Why the spear meta is the RIGHT meta!

So here it is, the test you always wanted!

go to youtube, add watch, and then this “afqhBODc_8U”

Or “Lindybeige” + “spears are better than swords”

What you want to take from this, is that n00b spear wielders are crushing other opponents that have lots of experience with swords!

Where the spear meta is crushed is the shield and “whatever” melee weapon. The point being charging the spear opponent with a raised shield IS the counter. You get out of their effective range, and crush them close combat melee. Spear with shield is DUMB, it is a FORMAT tactic, and as soon as the formation is broken, the meta is cracked.

So Conan Exiles is 100% on point with spear meta, even if it is boring. Where the meta is WRONG is stamina and moves allowed. As you can see from the video, spears are crushed with a shield in SPRINT.

But you cannot SPRINT with a raised shield! If the game allowed this for say x2 or x3 stam, shield would do its job as spear counter. Spear vs shield+any melee, you are dead. Spear+shield out of format vs anything you are dead.

Where the meta is wrong is how much you are allowed to run around, and still have stamina to fight. The Grit to run is the main problem here.


OMG, isn’t anyone ever satisfied. It’s impossible to make everything perfectly even. The fact of the matter is that a community will ALWAYS come up with an optimum weapon and technique that is better than anything else.

The video I linked to is 30+ minutes long. You replied after 19 minutes. So even if you double speeded the video, you had JUST 4 minutes to SEE this thread, find the video and think about it, and make a reply.

I would argue, your response is on the fanatic side of things, that does not care about any argument, evidence, gameplay improvement, or ANY other consideration.

I watched this and the spear throughout history has always dominated. It’s the reason why history has so many polearms to begin with. Reach is is superior and has been. However Spears fail in certain areas.

Javelins were also used to great effect as were hasta.

Primitive melee weapons like clubs…then later the mace and in many ways the axe were more effective then classic arming swords.

Bows however beat Spears. Bows beat swords and all of the above.

That’s why the anti spear meta is the bow meta.

Rock, Paper, scissors. Bow = Spock


I’d say “fack realism”, historic accurate game already failed in deliver (Kingdom Bug anyone?).
This is a fantasy based game, and basically… a game, let all combat art be be “equivalent” for the love of fun and diversification (considering also how CE has quite an easily simplified combat system), starting to point out how a weapon or a technique is better than the other is a waste of time (in terms of gameplay… we do not even have poise here).

And before you send me to see that video (I imagine what video is, I didn’t checked your link but I assume I already know it) lemme inform you that I practiced medieval fencing for some time (20 years), so I’m quite familiar with gambesones, chainmails, and a bunch of different situations and weapons.
(I’m italian so I’m familiar with castles and history too, in my region Piedmont, we have a LOT of environment and places where you can study or simply interest in this kind of stuff).

Let games be games, if anyone wanna try “realism”, then stand up from your sofas gentlemen and embrace your “spada a una mano e brocchiere” or “spada a una mano e mezzo” and let’s have a sweat!


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I wouldn’t necessarily quote Lindybeige as the best source of historically accurate information… but taken with a grain of salt and some cross-referencing, his videos tend to be reasonably good stuff.

Yes, Conan Exiles gets the spear right, which is awesome. I love them for that.


They get so many other things “wrong” that it’s not really relevant that they get one thing “right”. It’s a game, and game design decisions don’t often correspond with reality. After all, the whole dodge-rolling thing is unrealistic. Being unable to parry with our weapons is unrealistic. Greatswords being slow and clumsy is unrealistic. Most armor designs wouldn’t protect against anything, and those that do should offer vastly greater protection against cutting weapons. We can jog everywhere without getting tired. Eating a sandwich heals our wounds. The list goes on and on.

It’s practically impossible to simulate a realistic combat in a computer game. That’s why game designers need to make compromises to realism that don’t always seem to make sense, but they make for an entertaining gaming experience with a variety of options, not just the one weapon to rule them all. (Swords are cool. Most of the time, they’re not very good weapons, especially against armored opponents, but damn they’re cool. That’s why every game needs swords, even the sci-fi ones.)

Also: I had seen that video before you posted about it, so I could’ve commented upon it without watching it again. Don’t read too much into the time stamps of forum posts.

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LOL! Don’t get me started on the protective qualities of boob plate (short version: wearing boob plate is a death sentence for the wearer).

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An utterly false statement.

Porperly made chest plate armors can feature boobs without it being an issue. It’s just that you wouldn’t smith a boobs chest plate the same way you would a standard “male” chest plate.

Now, i’ll grant you that what is depicted in most fantasay and medieval(~ish) settings doesn’t appear to be properly designed (thought that is as true for “male” armor).

But there is a major difference between stating that boobed chest plate are a death trap and stating that most of the boobed chest plates depitected in most medias have design flaws.
The former being false, the latter being true.

Boob Plate is NOT synonymous with any armor with boobs on it, it’s a shortcut for the absurdity that is most female armors in fantasy and scifi literature/games/movies etc. Even the otherwise “realistic” ones.

That said, please do find me a single authentic piece of what anyone would call “boob plate” (which is again not the same as armor for a female) and yet not a deathtrap, and I’ll consider myself educated, which would be a win in my book.

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20 sec google research :

A chest piece with boobs (=boob plate) done right. Note how the plate is designed to rest on the rib-cage at the proper and same spots that historical chest plates do. Covers the same body area as historical chest plates. And do not feature a hit trap between the boobs.

Though, there is someting completly wrong on that design : the footwear … heels ? on combat footwear ? COME ON !! YOU HAD IT NEARLY PERFECT !! WHY HEELS ???§§

That’s not really boob-plate. Even so, she would be better off with a regular chest-plate.

“Would be better with a regular chest plate” and “boob plate are a death sentence” ain’t the thing mate.

I’ll be happy to continue to discuss this with you via PM but I think we’ve derailed this topic enough :slight_smile:

Same reason a lot of boots have heels. It makes it easier to keep your feet in saddle stirrups.


if we all wanted realism to be the core desygn of this game, combo wouldn’t have exist in the first place, and i would have the possibility to fight in fps with the old combat system (the one from early access).

So spear meta is not the right meta. The old fight were.

Now we’re here, can we focus on what could make the game diverse and more apealing ? because i don’t think making one weapon better than the 8 other is a step in the right direction, and THANKS SET that funcom is tweaking for diversity

If we put a sword&board roman soldier vs a Spear african, what would happen?

One-on-one? Hard to predict. Depends too heavily on the individuals. But on armaments alone, the Roman would probably have an advantage.

Equally skilled, eiher an African or Spartan spear holder, the roman would win.

Source: Doug Marcaida from Forged in Fire, dont remember the episode.