Questions about Siptah Loot

Hello! I’m in the process of putting together an exiled lands private server but I’m a little stumped on something.

The server I’ll be making will have an admin-shop via discord and I thought I MIGHT make certain weapons, armors and thralls available for purchase there via Gold Bars or Bronze Coins, the problem is I’m not overly familiar with just how much better Siptah loot is compared to exiles lands loot.

What are some Siptah items/thralls in particular that players might ask for and how much more do you think I should charge the players compared to Exiled Lands loot?

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:

Siptah loot is insanely strong comparatively.

  • Voidforge gladius is the strongest shortsword available, which also applies poison
  • Feroxic weapons apply a more potent poison than venom-infused, on top of a higher damage
  • Incarmine weapons and shield give big VIT buffs (+5)
  • Fiend-bone weapons and shield give big STR buffs (+5)
  • Aspect of the Wolf is a +8 STR heavy helmet
  • Aspect of the Demon is a light armor helmet with enough armor value to rival heavy
  • Serpent boots & gloves both are huge stat boosts, with best in-slot ENC & STR respectively, while also being light armor with good armor values.
  • Annoying shard can put bleed on anything. Anything.
  • Heavy-weight is the best truncheon in the game

And this is just the stuff from the top of my head. Siptah loot is pretty powerful, but without the recipes or eldarium acess users on EL would be relegated to using legendary repair kits for them.

If you do plan on selling any of these items, price them accordingly


Thanks that was really useful information!
Maybe for the moment I’ll have Siptah loot unavailable while I do more research on it and figure out the price scaling :thinking:

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I have a shop on my server, though I do not admin-spawn anything because it is an official server and I am not an admin. So I price everything based on the crafting cost.

I base all of my prices on the value of silver coins. By comparison, gold bars are worth 60 silver coins, and eldarium is worth 150.

My system is a bit too complicated to explain in a forum post, but perhaps a much simpler way of putting it would be to price Siptah items at 2.5x the price of a similar Exiled Lands item.

If a legendary weapon costs 20 gold bars, the Voidforge Gladius costing 50 is about right.


Nice! Thanks Tephra, that was also very helpful :slight_smile:

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