New Endgame armor suggestions

I feel like there is an opportunity for new armors on par with silent legion to be added with the new dungeons. When you get to endgame, if you are wearing anything besides silent legion, it is for looks, when you are getting ready to do anything serious, on goes the SL.
I don’t think Nerfing SL is the answer. I think we need more sets of armor on the same tier. Leave Silent Legion as the jack of all trades armor it is, and make more specialized sets with different looks and similar armor rating. Maybe a berserker set all vitality and strength? Assassin agility and grit? A good accuracy agility set for archers would be nice.
Then we could mix and match these armor pieces tailored to our specific playstyle. Also maybe light, medium. And heavy versions of each (including SL)
In conclusion, more armors with armor on par with silent legion please.

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More sets that had better stat combos would be cool but they do also already exist. And with the SL change a while back you can actually get more armor out of some the other heavy sets then SL. Plus a full +9 to a single stat instead of having +2 scattered around.

If anything they need to make a archer set that has accuracy and strength bonus for the upcoming changes. Would also like to see some more hot weather heavy armor.

I play on ps4 is the Silent Legion change is new to me, good point. And you are right, some of those stat combos do exist but not on every weight of armor. I play in heavy and don’t like to give up my damage reduction for more custom stat combos. +9 to a single stat is nice, but more options for +4 to one stat and +5 on another at high armor would be nice

If Funcom would get around to fixing flawless reptillian and flawless lemurian warrior armor, we’d already have some of these options

Reptillian can burn. Just like Arnold said. (explicit language warning)

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