Three raid videos from me

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Ingame voices are German. Our Clan: Ballerburg

Conan Exiles - Raid #1

Conan Exiles - Raid #2

Conan Exiles - Raid #3


Nice :slight_smile:

Is it official or private servers? If you know good EU servers to play I am interrested.

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Private. Guardians de Hyboria Server.

Empire Gaming is currently also good.

If you want a more hardcore experience, Dogs of the Desert it is.


To be honest, I enjoy them all, you are a genuine taliban my friend :joy::joy::joy:. Still, after all this time I play the game, in these videos you make me wonder, why you were wearing this pants and boots? I think a little (fking Einstein I am :joy::joy::joy:) and I understand it. All this time and I didn’t realize the real worth of these items, 14 attribute points only with 2 armor pieces, omg, 2 years dude I know it but never use it, maybe because it is plus 1 to each, we don’t give the proper attention, at least I didn’t. Thank you for this m8.


Those are actually the Zingarian Freeboter Armor pieces, but yes, the verminhide stuff is very good :slight_smile:

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Oops :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Still your videos gave me a great idea, I remember Firespark81 on his videos been negative for these armor pieces, still 14 atribute points from 2 armor pieces, gives you some advantage don’t you think?

Some? :smiley: It is huge actually!

with all buffs and warpaint + this armor you have:

+5 in every attribute (except accuracy, with hunter’s potion it will be +7)

And still 6 points from the remaining armor pieces. Add some weapon bonuses and you can get a strong build. :slight_smile:

But once you die, you lose it and you need to respec.

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Thank God I play most pve :joy::joy::joy:. My pvp team does not play anymore, ps4 stayed behind and they got bored and stopped. Still in pve is very useful :wink:.

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