Best PVP weapons at the moment?

So I’m a bit rusty on the PVP mechanics. Thoughts on best PVP weapons on Exiles? I’ve seen folks mention ancient pike, Lemurian trident, Lemurian axe, starmetal great axe, Dagon Dagger, etc.

Are the venom weapons still a thing now or not?

Also for the single hand axe, is it best to dual wield, with shield, or just one hand it?


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Decide if you want a Strength build, a Vitality build, or an Expertise build. Then decide if you want an agility weapon. If so, then do a Agility build and decide which of the other three you’ll replace it with. Good luck.

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I’m leaning into strength but have some point in agility as well so daggers are still an option in some cases. I was surprised to hear someone mention that starmetal great axes are a thing now.

Yes, no need to nerf the star metal great ax (anymore). It should be a status quo item for those that like this playstyle.

lemurian axe, lemurian trident, star metal great axe, daggers of daggon, khari bow.

venom has been nerfed, it is still useful but i don’t think is meta.
plus is easier to get antidotes

Khari Bow with Black Ice Arrows is the best if you can handle it.

Use Ranger Armor as well.

Most of the best in class weapons have been mentioned already.

Do you want to mess someone up all close and personal, or do you just want to win?
Are you focused on dueling or on Clan v Clan warfare.
What one can bring to a team is sometimes very different from what one might want to use if they are running solo.

This one just finished a multi month run focusing on playing Twing Twang.
Archery, in this one’s opinion, is a very strong option for warfare, not quite as strong as it was historically, but it definitely has massive potential for harassment and supply line disruption. While fair to good in a stand up fight, they excel (build for penetration) at griefing by disrupting harvest runs, trigger nearby npcs, and drawing people away from objectives to play hide and go cluck yourself… or just opportunisticly interrupt a healing or casting animation. With the tighter restrictions on our building from a fortress, light arrows may see more use.

Shields seem to have some hiccups currently, in that they are exceedingly easy to strike around and seem to sometimes just drop guard at random.

Off hand axes cause less bleed than a single handed axe. Their attack pattern is better for crowd control or if one is lazy with the their aim.

Heavy armour, while not as entirely bad as before, still is easily pierced.
This one strongly suggests against wearing it unless you don’t want to dodge roll.

Take some time in single player to practice with the new stat system. The perks are very different and which ones impact carrying weight vs stamina are noteworthy.
You may find the Shortsword or Katana more to your liking, especially if you take the rolling perk from Agility. While this one doesn’t suggest them out of the box, in the right circumstances they can be impactful.
Also familiarize yourself with corrupted perks and stats. While the Hp and Stamina costs are too great for this one… Others may find them better suited to their style.

Server transfers are closed, so any Vault weapons you face in the Exiled Lands are a very finite resource now.

One other possible concern, with the loss of the Survival skill, the temperature may be a bigger issue. Always eat an appropriate meal for the weather.
Furthermore, warpaints no longer give stat bonuses, and stacking bonuses are much more rare. Many gear sets had their stat bonuses changed or stripped.

Isn’t Agility 15+ pretty much mandatory for PvP? Or is that some last season’s humbug?

Can it get the player past a 1v3? Or, is it just an out for free skill?

Builds below 15 agility are basically:

If you are better than your opponent, he just outruns away from you and heals up.
If you are worse than your opponent, you will have no chance of escape and die miserably.


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