Complete existing legendary sets

I was thinking about some of the gear and I think it would be nice to add more pieces for some of the legendary armors. Maybe add some in a new dungeon or region, as in you can’t complete some of the sets without traveling to other locations. I though it would be cool to have a glass cannon build through the war-dancer set, a total of 15 bonus strength but the armor is light tier. Or with the commander or scorpion sets they continue the theme going on there. It’s a good note to add that you can almost get the +15 strength from gear thanks to the executioners hood and god-breaker grips leaving only two slots absent of the +3.

There’s already the Sobek armor and while it doesn’t give bonus stats it does give more armor than the flawless epic tier for it’s armor class.

I think they should come up with a different cosmetic design rather than take the fallout way. Legendary stats on a normal designed item.

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Silent legion armor is the same as arena champion, just different colors. I cry everytime.

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I think the Fallout way can work but only in the way the redeemed silent legion armor does, as a craftable set through use on a purge thrall. However I do agree with you except for the wardancer set as I like the Zamorian dancer outfit look, the wardancer is a nice way to have looks and function.

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