Community managers please shed some light on heavy armors

Are you guys ever going to do something about heavy armors stagger reduction or movement we shouldnt have to waste to many points in agility to rock any type of heavy armor … I dont want to use medium or light all the time on pvp servers because their more efficient.

I want to be able to wear sets like full aquilonian heavy and pictish without a huge agility investments I have to use lots of points in agility sacrificing alot…

Didn’t you already post this once before?

You can’t get something for nothing in any game. That is what they call balancing.


No i havent posted this. I understand that but at this moment heavy armor is not balanced in any form. You can easily use medium armor and get the same results as heavy but with a better mobility option. Everyone knows that you cant use heavy armor effficently against other players. There are many forums that you can find if you just search conan exiles heavy armor. Mostly on redit and steam. Heavy armor really needs attention. From a pvp aspect its not balanced. I posted a suggestion explaining how we can change it, this one is just asking if there is any plans.

Medium armor is not really “same results” as heavy, except better mobility. Medium armor provides substantially less damage mitigation. So, you can move more often to avoid strikes completely. But if a strike catches you, you are going to pay more for it.

If you want mobility in heavy, and don’t want the agility expenditure, try to practice sprinting away from your opponent instead of the sluggish, heavy stam cost “roll” dodge. I actually know a player out there who moves exceptionally well in heavy armor. So well that you’d think that he was wearing light armor… heh.

Just like “learning your weapons” (something I am experiencing right now using a new weap setup), you will need to learn your armor. If you are keen on PvPing in heavy, wear it all the time. Practice against PvE mobs. Either be prepared to don the heavy, and out DoT DPS your enemies quickly up close (as they also try to damage you), or make the investment in agility, or - get good at feints, anticipating your opponent, and sprinting or pivoting just outside of their attacks’ threat range.

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Try clan wars you cant outrun 10 people in heavy. Running also has a delay to activate depending on your weapons so its not that reliable I use gses n spears. Also what do you mean by feints??? Like dying lol cause my heavy armor cost too much I like to wear improved flawless. Black drqgon

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Okay. You didn’t mention the 10 screaming barbarians bearing down on you in your original post! :flushed:

Personally, I don’t think that heavy armor alone will save you against a 10 v 1. :stuck_out_tongue: In the case of 10 v 1, I would switch to guerilla tactics. Hit and run. Don’t be seen. Wear dark colors, and fight at night.

Something to consider - each point invested in agility does add to your inherent armor score, which increases your damage mitigation. If you do make the investment to roll in heavy, the synergy there is that it will further add to your damage reduction. The problem with that is that you have to take points away from something else in order to accomplish this (I’ll get to that in a moment).

War is deception, tactics, and terrain. If your need is mobility and damage mitigation, heavy armor and the agility investment seem like a good option. If you are still getting outnumbered, you might need to either get some buddies to help you out, or take a different tactic. If you are using spears, and not having a lot of luck, you might want to try a different weapon setup. Axe and shield is actually amazing for many versus one encounters. Perhaps try playing with archery. There are some pretty awesome arrows that you can use that your enemy might not expect - gas arrows, explosive arrows, bleed arrows, and smoke arrows. Use these as tools to throw your opponent off. It might be enough to set you up to win. :slight_smile: Try using poison DoTs. I used to carry around three hotbar’d spears just so that I could stick someone with three different stacking poison DoTs. They’ve made the poison application a little easier to use, too.

A feint is where you move in at your opponent, and give them the impression that you are going to attack - but you don’t actually attack (or commit to the attack). That way, they are busy trying to avoid the blow that they thought you were going to land, and at the same time, they are consuming stamina. It’s more finesse more than anything else… setting your opponent up to do one thing, and then instead do another.

Lack of points: If you invest in agility, you’re going to have to take points away from something else. Try some potions, or the Dagon special fish to stretch some of your ability points to maximize your desired attribute perks. Ditch encumbrance - go ultra light. I would not suggest sacrificing vitality - you never dumpstat your Constitution score. Everyone wants big strength, but try to go light points into strength. If you are doing more ambush and DoTs and trickery, you might not need points in strength for direct damage.

