Best Weapon in game

What is the high damage or best weapon do you use?
Legendary seems so low on DPS, almost all crap.

Well I mostly use a Predatory Blade (a generous gift from a friend, never got lucky with the drop myself!). Prior to that it was always spears of some kind, the highest damage one I could lay my grubby mitts on basically. It’s still a fair bit easier to use than the sword, even if it also deals less damage. Spears are about to be hit with the nerf stick yet again (thanks PvP crowd sigh) next patch, so there’ll no longer be any point to using them in PvE.

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This is one thing that really irks me, it seems the devs listen more to the PvP crowd than they do PvE/Solo players, but what might be considered OP or meta in PvP might not be the case in PvE/Solo and vice versa. So most times when something is nerfed to balance PvP out, it tends to hurt PvE balance, and most complaints from PvPers do sound like people who just can’t/won’t adapt.

As for the OP, for best weapon, I can’t give an exact one (since I tend to stick with Hardened Steel at highest), I’d say find a weapon that suits your playstyle. I personally stick to daggers and axes.


I like 1h axes. Good damage, being 1h your left hand is free for waterever you fancy (shield, torch, off-hand weapon). Down side : no AP. 1h axes can be a wee bite weak agaisnt heavely armored targets.

2h swords are nice. They work well agaisnt lightly and heavely armored targets. Single and multiple targets.

Strongest craftable weapon is Telith’s Sorrow greatsword.

Best DPS weapon is Predatory blade (Unnamed City legendary)

To the PVE vs. PVP complaints: You do realise that PVP is a competetive enviroment, making balance crucial for it to work, while on PVE it hardly matters if you use a spear or greatsword or axe or whatever and the consequences for adapting a far less severe?

Like I said it’s hell of a lot easier for PVE playstyles to adapt then the other way round, so that Point is kinda moot.

In PVP having ad edge due to bad balance can result in you losing everything, while in PVE you can just pick another weapon.

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That argument cuts both ways. Surely, in PvP you can just pick whatever is the current meta, which indeed is what a lot of people seem to do. So you’re only handicapped if you choose to be.


Sure this is right, but the meta has to be balanced, to allow a competition on equal footing.

A rock-paper-scissors concept is generally the most desired scenario, as it allows for diverse and tense gameplay.

To achieve this a rock-paper-scissors system must exist in the first place, and thus balance adjustments must be made to allow for more then one option to be viable at all.

The entire point of having no real competition in PVE is that you can pick according to your preference and comfort, not necessarily having performance as first deciding factor

Agreed, of course. Unfortunately the other side of the coin is that PvE players end up with a mutilated system with many irrelevant options that have been nerfed into the ground because they’d (supposedly) be OP in PvP.

Performance may not be quite the overriding factor it is in PvP but it’s still relevant in PvE. We don’t enjoy having our choices relegated to “pretty but functionally useless” you know. Now if cosmetic armor/weapon skins had been a thing… but PvP players poo-poo’d that, too.


You are right.

What you are missing though is the Point that a “useless” Option for PVE is barely an inconvenience, a shame maybe for the desingers work on an item that does not see any use.

But for PVP it’s actually gamebreaking due to the competetive aspect and the risks at stake.

Sureley PVE should not be disregarded in balancing aspects, but balance is far more crucial for PVP.

I see where you’re coming from, but I respectfully suggest that this “PvE comes second” idea is the wrong mindset. Even if you’re not alone in having it, hell it seems some of the good people at Funcom thinks the same (when it comes to balance concerns). But it’s still not right.

Unfortunately it may be a problem without a solution as long as the game has game modes with such different focuses (focii?) as PvP and PvE using the same rules.


This^^ unfortunately I must agree with both of you. As soon as I first read this I cursed very loudly. Maybe Im being an alarmist, but I predict that the Spear will be continually nerfed to the point of utter uselessness. Yay. Then when another meta finally emerges, the whole process will simply repeat itself. Thus making all weapons weaker and less effective. Has anyone heard any numbers regarding this nerf?

As I have said before, right or wrong, I often feel that the major decisions around here are made with PvP in mind first and foremost, while PvE and Singleplayer modes are just an afterthought. Then we are left to suffer with the fallout from these decisions.


