Heavy Armor and running speed

Current problem

Currently wearing different armor type doesn’t affect running speed/distance and grit/stamina consumption at all.

Heavy armor now has much more armor than it had in Early Access and it is fine, heavy armor should give you a lot of armor, indeed.

The main problem is that light/flexible builds can’t do anything vs heavy armor. It is already impossible to play with bow or daggers in light armor vs Legion with 2h sword/pike. Not because of too much armor or because bows are underpowered, but because main advantage of flexible/ranger/hunter/assassin build comes from flexibility, ability to move faster, be able to run away and dodge more. Currently it is just impossible because player in Heavy armor can chase you and if he has more stamina you will never escape.

ALSO currently you can use daggers special attack and dodge wearing a Heavy armor! I suppose it is a bug as well?

It is unrealistic and doesn’t work same as climbing

This is totally unrealistic and I do believe this is a bug. We already have different stamina usage and able to climb higher wearing light armor and can’t climb too far in a heavy armor. Also have you ever seen a knight in plate armor running like a naked guy? Yes? Can you show me that meme please :no_mouth:

What can we do now

Let say base movement speed is 100%. I would keep it for light armor, for medium 15% less - 85% and for heavy decrease it by 30% - final movement speed 70%. Also consume stamina a bit more for medium and even more for heavy. Heavy armor should be great for receiving a lot of damage and be mostly unkillable with HP regen and potions, for tanking bosses, etc, and shields apart from armor itself are protecting from knifes and bows, so it is balanced.


I have to agree, there currently is no downside to wearing heavy armor over medium and light armor and to wear anything but the Silent Legion armor is purposefully handicapping yourself in every way. What’s the point of having all these different types of armor and weapons when anyone with Silent Legion armor and the Mitra Spear will out perform you in every way? It’s pretty telling that the current meta build is max grit, enough to hit the 20 point str perk, then the rest in vitality then get Silent Legion and Mitra spear.


As odd as this may seem, I can totally see a guy running at full speed in heavy armor that is meant for ground troops. Just don’t expect them to do it over long distances. XD

A nerf to grit while wearing heavy armor would be reasoneable as is taking off the dagger backflip when wearing it. The extra bits would throw you off. Another thing heavy armor restricts irl, is your ability to stand back up after a fall. Though giving more power to cc might be a mistake in this game.

As for how to confront them with light or medium, first of all, don’t fight them head on. Use that climbing advantage. If you go with light armor, he’ll never reach you. Second, armor piercing is good and sunder is king. Abuse that 2h hammer against him and he will cry.

Using daggers against heavy armor irl is like playing matador on the highway. Don’t do it. Use the right tools for the right situations.


Problem is you can’t fight and climb, anyways, you sometimes need to defend yourself and your base and not sit on cliff watching couple of black heavy aliens raiding you. I prefer ranged style with flexibility and bows/magic and currently there is no option but to wear a legion set since that amount of pdef is ridiculous. My light/medium armor with accuracy is not giving me any advantage. I can’t even run and shoot a player who is chasing me in legion because running speed and stamina consumption is again the same.

Arrows in head is the right tool for the right job as well. It is just impossible to do right now since we both run at same speed and for same distance and while I charge a bow, I got staggered by spear. Ofc I can max agility and grit as much as possible and just run and dbl jump and climb, but I wont be able to do any dmg at all.

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Yeah no. Arrows are only the right tool untill the enemy closes in on you. That’s why short swords were standard issue for archers. In any and all cases where an archer is within striking distance of a guy in heavy armor, the archer is severely disadvantaged. You may want to re-think your aproach, since you aren’t Legolas.

Also, you invested into accuracy. That stat is flawed atm. Even as an archer, you are just better off investing into str instead.

Another thing, heavy armor severely penalizes climbing. If you didn’t START your fight on top of something he can’t climb without stripping, then you are doing it wrong. Heck, if you can’t reach the cliff before he starts whacking you, then you might want to stop trying to shoot him at point blank range.

I agree with that. I think heavier armor should just deplete stamina faster, not lower movement speed.

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This is EXACTLY what I am talking about. Currently it is impossible to AVOID close combat because of same speed and stamina consumption.

You, of course DO NOT use bows in close combat, but switch into daggers/sword you can carry with you (ofc in game you can also magically carry 2h sword, hammer and the full collection of legendary weapons in your pocket), that’s why you always try to KEEP distance which currently is impossible to do.

