Can Godbreaker be crafted in Siptah❓

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I wonder if these can be crafted in Siptah:

If not, what would you recommend for an Agility build?
My current option would be Turanian Phalanx Helm (Epic) - Official Conan Exiles Wiki, but it will not hold for extreme temperatures.
I bet my next-door neighbor @stelagel knows :slight_smile:.

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We can say everything we wish!
I believe for an agility build @Xevyr would surely recommend you something good! Siptah map has the strongest agility weapons, so it’s a good way to go to this map. About the extreme temp you don’t have to worry about, Siptah doesn’t have this issue!
Siptah is providing you for free one really good agility armor set, you just have to go on grey pools. (i think i brought some armor pieces in your house).
I will wait to see what’s posted here, agility or strength is not my go to, i never focus on one, my go to is balance, be good to all!



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Well you could use Pippi (mod), create a kit with some of the godbreaker resources to spawn on enemies corpses. Ooor you could just do what stelagel said.

Also yeah, Siptah has no extreme coldness just extreme bullshit to deal with once you make your way down south heheh. No for real, without spoilering you - be prepared, some places on Siptah aren’t as easy as the unnamed city. Which I like but it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I remember dying over and over and over again in my first vault :joy:


Volary of harpies :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I didn’t see it coming from these feather, claw tosh, whatever it is, i still didn’t figure out, but yes, in this vault i believe almost every player has lost something in! I try not to get in his feet, i am as district as i can be, it’s his journey and he must live it properly!

We play on PlayStation, unfortunately we cannot use mods!

@ForossanFlint can you please suggest some gear that you think is good for agility, or a build? The op loves to play war party too, so it would be really appreciated if you could send a suggestion of attribute build too. I know what i can suggest to him, but if one suggestion was enough then this forum would be useless, don’t you agree? Thank you in advance :+1:t6:

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Since I play mostly modded, I cannot aid you with builds. My server runs on max level 300. Why? Because I like pain. Haha.
For real though? Agility armor that is good on siptah…
I remember lots of the Black ones stuff being superb stuff honestly, apart from that I believe the Remnants Armor Set had fairly decent Agility buffs on Siptah. But I think you needed a delving bench for that. Now don’t ask me where to get that one, it wouldn’t just ruin an adventure, I also forgot.

Yeah, I like Siptah but I personally play more on the Exiled Lands map. But I do know, that the Black Ones’ Stuff is seriously strong


Yes and No

Yes : I can atleast because while server transfers was online i went to EL after resources to craft them! And recipe i got on week 1 or 2 on siptah , while there still was possible to get that recipe from vaults

NO : Recipe not longer drops anywhere, and scraps are not transferable anymore as there is no transfers online anymore

Still i can craft on my official server… But sadly resources are for only 1 set xD

There is more items not obtainable or craftable on siptah

  1. Godbreaker (both sets + rusty)
  2. Dredger (seems no dropping , everyone asking me to craft glowin torch )
  3. Bat-Staff : it still talks : but only has 1 text about “DAMN this place so ugly”
  4. Redeemed legion set ( as recipe is dungeon )
  5. telith / aesir pride ( seems no resources and forge )

Skelos Cultist rocks. It’s medium armor with agility, concussion and follower damage bonus.

The latter doesn’t work with war party, but even then, it still got double the bonusses of most other sets.

Add Gloves of the Jhil for great stamina regeration when you can.

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Thank you :+1:!
Wiki says “from chests at the end of dungeons on the Isle of Siptah”.
Do you know which particular dungeon?

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Oh, no, not that one! Skelos Cultist Master!

The recipe can be found in New Luxor near the headless judge. This video shows it in detail:

So, no luck or dungeon farming required.

Sorry for confusing the names. I forgot there’s a similarly named older set.


Thank you again!
I believe I got that recipe right after I found out about The Judge and he sentenced my Wight Horse, Oyvind Tall-tree and Janos to the Oblivion :crying_cat_face:.

P.D.: in my defense, I was climbing to check the bird when I heard them fighting and ran to assist them. I never intended them to enter that section of the ruins :hushed:.

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Yeah, that guy is brutal. And the random thrall teleporting in that area doesn’t help.

I lost thralls again and again while fighting either of the bosses when they suddenly warped to the other one and got killed there fighting alone. Only safe way seems to be to first kill the Judge in one corner. If the thralls teleports up, at least it doesn’t spawn right next to Big Bird. After killing the Judge, go up and kill the chicken of doom, then get the hell out of there before the Judge respawns and machine-gun-spears your thrall.


Sounds like a plan :sunglasses:.
As soon as I craft my new armor (still deciding which one), I will have my revenge.

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I think the member @tobbiusness if i am not mistaken had made a very important post about the differences between war party and well trained. I believe that well trained was winning in many things than war party. If i understood what i read in this post and listen from others all this time, is that war party is good only for training faster more thralls and use zombie followers, in all the others well trained is better. I cannot advice you in this one, i never spend more than 10 points in authority and these corrupted only. So i can imagine a good way to go, but this would be a speculation only.

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I read that post, was a great discussion.
I use War Party for training and for the corruption build where damage taken is divided among Thralls.
With any other build I like to keep one Thrall only so I can switch blunted/damage weapons quickly :grimacing:.

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Something I didn’t mention in my findings over there was the differences between the two perk choice and your follower choice; the initial discussion points made are all still true, but they only account for animal companions. As people have found out over time, War Party is much better with 2 human followers and Well Trained is much better for the single animal companion.


I believe that if the follower of Wonka had the well trained buff (+20 to everything) the judge wouldn’t stand a chance. You test these, i haven’t, can you please give me again your lights here, am i wrong? Thanks for your reply @tobbiusness :+1:t6:

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The Judge, for example, is dangerous not only because of its high damage output, but because of the stagger of his ultra-fast spear attacks.

Two thralls may fare much better, as they have more attacks that stagger him, and he may hit only one, not both.

I didn’t do any real testing. But despite the nerf, the option to have two thralls seems to have made the game easier*, for me at last.

*in endgame. Levelling with 800 HP thralls is brutal.


As @Khaletohep has said, two followers can stagger enemies twice as often, potentially stunlocking them. They can also keep the powerful sunder debuff from maces up 100% of the time, which itself will generally far outperform the 5-10% damage bonus the single human follower gets from +20 strength. We do lose the +120% from Authorities passive, but that equals out to about 10% less considering having two followers effectively doubles it again.

Another point I’ll add is how the +20 stat boost scales between human and animal followers. Humans get an okay boost to health, but every other stat is really meh.

As above, humans get about 5-10% extra damage, and no benefit tangible from the extra armour due to diminishing returns.

Animal followers on the other hand become absolute units with the massive gains from Well-Trained. Easily and extra 2k health on average, and their DR is often boosted from 20%-ish up to 55-60%. Damage wise they get and additional 200%, which stacks up great with the 120% from the Authority stat.


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