Good PVP build for Exiles Server?

So after thinking I would quit Conan due to being banned for a clan member having too large of a base, I decided I could not stay away from Conan and started on a new Exiles server (after having lost all my gear on the prior server). :slight_smile:

That being said, I’m wondering what decent PVP builds exist on the Exiles map. Honestly I’m not big into PVP but there are groups of folks running around with Siptah gear (including feroxic daggers) killing other players therefore I want a decent chance of defending myself.

At the moment I’m using bear shaman medium armor and just dragon bone daggers with poison (since daggers appear to be the weapon of choice now).


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if you don’t have siptah gear, then you are at a disadvantage. They will have poison cancel sigil, huge att bonuses from gear that EL does not provide. That’s all I can say on it.

Ah… I forgot about the sigils. Explains why when a group was raiding my base and I hit one of them with a full stack of poison not much happened to them.

Regardless, realizing the Exiles gear is not as good as Siptah, what is the best Exiles gear to be using now?

Honestly, It depends if you want to try and legit compete, or just annoy. Anniy, Stone daggers and assurance armor with 0 str build. put everything into grit, vit and 25 into survival. that will give you 40 survival with the armor… immune to everything except bleed stacks. then spam r1 and keep on moving around. Helps to have asura armor backups to really be annoying.

No, don’t run daggers. Use 2h spear and keep them at bay. Every hit counts. Keep them staggered so they are forced to roll. They don’t have hyper armor with daggers. They are easy prey.

And most importantly:

Use first right click only if possible.

Watch this video:

Armor is Silent Legion Light/Dragonhide Mix with Bulked Platings.
50 Vitality, 40 Strength, 20-30 Agility, 20-30 Grit + 20 Encumbrance
Spear is Lemurian Trident.

It’s all about aim.

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Lights. Even if you can get the top armorers in a T4 bench, I think you’d do great with a Verminhide base (2 pieces, +14 attributes), fleshed out with dragon/legion Lights. This set will get you to 60 percent Damage Reduction.

This is brought to you thanks to @stelagel. I will amplify it by saying Lights in this config are 458 armor value, 60 percent damage reduction; Heavy comparable is 1295 armor with 83% DR. You take twice as much damage in Light as Heavy, generally.

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Dragonhide gear and silentlegion gear (light version). 40str, 20grit, 50 vit, 20 agg and 20 enc.

Well I’m seeing a problem with the recent suggestions. I’m on Exiles and thus do not have access to the silent legion light/dragonhide recipe (unless something has changed?).

I do have a character on a Siptah server but I ported in my non-Siptah character to the current Exiles server…


Lacking the Siptah related recipes (unless SL light is now available on Exiles?) I went with Bear Shaman medium. At least it allows me to get 40 Str 40 Vit and 20 Grit

I believe you can get the SL and Sragon bone armors. you have to retag the original recipe stones if I remember.

Well that is good news :slight_smile: What about the Dragon hide/bone armors folks keep referencing. Are those on Exiles now as well?

Which pieces of each set are you using?

yes. go to summoning pits where you get the dragon bone weapon recipe.

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Thanks again — I was quite rusty with what was available on Exiles. Would be interested in knowing which pieces of the SL light vs. Dragonbone light (or medium?) folks are using. If not then I can experiment

Light armor. Atleast I use that. I would never go heavy. A light player will outplay a heavy player 9/10 times, if he’s not on a horse ofc. :crazy_face:

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Problem with Legion and Dragon/Voidforged is they have dispersed attributes. So when you look at each piece you’ll want to study it for aesthetics and attributes that mesh with your particular attribute build. My PvP ATT build is set up to coalesce with high-level VIT and STR, while still allowing me access to Hard Worker Perk. A barbarian must have his prios.

If you go Light, as I said above please consider the Verminhide pieces. Together they give you two points in every letter of SAVAGES.

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And then you die and you can respec, unless you have a spare set. It really does not give that much of an advantage in order to be worth the grind. Going a normal Dragonhide/Silent Legion Light build will always be better because you can mass craft the sets.

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I have found few enemies who value these pieces, honestly. I mean who doesn’t want 14 extra ATT points? My brother left me a set and I had two already, so they’re definitely not hard to get.

The legandary armor items are valuable, no doubt. It is just that I am better off farming and crafting 45 sets of Dragonhide/Silent Legion Light instead of gambling in the UC for verminhide clothes.

You need to see, the servers I play(ed) on have wipes every 4-5 weeks. Also in clan fights (6v6) you will be a target, because your clothing is different. One wipe it was really bad when I was the only male character in a clan (got focused a lot).

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I agree, the most efficient builds should rely on replicating. Hoping for rng is well, too rng. Plus useless points are in survival, acc, and enc with the Vermonhide build so really it is only 8 usable pvp points of the 14.