Other thoughts: Putting just 10 into agility gets you a stamina refresh perk (for running from those barbarians). Putting 30 into grit will get you some additional damage reduction.

Ah I see im a pro with medium n light and ik those tips but dang exactly with heavy armor its insane i got piked by 3 dudes they had a infinite combo on me i was stuck then the dude with claws jumped in rip my armor :frowning: that stunlock and no way 2 escape that its what gets me with heavy. I use javelins :wink: they are op . thats also with my max clan we fighting for alpha. But they brought other clans from other servers… Things like that happen all the time on official pvp lol its crazy 10 people is a blessing compared to the usual 20

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Yeah. That’s tough. I think the only way to mitigate 3 other players cornering you is to not get surrounded or cornered. Maybe a smoke and/or a gas arrow would be enough to distract them and allow you to get away.

Are those smoke arrows really good? I use poison n explosive

You need to try them. It causes a tiny, tiny bit of damage over time. Not really what their primary purpose is. :smiley:

Everything you see on your screen? Your health bar? Your stamina bar? Your hotbar? All of it gets majorly obscured with a sort of “smoke UI” that sits on top of everything else. And, you cannot see your opponents very well on top of that. So, if you cover the area with smoke, anyone going in there isn’t going to be able to tell how much damage they have taken, or if they have a bleed or poison status effect, etc., until they find their way out of the smoke. Funcom did a great job with these smoke arrows, for sure!

In a well planned ambush, smoke arrows can be devastating. Put them on a thrall. Just a few to let them get started. But then after that, your thralls will pepper your disoriented opponents as you javelin them to death. :smiley:

Just tested it lol there is no way this arrow can save me especially in heavy u can still see in the middle ha and its 2 seconds if they leave the area but I will try the thrall

Head-fakes, or moves you interrupt to keep them guessing. If an enemy comes at you with knives or claws, you know he has an improved moveset. If he can handspring into you, then draw a throwing knife halfway through his move, you might not read that correctly. That’s a feint. A fun feint is doing a Heavy on a good hammer, then interrupting by selecting an orb or rolling away. Lots of ways to make it work.

The thing with Heavy is it’s an armor you use inside your opponent. You need to get aggressive and up in his grille, like pushing on a bouncer at a club.

Next time you get 3-stunned, spam crouch and pull your shield. Switch to throwing knife or throwing axe. Spam heals and spam knives or axe. I have 7 thumb buttons; one is dedicated to axe and shield alone, one to lobster. I keep those Akhbitanan Throwing Knives on me now rather than axes. I haven’t had a fight in ages, and I was gratified to hear about another player using Heavy to success.


Omg finally :slight_smile: more heavy users on the subject thanks for the tips im on xbox ima try 2 see what the crouch does. Is there anything special about the knives and are they easy 2 get alot of?

Those knives come in a 10-stack, and they deal 57 DMG. Go to Skittering Cavern and loot the final thing. :smiley:

Get practice with stone axes. That area has a bunch of Darfari camps that drop stone throwers all the time. Good luck happy hurling.


10 stack for 1 slot on the radial menu :0 omg forget the dragon bone throwing axes


Out of curiosity what does crouch help with? I let an npc hit and I still was getting comboed

I was talking about being boxed in by players. In a 3-on-1 hitfest of human enemies, not all of them will be pointing in the same direction. If you spam crouch, often they will be striking at chest or head range, and you can start your heals. This is pretty much reflex and that’s it.

Oh i see what u mean but dang thats 2 risky i might give them a head shot

Uh, I wouldn’t listen to anybody saying heavy armor is usable and doesn’t need buffs. You’re literally dead the moment you get hit once by claws or spears. I WISH people ran around in heavy armor 24/7 on the servers I’m on.

I had a way to use heavy armor somewhat effectively until claws became a problem. Katana + spear + venom daggers + 2h mace or sword and full str heavy armor used to be at least viable. But now that claws are broken op, any kind of heavy armor just doesn’t work unless it’s on your thrall lol