Armor and Fashon

Maybe it’s been posted here, maybe not, but right now due to the nature of the stat bonuses armor provides you are really locked into one armor set for any given task you are trying to accomplish. Many of the armors in this game look great, but will never be used outside of RP

I’d really like there to be a system in place to be able to either change the look of an armor to another piece within its weight class, or to just be able to custom select what “stat bonus” the armor has when you create it. Possibly excluding more unique items like a sandstorm mask or climbing gear.

Just a thought, but really something should be done because it’s pretty bland wearing the same armor all the time just because the bonus is necessary for my build


That’s a sound idea, it would help to support the creativity of the players. There are really cool armors (Hyrkanian Raider) but I don’t need that Accuracy bonus on my melee build.
I want to wear different armor sets because they look so cool without loosing too much of my fighting abilites.

I would also suggest to nerf the silent legion armor set to only provide 3 times 3 attribute points - so it’s on par with the flawless armor sets - or with the system Dagnarok suggested.

It’s kind of boring seeing 80%+ of the server running around in the silent legion armor set because of the massive armor and attribute values.

(and please give the Mitra clothing set a bonus or two)

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Yeah, that’s part of why I think just having a “stat budget” per piece depending on the quality tier would help. You can customize it, but everyone gets the same “total bonus” so you don’t end up with over the top high quality armors like silent legion.

Either way, just want more variety in my wardrobe, and I won’t get it as long as the current system is in place