It’s not a mindset though, it is cold logic.

For PVE is, matter of fact just an enviroment with less severe impact by balancing.
Something is too strong? The game gets easier, no one gets hurt.
Something too weak? Use something else or the game just becomes harder, again no one is hurt.

And for PVP?
Something is too strong? It will become the only viable solution, everyone not aware or not trained with it will suffer and lose his stuff.
Something is too weak? Anyone attempting to use it will suffer and lose his stuff, be it either out of curiosity or lack of knowledge.

The difference is in the stakes, and those are not really a subject of opinion but of measurable facts.

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Perhaps. But those stakes are what you signed up for when you picked PvP.

Also this:

Can just as easily apply to PvP. You just refuse to see the absence of choice in PvE as a problem, for some reason.

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As much as the nerf is for PVP, i really never have trouble with the 2H or the Whirl-wind blades against any NPC. I think his actually plays more to the lore side now using swords and non spears more.

I always go back to “when i was little” fantasy. That was to wield a 2H like Conan from the movie. And in the books, Conan normally reaches for a sword in response to attackers. So yes, relearning fighting techniques for NPC/Beasties will be harsh. But in the end i like the idea of different weapons to fulfill your fantasy.

I say this having quit Madden football 10+ years ago, because it tries to be “real”, and has loss the escapism of fantasy and fun along that path. CE hopefully never does that. This is a step in the right direction to avoid it in my opinion.

I guess what i am saying is when they change something, ask yourself, would 10 year old me care?

It’s situation-dependant.

In PvP the spear is a must, because the staggering effect and the reach of its attacks.

It’s a viable choice (we will see how many it will be nerfed) if you’re facing PvE menaces vulnerable to stagger effect or just having a reach < than the spear.

My preferred choices in PvE is predatory blade + scorpion ward, predatory blade could also be improuved with advanced blunted weapon fitting, that means against NPCs it could be used as multifunctional tool being a really good DPS weapon (with light combo) or a truncheon (with the heavy combo). Scorpion Ward have a very low durability, but it grants you 100 points of armor, that means you can wield it even without using it to block, but just to absorb in medium armor hits you didn’t dodged like you was in heavy armor.

Against bosses or enemies immune to stagger or block effect of the shield I prefere to use 2h sword, in particular Baal-pteor’s Razor, this is not the best 2h sword of the game, but being for me a secondary weapon it offers all the advantages of the 2h sword (unstoppable heavy combo) without weight and giving you 5 points of encumbrance, very usefull in combo to bearer’s pack as helm while coming back home charged of loot.

In boss fights I also carry Whirlwind Blades to be able to give them always 20 bleedings during the fight, and a katana (the best is Musashi’s Black Blade ) to be able to escape from surrounding situations.

Oh, I also carry a bow most of the time, because healing arrows to heal your thralls, poison arrows + fire arrows to attack players and mine meteors.

Considering stakes greater in PVP is cold logic.

Crying for outright nerfs anytime a specific weapon becomes the new meta (every time the previous meta weapon gets nerfed) instead of asking more systemic solutions is a mind set.

And that’s what is about to happen to spears. Instead of trying to understand what makes spear the meta weapon in PVP (hint, not damages), threads are full of players demanding the spear’s damage to be nerfed. Which isn’t the cold logic solution (since damage isn’t the true issue), but the cheap solution.

And that’s what legitimatly frustrate PVE players, crappy/cheap soutions to PVP-specific problems negatively impacting PVE.


@WhatMightHaveBeen they were landing on the moon when I was 10 didn’t have game machines. But read the books way before the movie.

That is a lot of weapons you are carrying :slight_smile:
TBH, you may have stumbled onto what breaks the melee pvp, the weight of the weapons are way to low. If weapons weighed more, then maybe people would have to choose. I literally looked up all those weapons you listed you normally carry and the shield, and it was @ 25 lbs total. Armor if you use dafari armor, flawless, about another 20 lbs. food and heals. Maybe weapons need to be 3 x the weight they are now. You start with 70 lbs without even dropping points into encumbrance, so you can carry an arsenal of weapons, heals way too easy.
all info was gleaned from WIKI page.