Lets talk about Weapon Usage / Balance *PvP

We all know there is a meta regarding the way we do combat in Conan Exiles, that is “Spear”, and only, there are no other option to go equally between 2 combatants with the same skill. A variation is Axe/Shield, but yet, Spear user will have the advantage always because of reach and the way CE treats hit boxes.

In testlive we have the new dualwielding attacks, but then again, they are no better than Spears, so I would like to bring this into devs attention for maybe we can have a more varied combat in the game using the so cool weapons we have.

List of weapons in order of usage.

  1. Spear
  2. Axe
  3. Greatsword
  4. Dagger
  5. Sword
  6. Bow&Arrow
  7. Hammer
  8. Javelin
  9. Mace

Now, I wanna ask the Players, how often do you see someone using Hammer, Javelin and Mace? I saw a guy using Hammer just once back at the week of may 8, but never again.
In the game current state, it is “usable” from Spear to Bow on the list, Hammers, Javelin and Mace are totally obsolete, being nothing more than just wall decoration.

Javelin has the benefit for being usable underwater, other than that, you will never see someone using a Javelin, specially PvP.

Myself for exemple, love to use daggers and sword/shield, but when I meet another player in PvP, the chances of winning against a Spear user is very low, I only beat bad and players with lower skill than me when I choose to go any other weapon but Spear vs a Spear user, of course, it makes sense a Spear countering Daggers because of reach, that is understandable, but a guy with a Greatsword or even a Hammer should be a threat for the Spear user.

What do you guys think? Are you happy with the current state of weapons?


Pretty spot on, about everything. +1 to OP

Although a greatsword/axe user will easily out-trade damage against spear user.
As I’ve said before, the reason spear is the best weapon is not only speed, reach and damage but it is the only weapon that can catch running people properly. It’s also great for group pvp, less friendly fire.


Exactly, and one solution to bring all the other weapons sub par could be having faster animations and tie the first attack on the same speed as the sprinting while you’re sprinting. This could work as a charge attack and should be expensive stamina wise to not be abused.


That’s why I keep using the weapons I like (daggers, sword/shield) even on PvP servers. In PvE the weapon choice really doesn’t matter as the AI doesnt offer any danger at all, so you could go even bare hands and manage to not get killed.

I didnt get right about the theory-crafters you mention, but one thing is speculate about something you “think” is wrong, other is getting confirmation by actual play and test, by that, everyone that do some PvP can see that Spears have indeed advantages over all the other weapons when it should have a counter.


I personally love the hammer, albeit for very specific scenarios. The BIG problem with that weapon is the 4th heavy hit of the combo, while does knockdown, offers almost no damage. Makes no sense and needs a fix. Shoot, the light attack in the 4th hit of the combo, while does not have hyper armor, still does knockdown AND way more damage than the 4th heavy. Again, needs a fix.

Spear is meta because it’s easy. 1 v 1 spear use is dominant, sure. However, if you show up to a fight of more than 2 people, having other options quickly becomes advantageous - especially in group fights.

All that said, my disdain for the way the spear mechanics work means I rarely touch it. I will almost always go PvP with a different weapon. If they want people to use other weapons, all they need to do to spear is up the stam cost of the heavy, and eliminate the ability to insta-roll upon making contact with the enemy.

I Agree, not only the Hammer, but in the other weapons the damage must be looked at, there are slower attacks that does less dmg than faster ones. They seem to not pay attention to that.

That I disagree, on group fights the Spear stills out perform the other weapons because of the straight line hit, making the team mates not hitting each other, and that makes sense so I’m okay with in this matter. But they really need to tone down animations on Spear and make heavy attacks cost more stamina, or make the other weapons animations faster to compensate the lack of counter on Spear.

Agree on stam cost on heavy Spear, but disagree on the ability to insta roll after being hit, if this happens light armor / low vitality users wouldn’t stand a chance in any fight against someone tougher. Dodge rolls already must be carefully used, its easy to go out of stamina not using it cleverly.


And please be more precise: Bow+Snakearrow. Direct damage of bow+arrows is too low to use any else arrow but snakearrows, and there it’s the dot stacks one is after for…

I think the spear needs eighter speed or range taken from it. Or a damage nerf by 30%?

Regarding archery, I think it’s bad for archery to not be archery but rather the art to spit poison on enemies. Because currently only snakearrows make sense. Not only because of their cost, but rather because of 10xdot dealing way more damage a dragon bow+dragon arrow can deal…

On the other hand, I dislike weapons dealing their maximum damage no matter the invested points though.
Maybe the stats and their damage buffs should be revised? Like additional points after third perk granting +5% instead of +2%. I know, it’s a sandbox. But still, having everyone go for the same weapon feels bleh.

I guess hammers could use a 50-100% damagebuff. Nope. I am not joking.
They are too damn slow. So if a hit connects, it should really hit like a truck. But it would only deal almost the same like some 2h sword. That just feels wrong. It’s okay for them to be this slow if their damage was compensating for that. Including possible oneshots if strengh is at fourth perk+.

Maybe armor should take another role in received damage?
Like certain weapons being good against certain armors.

Eh… depends on said spear user. It’s weird how many people wont properly dodge stuff.
I never trade hits. I will always give not receiving damage priority over dealing damage. Might be different in pvp with multiple people joining in on it.

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Archery should be a thing when the player invest deep enough in ACC, then the real archer would be a threat and do damage regardless of the choice of arrows. Set Arrows still being poison focused, and the high tier arrows doing dangerous damages.

Although I think the STR talent tree is fine, damages on weapons really must get some attention and be properly balanced.

Thats too much damage, the light attacks aren’t that slow, it would become the “new” meta. One thing that could work, its to make light attacks adding sunder, or even all attacks doing Knocback, so Hammer would become more attractive.


awesome Post, but the Devs are MIA on this forums

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