So glad Transfers are off!

I am very happy that transfers are off. I wish you would leave them off as they have become a cancer, don’t get me wrong I did a fair amount of transfers myself, its has just become a highway for roving griefers and exploiters to move from server to server farming unsuspecting people especially low pop servers.

When you bring transfers back, ( I hope you do not) please consider a much much longer timer, like once a month or longer.


I think I’d prefer it if an official transfer was character only… no inventory. You can start as a level 60 and knowing all recipes, but you arrive naked with nothing. That would limit some of the griefing and exploitation.


Before we talk crazy here…I like my eldarium. Even with stats on equipment going out the window, the delving recipes have some nice looking pieces I would want to tap for transmog.

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Transfers for PvE should come back the way it was. PvP probably needs additional limitations to prevent abuse.


Transfers will return for the next culling of the servers.

However, there are considerations that should be in place, considerations that would have been unreasonable considering the merge-apocalypse that had recently occured.

Kinda off topic, but I see this a lot… and that’s not true. Straight attribute bonuses are going away, but will be replaced with bonuses to derived stats. So instead of +2 Vitality it might be +20 health (or whatever).


i hope they come back soon without the 99% encumbered rule, transfer with a full inventory regardless of weight. not any difference between a clan transferring in to wipe a server and a clan starting off with fresh characters, leveling up and preparing to wipe the server right under everyones noses. it seems everyone that transfers in or starts up is a 'friendly noob rp’er" then a couple days later they got a meta pvp base and a stockpile of dp. i’ve seen tons of clan on low pop or friendly servers not even start to prepare for a fight until they get hit.

Transfers can and should return but in no way should you ever be able to transfer items.

Starting on a new server as a level 60 with all recipes is more than enough.

Siptah items completely polluted Exile Lands. Wearing the same kits between maps is also so boring. Bat Helmet, Black Corsair Pants+Chest, Serpent Boots/Gloves with a jhil glove switch. Incredibly stale

Not to mention the stats on the gear is just insane. +9 on single pieces is just ridiculous when legendary gear from world bosses or dungeon bosses doesn’t even come close. Crafted gear should never be best in slot.

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Exactly Mikey, stats on gear or not being eliminated they are simply being re-directed into a new system that will take a moment to get used to but will quickly become easy to understand (hopefully).

As for the system of transfers, I tend to agree that transferring your character should be allowed for the sole purpose of moving off of dead servers and onto populated servers. However transferring items should not be allowed as it leads to far to many issues and toxic behaviors.

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I dare say it’ll be easier to understand since you’ll no longer have the issue of perks going on and off from equipping/unequipping gear. Not that that system was particularly difficult, but this new one sounds even simpler.


How dare you!


I believe the opposite, crafted items should always be the best… the most boring part of pvp when one hitter thralls reigned was our clan full on rotating the nameless city for days to loot swords of crom.

I would prefer spending a few days to get recipes then make the item


I hope transfers come back soon personally. Game is much more exciting with them. As far as your inventory… never really got to worried about people bringing in dp and such items. But I can see how some might. I think maybe just transferring with you gear and hot bar might be a nice middle ground.

One hitter thralls do not exist anymore. Unless you are on a private or you are in very bad build.

Soon you may be able make your legendary vermin hide boots look like serpent boots so it won’t be so boring for you

I am aware of this, just sayin that was the most boring part… not to mention the fact that if non crafted legendaries riegn supreme those spawns will be guarded all the time, and of course the rng, noone wants to run a boss every spawn for days to get a meta.

Maybe I’m confused but non crafted items are garbage currently which should t really be the case when it comes to legendarys

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That was my response to foggy when he stated crafted gear should never be the best

Edit: just to put this in context, when silent legion was meta on each new sever we went to 1 in 3 you were dead before even loading in to the dungeon

#1 Silent legion was never meta.
#2 crafted gear being best in slot kills content. unnamed city is dead content because of all the nerfs to the legendary drops + op siptah pieces.

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If you play on exiled and do not have elderium then yes silent legion light is the meta along with dragon bone. Even Kari is dudu in comparison.

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