Legendary weapons in PvE

Hi again, i was wandering what is the best weapon for damage is. There’s been some new legendary weapons in the unnamed city recently. Personally, i like the lying bastard sword a lot (more than the predatory blade) but i don’t know if it’s better than the telith’s sorrow or the predatory blade. I know that there’s the adventurer blade but i haven’t got it yet. I want to know too what are you guys favourite weapons to use generally. Thx for the responses. :slight_smile:

Old noob here…
Favourite weapon is the axe for me… jumps to close distance, hits all things in its arc , no shield stops it, and knocks all to the ground on last attack giving u time to get away. I found dragonbone as the best option comparing the cost to maintanance/use ratio, and I find the combined combos of 2h wield followed by 1 h wield reaallyyy working great… and a shield as 3rd.option for when u need defence to heal… only drawback is the reach they have, but once u get used of it works great (for me at least)…XD

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If you like axes, i recomend The Lying Bastard Sword. Cant use an shield or other offhand items with it, but got good dmg and armor pen before being modded, seems like reach is greater to.

Yeah ik , I have the lb sword, but I am kinda Greek so I also love the shield bash at the end of the hard combo also;)

That’s nice ^^ i use the the predatory blade a lot recently but the big problem with the weapon is you don’t have hyper armor when performing light combo. I use the LBS too cause i love axes too and those are so good against a group of enemies.

I carry daggers & katana. Slice and dice.
Meanwhile Mrs Jones pokes them in the ribs.
Never got the hang of the 1H & shield
But then my favorite weapon in AoC was the oar.

In my experience, best weapon for straight damage has to be the Venom-Infused Daggers. Bleeds + poison? Yes please! Of course, they’re useless against the undead, but can make short work of most any other (non-legendary) foes.

I like my good old Bane of Khosatral Khel (even though it looks like nothing of its original concept). Solid damage for a one-handed sword, and a +5 STR boost on top of that. And swords feel the best in my hands.

My favorite legendary is the Glimmermoon axe for all the reasons @Ragnaguard listed above. It has really good damage for an axe, shield smash, knockdown etc., and it’s the only light source you’ll get while dragging a thrall in the dark.

Another legendary that’s also been growing on me is Baal-Pteor’s Lodestone. Since it weighs nothing, I can carry it on me without encumbering myself, and it’s great for taking down bosses when I have a high-DPS thrall in tow. I can simply keep the boss’ armor sundered while Dalinsia or the Captain goes to town.

I sooo wanted to like the Lying Bastard Sword because I <3 the axe’s attack pattern, but not being able to carry an offhand torch or defend myself while dragging a thrall was a deal-breaker for me. I felt so trolled! :sob:

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