Performance of heavy armor in pvp

I wonder if vcs of the funcom will improve the performance of heavy armors in the conan for pvp? I liked them a lot at the start of the game where we got a long time to dodge. It would be good to improve on it to provide a better blend of armor.

It is the suggestion. Congratulations for the game.

I’m afraid for PvP Heavy armor sucks for many reasons. Many reasons that Funcom cant really fix. Its a foundational problem within the system.

Heavy Armor is bad because of the state of the games fundamental problems such as:

Movement is faster then attack animations: this is a huge problem, its impossible to chase and call out where people are going, its a fighting game 101 fail: Never make movement faster then combat.

Net Code - You ever try to pvp and then guys start teleporting all over the place?
This is well known problem and an experienced players job is to take advantage of it. and is taken advantage of on many levels, players teleport in ways that make it nearly impossible to hit anyone.

Now with those two concepts out in the open, there is but one fix to both of these problems:

Spears are the key to playing in a world with a poor foundation for fighting. why you ask? Because only spears give you the Speed and Range necessary to hit anyone. now you ask, What is the counter to spears?

Well, sadly, Fast rolls. And this is the problem with Heavy armor, is that they DONT give enough damage mitigation to make up for no roll and flawless light armor give a lovely amount of defense. In a World where getting hit by the spear means dying in one or two combos IN HEAVY ARMOR, fast roll is king.

So… now that i have shown you the light. realize that these fixes may never come. because they are huge issues. So i suggest you strap on your flawless dafari light armor pick up your spear. and have fun.

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thank you very much for replying, somebody at least read kkkkk vlwwww

What’s the equivalent of darfari when I’m in the frozen north?

Heavy armor should remove the mini stagger effects from attacks. So you can trade hits with people or monsters.

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