Server transfers unfair, needs rebalance

you guys gave server transfers to make the Siptah players happy, but invariably they are gonna come to the original map servers and mess with those players.

the transfers are locked in and i understand that. but you have to give the players on the old servers a tool to help counter how it will impact them negatively.

player list on servers should not be anon anymore.
no need for it, it was put into place for good reasons long time ago, but those problems have since been addressed, and this “veil” should be lifted.

if you’re gonna let a new lvl 60 xfer to another server and reek havoc, then at least let the ppl on said server see it coming.

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There is nothing unfair, you can transfer to others servers too.

Servers transfers bring some life to dead servers!


Except if they don’t buy siptah, then they will not have the higher end gear that is waaaaayyy better than anything on Exiles. Or if a player pops on server with 5 god tokens and annihilated base. So yeah, the hidden players is not good. Being able to see the instant 60 on your server is a must now. Give those players who d9nt want to purchase siptah a fighting chance to defend thier years of farming.


i dissagree. not all player hav access to siptah servers. is this game pay to win now?

Not quite, but definitely pay to compete.

Or have a friend you can clan with that does have Siptah. I don’t think they should remove all incentives to having a major DLC that is a whole new map.

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With servers tranfers you must have siptah now. It cost only 10 EUR (just search google for good prices).

Then go fews days to an empty siptah server with a thrall, weapons, armors … get the recipes you need and some eldarium. Comme back to EL!

It is a very good move from FC, because servers tranfers will made many sells (siptah + … ) :slight_smile:


how is removing anon from play lists “removing all incentivess”???all it does is give the ppl on the old map a fighting chance. the server transfers justt have ppl coming from sisptah servers poaching and leaving. that is absolutely no fun to the players that play on those servers regularly.
youre being selfish rn.

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no it isnt a good move. you dont release new content at a cost only to obliterate old content worth. theyre being greedy and its obV.

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As far as being pay-to-win, it’s been that way for a while. You have to buy the DLCs to get the best gear for your build.

Not sure why OP changed subject to the player list… But he’s right about transfers. If you want a meta scenario you have to farm up on Siptah gear and transfer to the Exiled Lands.

Every MMO game that has expansions will have better gear than the base game. You can say that its pay to win for every MMO expansion. Old gear over time becomes obsolete to elite players. Same with other features, abilities they add with said expansions.

So yes, Siptah probably has things that gives Siptah player a slight advantage over a Exiled Lands only player. Am I surprised about it, No. Playing MMORPGs for 25 years now and it the nature of these type of games. PvP oriented games like Dark Age of Camelot and Warhammer Online had this issue. Age of Conan probably the only exception for PvP anyway. Heck even with ESO pretty balanced system for gear, I am wearing newer sets than the older sets these days in PvP and PvE.

Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t the legendary armor sets better than the cultural DLC armor sets?

your argument is strawman. this isnt all those other games. this isnt even an MMO. not by a longshot. also u think ur the only 40 something yr old playing this game?

Nope. Especially once the changed temp effects. Armor was for a long time dafari light and spear build pre changes.
And Dlc weapons were equal to star metal.

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True, its not a MMO, I was only using how online games typically work with expansions.

You are correct, so we need to compare it with Ark: Survival Evolved, along with other games in the same genre that has expansions. There are quite of few new maps from Ark with new creatures and such on each new map. I will have to ask the Ark experts regarding if the expansions are better than the base game.

I looked at Rust which had no expansions but does have purchasable downloadable content which may or may not have the same issues.

I play ark religiously and can attest that each new paid expansion for ark brings with it new creatures and gear that is better than the vanilla map/ free maps.

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No, that is not true at all. Server transfers were implemented as a means for players to leave servers which were “dead” and join servers which were not. That has nothing to do with making “Siptah players happy”.

So what do you think the reason for the player list being anonymous is? And why do you think those “problems” have been fixed? And keep in mind that just because you think that does not mean everyone thinks that as well.

So, you want your hand held during PvP?

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This is demonstrably false. The DLCs are 99.995% cosmetic. The weapons they come with have two levels of effectiveness: iron & star metal. Likewise with the armors. The only “benefit” you could derive from the DLCs is that there are certain armors that boost specific stats and are rated for specific temperatures. But that benefit is minimal at best.


I guess as a Siptah player, I have no dog in this fight. However, having played the exile map for years before Siptah came out, and to gave up my Exile toon and bases. Here is my food for thought. One Siptah isn’t perfect. Several recipes that are taken for granted on Exile are impossible to get on Siptah… Who would have thought I would miss a glow torch, tons of gloop, no recipe. Abyssal Fangs, nothing to use them on. There is a list. Yes, Transfers were the devs way of fixing the missing recipe and ingredients to recipes that were not available.

If a player legitly transferred over from Siptah at lvl 60 they are limited by encumbrance. So either the armor they are wearing is not their Pvp armor and they are weighed down by it in their inventory or they have to sacrifice what armor their Lvl 0 thrall would wear. lightweight armor breaks real fast so having stacks of eldrium isn’t feasible with a weight limit. yellow lotus and bestial memory are broken. If a player uses them it wipes out the old maps recipes. so there is no repairing your armor once fully broken unless you don’t reset your stats from the encumbrance build you set to bring all the high-end gear. As to god token, Set, Mitra, and Ymir are the only rampart High Priests on Siptah, I don’t think a normal pvp player would spend weeks hunting them and building multiple temples on a Pvp server, for only one day of PVP on exile.

I know for a fact that you can power level a character to lvl 60 in a day on exile. That you can even go after bosses before your lvl 20. So gearing up isn’t hard.

Unfortunately what some servers saw were cheaters that found a workaround to exploit the transfer system. Thus the fear of God tokens, Op gear, and thralls. Hince why my character is stuck on exile after getting recipes from Dregs, Black Keep, and the Sunken City, while the rest of my clan is awaiting my return on Siptah.

Flipside before the transfers stopped 3 of us got a Demon Purge just outside the undead city on our small siptah outpost… Best Purge ever…Fiends, Demon Bats, Lemurian Cultists, Albino bat, Baby dragons, and Red Mother. There are only so many Accursed Patrols you can stand.

I think the character and unlocked recipes transfer was a good idea, but item transfer was a terrible idea.

In my opinion, the best way to fix these problems (for the long-term) is:

  1. Fix the bug that causes yellow lotus potion to erase recipes learned in the world.
  2. Change the character transfer feature to wipe transferred character’s inventory and equipped items.
  3. Delete all already existing Spitah only items (Eldarium bars, weapons etc.) from the database on servers using the Exiled Lands map and all Exile Lands only items (Teimos, Dalnisia, Pride of Aesir etc.) on servers using the Isle of Siptah map.

This way the missing recipes problem is solved without creating any new problems.