A spear, spear, spear, and armor!

Too strong weapon in pvp! In almost every pvp, everyone uses a spear, those who do not use a spear die from a spear! Good damage, great distance, and there is also a poisoned spear! There is no alternativity in pvp!
Heavy armor in pvp is useless, protection does not save and there is no mobility!
I would very much like the developers to do an armor rebalance


Funcom is unable to balance their game.

Just use spears and light armor.


Spam, spam, spam…

Is there even a balanced game? I dont think I have ever played a game which was balanced and the community happy with the pvp situation.

To achieve balance is difficult and impossible, but when the domination of one weapon and armor over all others is so strong that idiocy! Why introduce other weapons and armor, remove them (no?)

at best, they will nerf it to the ground as we have seen in many other games and a new meta will form but there will always be one class/one weapon/one meta head and shoulders above the rest. I am yet to find a game forum of a pvp game where people are happy with the balance and dont complain about the fotm or how op certain class is.


I do not agree, there is a wonderful game Age of Conan where there is a balance (although the game is dying because of cheats ()

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One thing people don’t mention when they complain about spears spam is stamina and weight.
Spears are very light and use barely any stamina.

One handed weapons usually have awkward animation and very short hitboxes. Stat wise they are fine or close to it. It’s not like spears need a major nerf, everything else needs to be a bit more useful.

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Then why not just use Heavy Armor, a spear, 50 encumbrance, and 40 agility?

You would have no hp or no damage. You are getting damage reduction from heavy armor, around 75%. But without investment in vitality this 75% are not gonna save you. 40 vitality will almost triple your hp pool. And remember weapons have armor penetration value and it can be increased with upgrades.

Some of the strength Perks are vital for damage. So basically heavy armor is just not that viable.


I said it once and I’ll say it again.

Step 1. Wear Medium Stygian Pict Wizard. Use Medium Turan armor for cold climates.
Step 2. Get any legendary bow. Or just a high end DLC bow.
Step 3. Get 40 in accuracy. 31 on Strength. If you need to go more melee a simple switch of armor will give you 40. strength. Crevice in the Arnor is amazing in PVP
Step 4. Get serpentman, dragon bone or quivering arrows. Carry Set arrows as backup.
Step 5: daggers or whirling blades coated in reaper poison.

Never approach. Never engage. Use trick shot to cripple. Light attacks only. When they are out of stamina doing to OH ******* out of stamina. Use your daggers to bleed and poison. Then flip away.

Dont engage. Keep your distance.

With serpentman arrows, accuracy and all the strength buffs you are looking at 115 damaged unbuffed. With the strength and 28 armor mitigation those spear users die pretty quick.

You cant heal with arrows hitting you in the face or ankles. I can heal just fine because I’ll keep a respectable distance back.

Throw in a Jhebal Sag potion and thats more damage. Also you can wear the Gas mask permanently with this setup for people who like to use poison gas arrows.

If the fight does come into melee. You still have enough strength to do respectable damage. And with Crevice in the Armor even more becauese of the Armor Pen.

Its Also solid for PVE content


Add bombs with explosive arrows.

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Exactly. I like to shoot a gas arrow into the ground in front of my enemy to add pressure. Then I like to light attack like a machine gun. If they do have 40 Vitality which seems to be the running meta. I dagger switch and cartwheel back. Load the bow with an explosive arrow and hit the gas cloud. Kaboom. If anything it gives me distance to further cripple shot them down.

Its not 100 % effective all the time. It’s hard when you are fighting packs of 3. But I can usually take out some people.

I am running 40 Strength, 40 Vitality and 40 Survival on Melee. I am immune to gas and poison. If I get 20 ENC (Witch Doctor mask), I am also immune to cripple. You have to use explosion arrows and bombs for these targets. (shoot on floor with explosion to create a fire, then place a bomb into it)

EDIT: this might only work on PC, since controllers are garbage

Same with igniting gas. People who are immune to it think its safe until I explode it. Lol

While I agree on some points, great guide btw. What I think others are asking for is the ability to consistently win with other melee against the spear light combo.

I understand in history spears had a good run and so did arrows for that matter, but this is a game not real history. If we wanted to talk about “reality” we would have to address where the weapons go when you dequip them or when rolling around like a madman. Also, how cumbersome and heavy spears and the fact that if at any time you got past the pointy end you can (and they did) grab the shaft of the spear and drag the wielder of balance and go in for the kill.

Again, this is a game and games can be balanced with respect to weapon reach, damage, other stats and functions. What we are looking for is the balance between reach and dodge distance and recovery. You roll or short leap if wearing heavy (which is a major complaint from heavy wearers) you then need to re-equip your weapon to strike again. Now with spear you very easily dodge a long distance (thanks to light armor) and still be in effective attack range due to the spears long reach.

With all other weapons you don’t have this as you now have to again acquire strike distance after dodge with much narrower hitbox for your weapons (that is another issue with spears (their hitbox).


Yes. the game suffers because of the spear.
It removes the fantasy part of being our own hero in the hero’s journey.
I don’t remember many friends running around the back yard grabbing broom handles and acting like pike-men. SO yes, realistically spears were the weapons of full scale armies. But in fantasy and imagination, the solo skilled swords man is a majority of a kids fantasy in the back yard. So unless they allow us to bring our entire thrall armies into full scale sieges, then balance needs to lean toward the fantasy.

PS…reality is that the thrall-Sword of Crom combo is becoming the meta, a hard to get meta, but THE meta. So if realism-ists really want something realistic, Crom Thrall should realize he could 1 shot me as well, and escape and run rampant in his own hero’s journey.


Or atleast keep the capabilities of the weapons be kept in context with the other ones. Its a game we get it but don’t give all the advantages of a weapon and leave the disadvantages on the cutting room floor. Reach comes at a price but that is not illustrated in this game and just comes off as a full on buff and the other weapons suffer for that.


  1. Spear advantage - Pokey pokey from distance. Check! We have this!

  2. Sword advantage - Got one hit in and they lost a limb or their head. Unchecked. We don’t have this.

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I’ve always tried to play with 40 on accuracy because im a bow lover, but I can’t live without the high vit (40 or 30 minimum) 30 on grit and 10 Enc, without it I feel like I can’t do enough without being tired, maybe Im badly accustomed.

To have these stats, it wont be too much remaining points for Str, not even for 2 perk I think, so im curious, with 40 on Acc ( I suppose you use Acc armor ? ), 31 on Str, whats your Vit, Grit and Enc ?

I think it suffers from the all too unrealistic combat roll. This is really what makes spears deadly IMO and I support this by said evidence: Who fears a spear player in heavy armor?

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