When you both are in light armor, for example, it’s a reaction, aim and dodge game and is a totally DIFFERENT topic.

While you start climbing, opponent will stab you with spear because of same speed and stamina consumption, especially taking into account that legendary spear will give you even more stamina.

he isn’t trying to be legolas, he’s flat out saying you can’t outrun someone in full Silent Legion to get onto a cliff or some other such advantage that you’re saying is “the counter”. And it isn’t just archery playstyles. There is absolutely no point at all to wearing any armor besides Silent Legion for any build, short of RP reasons. It’s flat out the best armor no matter what weapon choice you go with, and that’s the problem. You can theorycraft all day, but in a PvP situation you don’t get to stop and say “Hey, let me climb this cliff real quick so this is a fair fight!”

Edit: Also the hammer comment is an absolute joke. Yeah, you try swinging a hammer at someone in Silent Legion with the Mitra spear and tell me how that works out for you.


This is a step forward but armors need to be remade. We need different tiers of armor for all types of armor, light, medium, and heavy. Right now, heavy is the top tier for all armors. They also need some rock paper scissor mechanics for protection at specific weapon types. We should also specialize for the particular armor type we want, so we cant just switch around.


What do you mean by armor tier? As I understand by armor type you mean light, medium and heavy. But later you say heavy is top tier? So what is the difference between tier and type and top how? In terms of pdef of course heavy armor is always top, but should be also slowest one, while light - with minimum pdef but most flexible one.

I agree that switching armor shouldn’t be so fast/easy. Right now as @corrosivechains said, it is totally pointless to wear anything but Silent Legion and yes, hammer is totally useless, and you can just click few buttons in 1 sec to become naked again and climb, then put it on back in 1 sec.

I would say putting/taking off/on armors and weapons should take time like you are repairing stuff right now. You click on helmet or sword in your inventory, for example, then you have to wait 10 sec and you shouldn’t move, otherwise it would cancel the action, so people wouldn’t be able (un)dress during combat/running.

I am also a light/medium skirmisher and this scenario is really rough (I also play a heavy on a ruthless PvP server and know this tactic well). I really only PvP when I have a tank in front of me…as solo I am screwed. So I try to plan my PvP with this in mind…does not always work…but there it is. Kind of done with PvP (Supposed to be an RP PvP Server…but nobody RPs =P) with the attitude of the losers…I mean Max’rs.

Once I learned their methods it is basically a stalemate. I run away and they follow for a time before giving up the chase. I can climb higher for a few seconds until they switch out nude…so I get away…eventually. I cannot win in ANY case with Bow and Javelins.

I agree 100% that wearing Heavy Armor should subtract the stamina pool (or increase the rate of depletion). Some RPG games even slow the speed…but in this game it would cause other issues…basically a bunch of whiners claiming it is a CC tactic by Rangers/Skirmishers…which I would agree! =) They could never win either. Stamina depletion is good though…allows for mistakes by players to happen. Really good players can win on both sides.

These are SOLOing PvP…again…with a good tank in front (2v1 2v2 2v3 scenarios) some can work.

  • Use a hammer? wtf? Not even possible against a Pike. Does not even work well with a tank in front. Have to get too close for the hammer to even work. They usually switch to a sword and ‘sweep’ cut with speed…the lightly armored skirmisher is slain then they swap back to pike for the 1v1.

  • Daggers? wtf? I get ruined worse than the hammer. Same comment but have to get in even closer. The backflip works well but with the speed of the blade sweep does not allow daggers to get close.

  • I get 3 arrows tops before having to retreat up a large cliff…great tactic…but the armor switch is soooo fast on these heavy armor peeps and shooting off the edge at a climber is prone to all sorts of issues. So basically that means a viable tactical retreat every time…which is fine in my book.

PvP is a pitiful experience in this game…period.

Armor should be…wishful thinking! =)

  • You make/loot armor that is basically a base.
  • You apply cosmetic skins to the armor to get it looking they way you want.
  • All armor has mod slots to add ability bonuses to…NOT base armor resistances and increases.
  • Light Armor is good enough the way it is.
  • Medium Armor has 15% increased stamina usage when Sprinting and Weapon Combat
  • Heavy Armor has 30% increased stamina usage when Sprinting and Weapon Combat

Balance from there after heavy player use.