Spear comeback on conan

Hello I do this topic for speak about how good spear was and about how good would be if spear come back


Welcome to the Forum @SLinks1. If you look around the Forum some others were posting about spears. Good luck Exile

It was OP. For too long. The nerf was needed.

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The problem is, it was “too good”.
It upset some PvP meta badly with how it combined with the previous rolling thrust.
Unfortunately, in true Funcom fashion, there is no fine tuning, only nerf bludgeoning. Now it’s slow and stupid and Rolling Thrust is largely pointless.

If you are having trouble, this one suggests the mad lumberjack build. It’s all the rage this patch.
Sprinting attack with the great axe, spam as needed.


Is there Conan Exiles Classic available already? :laughing:

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Explain to me in detail if you can what part of spear you class as “OP” and I will very carefully explain to you why you are wrong

Because over all these years I played Conan when I used the spear I could win versus all the other weapons by simply abusing the range and fast attack speed of the spear.

But this is just due to you practicing with spear and getting good with it? Nothing to do with it being considered OP

A guy who was a katana main said the same to me just before the spear nerf and I had some fights with him to prove him wrong and while I admit It was not as easy to kill him with the katana as I had done with spear he in turn had trouble killing me with spear (I think of the 10 fights we had I won 8 and he won 2) Which goes to show spear did infact take skill to play and if done wrong you will be beaten by someone who barely if ever uses another type of weapon. I know this will vary on every person you encounter but from what I had seen of this guy he was actually pretty good with katana back when spear was main weapon people used

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