The best weapons


Hey there everyone!

There have been a lot of updates, with the most recent altering weapons in a big way. That leaves the big question: what are your best (or favorite) weapons!

I’d like to discuss these points in particular:

  1. PvP combat

  2. PvE combat

  3. Thrall weapons

I look forward to see what great strategies people have come up with!

I’ll start this off! I use only greatswords and longswords. The new animations for both of them seem more functional for sure!

I can pvp pretty well with the short sword quick attacks and the greatsword power attack is my favorite boss Slayer.

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I have found the Great Sword and Daggers as favorites. Mixing in light attacks seems to be a good tactic for me. Seems to be headed in the right direction, as spamming heavy is now not the meta for me.


I’ve seen a lot of people on here against the new greatsword animations but i think the way it handles though a bit slow… in my opinion is great it has become my favored weapon using it along side daggers as @WhatMightHaveBeen stated is a great combo i feel and my thralls at least the ones i have follow me go only get great swords. I only play pve currently so thay is all i can speak towards

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I like it! Yeah I like giving my thralls greatswords as well. The cimerians berserker with a greatsword pretty much two hit kills anything.

I think alot of people have a knee jerk reaction to any changes in the game, the greatsword animations being no exception. I personally think they are way better than before. I Love being able to make power attacks

Yeah its a nice change .i think they are heading in the right direction with making the weapons have more a role.

Cool! I don’t see many people with 2h hammers!

1 - spear
2- daggers and a weapon
3- two handed sword

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used to use axe and spear mostly. hate spear but was better for pvp.

Changed to 2h hammer and love it. just spam light attack lol.

This was before the recent changes though.

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I just went experimenting with the short sword, katana, two handed sword 2h axe and long sword.

I gotta say the short sword is a demon for pvp! And pve! The light attack is constant and it can’t be stopped!

I love the 2h axe too! So great!

All of the weapons can hit whenever you are chasing a player, which is a major success. My new favorite is the short sword!

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