Transfer debate

Is this a real question? Are you telling me that the only time you have ever obtained gear or mats from someone else is if you over powered them 1:1 in a fair fight? You can raid or setup ambushes. Agreed if you play solo like I do, it is a MUCH tougher battle.

Have you done it? Have you successfully taken someone’s siptah gear whilst you only have exiled lands gear? By killing them? Or raiding their base while they are offline? I’ve watched an 8 man clan fight 2 guys with siptah gear and barely scratched them. There is no balance between siptah and exiled lands.

Well aware of legendary repair kits.

People actually fight without thralls on pvp servers?

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I mean they fight with them sometimes but it’s easy to avoid them. And the people I watched stun locked the thralls and killed a tiemos, that had 16,000 hp, in under 2 minutes. Just dropped the the thing. It was nasty lol

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X-box got a patch today that strait up removed the voidforge bows ability to use gauntlet durability for arrows and replaced it with the ability to use arrows for arrows, which is just like every other bow

It got a small damage increase, but that was a pretty neat effect that it lost, and it certainly seems like it’s because of server transfer that it’s been changed

Yeah, we got that patch on PC recently as well. While I certainly share the concerns over possible nerfs to interesting and cool equipment (which does seem a reasonable fear given the server transfer arguments), I’m not sure the voidforge bow can be entirely blamed on server transfer - there were a lot of posts complaining about it being ‘broken’ and easily exploited. Server transfer may have made that worse, and added to the numbers, but I’m not sure it was the cause. That one looks to me like the old Funcom process - create something cool and different, receive complaints about it, remove what made it interesting and different (although, it’s also not like anyone that was complaining was suggesting any other way of fixing it, at least until after the nerf happened…)

I guess what I’m saying is we need to hope (and argue) for the protection of interesting gear, and try to push Funcom to find a non-nerf solution to the problems of server transfer…

At OP , u debate transfers referring to which play mode?

U know u can transfer recipes, materials and craft the ios gear (most of them) in exiles land as well, right?

I actually believe this was done to eliminate an exploit associated with that particular weapon ability.


You need to go to siptah to learn the recipes and everything and farm the stuff and transfer it back to exiled lands. You can not learn siptah recipes on exiled lands if thats what you are saying.

Try bringing a delving bench and some eldarium… Then delve at exile lands… U will learn the extra armours/ weapons even on exiled lands… U need only to learn placed recipes (like the vault recipes) . The rest can be learnt in eciled lands…

Ok issue… what if people don’t have siptah? Or don’t want to go to siptah oooorrrr what if they don’t want to transfer all their things to siptah, wait a few day so they can transfer back just to have the bench? Just seems like a waste of time to me

What if people do not wanna do the volcano dungeon, ir the sunken city dungeon, or think gathering fops is a waste if time?
What u gain from something and how u value it also dictates what u should do .
In order to have siptah recipes u need to own ios and in order to keep all active, u must be willing to go to ios and spend time there… But as always, the choice is urs…

I transferred without taking all my stuff back and forth… Brought back the recipes i wanted… And the bench… And helped others do the same … All u have to do is decide what u want and what r u willing to do to gain that…

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That’s why Siptah is the first break from an early goal of not having pay to win (I remember Jens making this statement, but he left company). This is not quite P2W, but it is pay 2 compete on pvp and pve-c officials.

tryed 2 damn times - stripped naked and random teleport on map, works fine exile - exile and siptah - siptah , but when it comes between u can die, lose all stuff, and magicaly dupe items and leave them on first map then u get killed on next map… I can say - never try it until its fully working cause i tryed it with another char not my main and well the character now runs like son of excibitionist naked on siptah while all his stuff are on exile lands in loot bag that never decays

Their in lies the problem. Not only do they have weapons that are twice as strong as you have and can do twice the damage on your thralls than normal, they can also give that gear to their thralls so you will loose your best thralls to them in no time. All they have to do is join the server, equip themselfs and start hunting down people. They will get all what they need in no time.

Nothing of that has something to do with regular pvp anymore, let allone fair pvp. This is pure and simple pay to win and with the massive bugs this game always had and still has this game has turned into a complete cheaters heaven.

What I have seen on private servers allone is pure and simple spoken mayhem.
Not even one day went by and we got swamped with people transfering hundreds of bombs, gear and other items to fresh wiped servers. And people couldn´t fight back that massive swarms of abusers. Admins had to 24/7 be present on their servers to prevent their servers from dying do to illegal transfer swarms. Servers they are paying with their private money for a long time and working tiredless to give people a plattform to play pvp in a more controlled and less toxic area.

Sometimes I think Funcom is mocking us, by saying they are improving the pvp aspect of the game. All they are improving is their income at our costs. They should be ashamed of themself to break our trust in them repeadatly on purpose.


Yupp it’s a broken system. And now they “just” found an issue with the transfers. I’m curious I what they just now found wrong with it.

That “broken” system has worked just fine for me and for everyone I know, I’ve done more than 40 transfers, not a single problem except for the loss of: obelisks, journey steps, explored parts of map and emotes.
These are things we have known for a very long time now, so why wait so long to put it on pause, they have now put a lot of people in a limbo, some have moved their character of their main server for various reasons, others may be in the middle of moving base to a new server, these people are now sort of stuck until they open up for server transfer again.

My guess is they must have found an exploit and didn’t want players to continue using it or something like that, still I am wondering why they paused it so suddenly and with absolutely no explanation as to why :thinking:

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These arguments are quite amusing. Always through the lens of pvp. The PVE community out numbers pvp by quite a bit. There was no issues at all with people doing transfers in pve. Everyone was looking forward to those that did the transfers to bring cool gear back and craft stuff for everyone to use. You all are looking at the glass half empty. Its not that siptah gear is OP, its that exiles gear is under powered. You should be complaining to funcom to add more gear to exiles lands instead of complaining about siptah. And just go buy it. What is it… $20??? Cmon. Siptah is also alot more fun to play on then exiles. Your only doing yourself a disservice by refusing to participate.