New DLS. Armorer 4 level

You have added 3 new types of armor, but forgot to add armorer that make this armor in the best quality. It makes all this armor useless.

Yes… i am VERY pissed…

When I asked if there are flawless weapons and armor in the game Natascha said yes…

… I SHOULD have asked “Are flawless Khitan weapons and armor OBTAINABLE on official servers?”

Im not much in favor of flawless of those things as Halcyon can confrim from my other posts XD. But maybe they’re planning to add it when north jungle is added? I have a feeling it will be a Khitan faction there. Alot of pics taken in the jungle as the trailer too. New assets needs to be done for it and it could be thoese ones released now =). Also lemuria ruins got the khitan armor style details. =p

I"m not asking for much… Really.

Look. I want the flawless Greater Jian (greatsword) to be E-Q-U-A-L in stats to the flawless Star Metal Greatsword…

Is that really too much to ask?

Is that really too much to pay for?

feels good bro…yet another failed version of funcoms ability

Not at all. I’m not fighting over it too. I’ve dropped the matter. I dont agree how it was released, with or without flawless version as it dosent fit the cosmetic neither the p2w needs. Just sharing my toughts that they will come on the new armorers and blacksmiths from north jungle that may take a good time to be released. =/

I’m mainly a PVE player and i Wanted to use it too. I was worried about the impacts it could have on PVP scenario but I will leave the fight to the pvp players =)

There will be no fight over this. It’s the exact same farce as the Atlantean Sword was. We’ve been had.

Wow. You swapped fast from the ultra positive supporting and comprehensive team to the ultra negative team. =O

The brightest light casts the darkest shadows, my friend. It’s what happens when good faith is screwed with.

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you got that right…once I saw dlc before patch to fix then I knew…conan is dune…sad day we all know what road this leads to

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