Transfer debate

I like the concept of transfers. What I don’t like is that you can transfer OP gear from siptah to exile lands and there’s no counter for it. Especially if the people on exiled lands do not have siptah or prefer to play on exile lands. I also feel like you shouldn’t be able to transfer gods or a crap ton of dragon powder. But the dragon powder is debatable.

Don’t think the recipe transfers thought and you can’t repair that gear once it breaks. But, I have no idea if that is how it works.

If you bring a stack of eldarium with you, you repair it all… I also forgot to mention the sigils which you can’t get on exile lands. Id understand if it was extended for story like you start on exile lands and then transfer to siptah that would be great but from siptah to exiled lands is just OP

So you just use legendary repair kits before it breaks completely. Or if it does break completely you just transfer the gear again.

I’ve said it before, I’m highly suspicious this will lead to gear nerfs that will negatively impact any reason to play siptah in general. Server transfers with inventory was not a great idea IMO.


The only thing I can get on board with on the transfers is, if you’re going from exiled lands to siptah. But thats it otherwise from siptah to exiled lands, there is just no counter/competition.

All I want is venom infused to be equal to feroxic. Not in any way by nerfing feroxic ofcurce. Before the update comes to consoles I was agreeing with the op Grey weapon damage that can impact the balance. Yet they consume great stamina, great stamina. So you have a choise hit harder but loose all your stamina in a combo, or have 3 combos of feroxic but damage less. And if you add the 8 second lasting on bleeding than 20, I believe we have a good balance here. So I believe that for the moment everything is well. If we do not like something we can always report it here, don’t we?

Why, yes. Yes it is. That’s why it was posted here…

Transfer again? So someone is going to go back to another server farm the mats and get the recipe to keep moving the gear around? Over thinking this a bit much.

I’m not overthinking anything, it is being done.

Edit: I rest my case Transfer Question

But you can repair them with legendary kits or you transfer over eldarium and repair that way.

You keep what you kill. Transfers in PvP make it possible for those that didn’t buy the DLC to now obtain more powerful weapons and gear.

I agree with @Tuffman here, just because it can be repaired doesn’t mean it won’t be lost, players will have to travel back and forth for mats, to some degree.

I disagree with this however, I think allowing solo and newb players a foot hold (before being overrun) will actually help official server populations. In the end, solo and newb players that transferred from Siptah will likely just be supplying the Exiled Lands with free Siptah gear.

What a waste of time. I feel sorry for those types of players. Are these the players whining about losing feats and recipes? I see no benefit of worrying about transfers.

Stay away from pvp servers. Always a hack somewhere.

Seems to me @Jadzia, this whole thread is about PvP. Are you referring to just the PvE aspect of server transfers? I assure you no one in the PvE community is complaining about server transfers being ‘unfair.’


The thing is the gear is OP for exiled lands. Especially since sigil can be transferred. All the siptah gear can overrun any exiled gear. You can’t put bleed, poison ect on the siptah players because it instantly goes away. And as for the player base for officials. Everyone is switching to private servers. Most have been on private servers and now with the transfers, everyone is either quitting or going to private servers that don’t allow transfers. IMO they lost player base even more so now than before.

I already commented on this above. Transfers distribute the gear on the EL map, meaning you will have it yourself. Fighting for the control of OP gear is an awesome concept that, in itself, will breath life into the PvP community (IMO).

Sigils can be mildly problematic, I agree, but you can visit Siptah and stock up for yourself. Unless of course, your true complaint is that you didn’t purchase Siptah and everyone else did.

If transfers on official servers really concern you that much then you can make the move to private as well.

How do you get their gear? As I stated is that you cant if they have their siptah gear on with buffs and sigil… there is no contest they will wipe the floor with you and it’ll look like you didn’t touch them. Exiled lands cannot compete with siptah

legendary repair kits fix anything as long as it has at least 1 durability left

Only if you own Siptah. This is half of the reason people are upset: it turns Siptah into a P2W DLC.


I agree that Siptah has better gear and can be looked at as a P2W DLC. There are other ways to obtain the Siptah gear though (including the sigils), via raiding those that have transferred them. Most PvP players have been complaining about transferring inventory. I see it a little different, more of an opportunity.

The rules have changed and the world has been enlarged. You need to take advantage of that to have a proper chance at success. If you don’t own Siptah DLC, then part of your new strategy needs to be looking for new players on the map (or ones that have been gone for a bit and now returned) as they may have transferred some nice loot for you to pick up. Also utilizing the server transfer yourself from EL to EL so you can farm in peace is a viable new strategy.

Ultimately, if you don’t try to adapt the advantages and instead just see the problems, then you are guaranteed to struggle, whether you have Siptah DLC or not.