Siptah gear trades on Exiled Lands

Hi I’m currently transferring gear to and fro between Isle of Siptah and Exiled lands. Would a trading post be frowned upon in game. As in, selling Siptah gear for in game items eg… feroxic daggers for 10k hardened bricks or Purge Thralls.

I’m guessing not, but didn’t want to risk all my stuff just in case.

EDITTTT: damn, I swear I wrote that I’m on PVE. Guess I’m a donkey.


why would you want to arm the competition?

You arm enemies so they fight one another and leave you alone.

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I certainly frown at the price of 10k Hardened Bricks for Feroxic Daggers. For a weapon that is craftable, that is way too expensive. I’d price them around 650.

I’d be rather in the position to wipe the floor with them if they disturb me while I am building :slight_smile:
But then again, I am not on pvp

Well you would have to factor in that you have to transfer to siptah, get the recipe and transfer Eldarium. 10K HBs is an hour of farming. Seems a proper price to me

If you can find someone gullible enough to pay that much, but good luck with that.

as said, I don’t sell it, so no luck needed. But 10-15k seems to be the tag at the moment

Well if I were to hop back and forth, I would try to import playful pups to the Exiled lands.

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if you hop back and forth and don’t bring brutus over, you are wasting your time


They are wonderful additions.

If I were you, I would find an early access, day one person or twitch armor to swap with for you idea. Then no one would question the 10k harden brick for unique items like royal and twitch armor and atlantean swords…you are in a different league of inventory then.

Tor was interesting to play with… He ate through three skull wolves at level 1 or 2 and only lost about 1/2 health. I was amazed, that’s much better than a Greater Bear at the same level. :female_detective: His eyes glow blue too… easy to find him at night in the redwood forest.

If anyone wants to bring me a playful pup to the EL server I’m on. I will most def trade you Conan’s Royal Armor for it.

System? I’m on Playstation.

I’m on PC and an Official PVP server

DANG. I’ve been wanting that and the sword for years. Hey real quick I heard you can’t make the royal armor elite, is that accurate? I know the sword has a star metal equivalent which is why I’m questioning what I heard.

I really don’t remember.
Stay tuned I go check brb.

Up date:
I believe I have all the necessary perks “epic armor” and all that.
and it doesn’t show on the improved bench.

So I will have to say you are correct @erjoh and royal armor is regular with NO epic version.
The Sword does have an epic version. But I can’t make it because I only have the PC EA game.

I’ll go to Siptah and get you a dawg, Mate. You came through on the spitters!

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You really don’t need to do that.

Won’t you lose everything in the exiled lands?
That makes the iguanas moot if you lose them getting a dawg.

is someone else in your clan to keep your stuff from dusting?