Legendary armor

It would be nice to add a unique set of legendary armor to the chests in addition to the legendary weapons… something epic :crown: :bikini: :scarf:

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BUMP for more than just weapons/shields being in the boss chests. Hurry up with the content!

Something like Dragonbone armor? Star Metal armor? Or even armors made only from the hides of world bosses (like the giant spider boss drops an extraordinary high tensile strength gossamer that can be woven into an incredibly light, but very durable Light Armor? or the giant crocodile bosses drop a very high quality, densely layered reptile hide that can be crafted into Flawless Reptilian Armor [Medium Armor type])?


There was Legendary armor, it was called Silent Legion and it was nerfed :stuck_out_tongue:

And it was ugly.

Would be nice to have this un-nerfed and some comparable stat, legendary stuff with different looks added.

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Silent Legion is “legendary”, but not really. It comes from a recipe so it can be mass produced, and repaired.

I too would like legendary armor from the world boss chests, with the same basic rules. High end (but not greater) base stats, plus random oddities here and there like +survival or low weight. All added to the same loot pool as the weapons, so still only one item per skeleton key, would take a while to collect a full set. Most importantly, no recipe, so no repairing without a legendary armor repair kit which would be made from a purge locked armor thrall.

Broken nature of purges is a different issue. :slight_smile:

I’d love to see something like Blizzard has done in Diablo 2. Take this known set as an example:

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