvP Armor
  • -600 PvP Protection
  • +900 Tenacity

These stats were meant to mitigate this gears capability in PvP. Sadly they fail to work because they are insufficient.

This is a good case for giving us a 4th Tier of PvP gear so we can compete with Tier 6 raiders like this guy who again, shall not be named.

Now from what I’m told this “debuff” gets worse as you equip more Tier 6 gear, but I can show you how irrelevant it is.

I created a clip that I linked below to display the stark contrast between an assassin wearing Tier 3 PvP gear and the same player wearing Tier 6 pve gear with max aas vs me, a bear shaman in full Tier 3 PvP gear and max aas. The name of this assassin was withheld to protect his privacy but you can probably guess who it is fairly easily.

You’ll notice the level of difference immediately after watching the video and you can then judge for yourself whether it’s really the player or the gear. Spoiler alert He Claims it’s not the gear.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

To do something about this issue I propose you (Funcom) either

A. Buff PvP gear as highlighted in another thread and/or give us a 4th Tier to combat players in Tier 5 & 6 gear.

B. Add more negative PvP stats to the Emerald Lotus Coating “debuff” to disable this gear in PvP more effectively.

For instance, how about -1250 PvP Armor penetration? and -875 PvP spell Penetration? also -900 PvP tenacity while you’re at it.

This gear should be used for PvE only. And until you give us a Tier 4 PvP set There is no way to combat this crap.

What’s really a kick to the teeth is most classes don’t get a great benefit from a full Tier 6 set of PvE gear like the assassin does. I have a Tier 6-2 handed blunt from the saga quest reward and it’s useless in PvP. Works great in PvE though which is where gear from high level raids should work.

This is Raid To Win plain and simple and we’re sick of it.

Make PvP great again!

Thanks for reading. Please keep your responses civil and your guesses as to who the other player is to yourself. It isn’t his fault the gear is the way it is. It’s Funcoms fault.


Slithz is a cool guy

Notice assassin didn’t hit you even once with GC during 2 duels in pvp set while in pve gear he connected all hits -> Result showing on video.
But to the topic comparing t3 pvp and t6 pve sets, me personally coming to conclusion that u lose more than u gain. That is -600 armor and -1150 protection for questionable gain.

PvE T6 gear should be totally disabled from pvp. I’m playing on my T6 pom in minis and playing on something like that, t6 full geared, range dps/healer is totally different than full pvp gear. I can crit from instant Radiance 2-4k then Repulse 2-4k and clothies dying from my two skills instantly. Mitra Searching Eye crits 3-4k and one time i did 6300 damage on demo and he was one shoted. Smites can crits 2-3k.

Your Mitra’s Searing Eye crits Hiliath for 6293 holy damage.





difference is sins don’t care if they are -1150 protection when lotus overload is procced. thats the difference between most other classes.

gain isn’t even that questionable, you get like 10% damage boost from the spell penetration on the bomb and death whirlwind, and the -300 combatrating does not counteract this enough


Agree with this T6 is just disgustingly overpowered in pvp use for some classes. Funcom should really do something about this.

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I really wonder why the debuffs from the full T6 set are so mild compared to the debuffs you get from the T6 gem / weapon buffs, Black Pharaoh II (just from 2 gems) already gives -600 PvP combat rating while the gems themself would never provide as much power as the full T6 gear would. I guess the blessings are fine considering they get even harsher the more stacks you have but the armor should really get a lot more negative PvP values.


Good point, that’s the reason why sins benefit most from t6 pve. Still i’m always happy to fight one wearing t6 pve more than t3 pvp. Not speaking about mass pvp, when such sins going down super fast inbetween immune procs.
And btw another trick is to use elusive nature, cuz they gonna lack tenacity. Their crits gonna be laughable, which again mitigates that 10% dmg boost to bomb and dww.
This just my imo.

PVP t3 is better than t6 for sin.

The sin just got lucky crits on last duel and landed his combos. case closed

“difference is sins don’t care if they are -1150 protection when lotus overload is procced. thats the difference between most other classes.”

Sins do care about prot and armor just like any other class, Lotus is not up all the time, and Useful sins are not waiting for few minutes for DP + AOD. Any decent caster can just slap sin in their face if know how to work around their shields.

The problem with the gems is their mainstat for example stacking an extra +80 critical rating for a total of 140 on a single ring and all without pvp debuff, it’s nowhere to be seen in any pvp counterpart, you can still easily stack -hate or +hate blessings for pve and make sure to not connect any other blessing or simply bug them out.

tldr:There is nothing to gain from just the blessing bonuses in pvp, true, you can still use the legendary gems in pvp for great power nowhere to be sin within pvp gear while ignoring the blessing mechanic, alas true too.

yes, I didn’t say they don’t care about prot, but while LO is up… they dont XD so theres extra value thats all.

With my luck I do care even when its up, those ■■■■■■■■ necros always get their ice strikes through my LO :rofl:

On a side note, I go pretty much full tankiness with every class I play. For melees + ranger only thing that really increases your dmg anyway is weapon and abilities from feats.
And with necro I like go full prot / hp / armor just to be as big troll as one can be.

The funny part with those debuffs is that someone actually thought 300 combat rating was any kind of noticeable loss.

I don’t really mind sins in t6 gear in pvp, they are so squishy. It’s also my opinion that you lose more than you gain. At least that is how I feel like when fighting them, since I don’t play one.

@Delred ultimate necro troll is peeka’s necro with his fully gemmed rf rings + t3 crafted staff. That’s so much prot my hox barely scratches him, even when his fire prot buff is on CD.