Conan Exiles - PvP Weapon Tier List

This is how I would categorize the different weapon types in Conan for PVP

S+ Tier PvP

Lance (Oneshot is a no-brainer)

S - Tier PvP

Daggers (with target lock)
1h Axe (in water only)

A+ Tier PvP


A - Tier PvP

2h Hammer
1h Sword
Daggers (without target lock)
Throwing Axe (situational though)

B - Tier PvP

1h Axe

C - Tier PvP

2 Handed Sword

D - Tier PvP

1h Mace
2h Waraxe
Punching Daggers

This list is heavily dependent on my personal experiences. I would welcome your own lists in this discussion :slight_smile:


From a PvP standpoint, I would say that overall your list is rather accurate @SirDaveWolf. A PvE list however would have a number of differences.

Ps- I also noticed that, whether you realised it or not, you used the same ranking system as the Resident Evil series. S on the top ranging down to D at the lowest end of the spectrum.


I wonder @Community, how you would categorize the weapons in Conan, may it PvE or PvP. :slight_smile:

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The only thing I can say here is that this is objective. I agree that these are the stats you create by seeing others using weapons in pvp fights all this time. Yet you have to admit that some players are using 2h swords like poets, I’ve seen some dudes here and there and they were awesome. Still in percentage of weapon use they certainly belong that low in the list.
In thralls I believe that S+ is sword of Crom and S is mace.

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Yep and translate this to spear users. Spear “poets” will absolutly destroy those 2h players, because spear is S tier and 2h sword is C tier.

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I’m rarely play pvp but in my short experience short swords was very difficult to hit, because the enemy is aways rolling. I only managed to hit using smaller slashing weapons.

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So true, so true :+1:t6:.
No, I will continue here I like it.
Before 2.4, 6 months actually, since Playstation stayed behind my clan stopped playing Conan. Only 2 members remained, our little queen and our young president, a 24 year old boy, so happy and positive, he was making us laugh a lot.
His favorite was mordlun, actually he was the only main spear in the game. Yet he was loosing a lot and he was disappointed. So once I tried to explain him why he should learn more weapons by inviting him and our queen to co op. So I took the venom infused daggers and axe. Back then not a lot persons were using daggers in pvp. So he charged 1,2 and when he went for third I charged with the axe, he dodge, I switched to daggers, lock and light attacks, eventually he lost stamina and I was just in the beginning of mine, the rest is easy to understand. So back then I told him the magic trick you so generous share here, spears is only max two heavy or light and go, don’t go for third you are toasted, unless the other is going away, then by all means do it and maybe in this point dragon bone javelin are really good to finish it.

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The sad thing about spears is:

Even if the enemy is at 0 or lower stamina and in the regenerating punishment state, you can’t do a full combo if you start hitting him because it is so ■■■■■■■ SLOOOOWWW. By the time you reach the 4th hit, he can dodge roll again. The old stamina system was better designed for that. With the notorious “gray-stam” state, where you had to wati a few seconds until you could act again.

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