Pvp craftable weapons

So, whats everyone thoughts on the best craftable pvp gear. This pertains as not containg any dungeon mats (like teliths sorrow)

Basically starting over. Real low on legendary weps and for some odd reason the server I play on is booming now. Not sure who all is competition and im not trying to get into fights with the few legendaries i have left just incase.

So far ive decided on the ancient lumerian axe, dragon bone bows, and black ice throwing axes. I still need a hammer.

Im just curious on everyone elses go to weapons for craftables.

Mace, pref Legendary + Fiber BIndings to cancel attacks and spam left click.

Left click -> 2x Fiber Bindings -> Repeat = 2-3shot everyone

its more like 3-4 shot, but yes, craft a mace and do the animation canceling.

It’s currently the strongest build.

Oddly for PVP I use DLC weapons. And cheap armor. There are a lot of broken things at the moment. So I’d rather carry very easy to replace items.

However in a perfect world Id either be using Ajas bane or Axe of the Lion with a shield. I usually carry my daggers Grim or Whirlwind. (Im archery. So i have 30% AP anyways even on weapons that don’t have AP. )

Bow I’ll run the Huntress or the Eye of Khan.

Pound for pound, if you’re looking at a grouping, Serpent-Man weapons are very affordable and quite nicely-powered with the right kits. You’ll need to source a beauty of a greatsword, and I’d suggest getting a Hollowbone Bow and using arrow drops, until you get snake arrows in abundance.

If you want to stay OG with bow, craft a very cheap Flawless Epic DLC version and get 22-23 DMG plus normal AP. I’d stick with snake, healers, poison, firespark and razor for arrows. For a greatsword, the Flawless Khitan Great Jian does 60 DMG out of the bench, and is a very nice alternative that I’ve seen used with a lot of success lately.

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