Do we really need Legion armor?

its not that i hate what it does, the armor that is, is more that i hate the fact that this game has a ton of different armors, yet a single armor, silent legion armor, is just very surperior statwise to anything else.

there are so many armors, and the game would benefit from NOT having a single strongest armor. it would open up for more different playstyles. i mean sure i have come up with ways to deal with those slow silent legion users, but the entire endgame is littered with people running that one armor, where as the fun middle game, everyone runs with different armors. thats a lot more interesting.

so please make a lot of end game armors, nerf silent legion armor, or remove it, so that other types of may be used equally.

so, yea you can beat people in silent legion armor, thats not really the point, the point is that it has surperior stats to anything else in the game. and i dont believe that this game benefits from having a single end game armor set with the highest amounts of stats. either several armors should be able to have this, or no one should.

i for one would love to see more versatility in the end game, in terms of armors :slight_smile: i mean we have the versatility in terms of weapons already.


I’d like to see all Epic Flawless sets to be on par with Silent Legion, by either nerfing Silent Legion or buffing the Epic Flawless sets.

I play PvE so the difference in stats is negligible, I just run Vanir Heavy because I like the appearance.


Yeah, I already mentioned how do I think it should be nerfed in this post:

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yea. i dont know how this propagates to PVE i play on PVP servers. and sure i can make a build dedicated to taking down silent legion players, but meh… i really, as you say, want to see the other sets in their most epic form be on par with silent legion, because that way we would open up to more different styles than a bunch of guys focussing on strength and vitality, running heavy armor only.

its sad to look at.

this game could have SO many different playstyles in PVP at least. but it doesnt right now. not for endgame


Yep. And other than the meta being a single play style, everyone looking exactly the same is lame…


yes exactly, its so sad because there are SO many armors in the game.


Silent Legion counter build :rofl:-

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That definitely beats my high damage of 218 in a single hit against Silent Legion.

Is there any other armor that lets you survive the volcano?
I didn’t see that mentioned anywhere in this topic.

Is SL really so strong?
super high armor value while only getting +3 stats but on several attributes as the tradeoff
where the others have +5/+7/+9 in one stat with options of light, medium and heavy variants for rolls.

it sure is comfortable in pve when you do not need to care about dodging when knocking out thralls, but what you gain in armor you lack in stat points and mobility

what i see more as a problem is that Vit30 perk negates the damage from negative temperature effects, rendering armor with heat/cold resistance almost pointless
this makes you not even consider using a different build depending where you are on the map.

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Fierce Vitality by itself is not a problem. The real problem is armor value reduces environmental damage.

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you sure?
i run naked in the volcano or frosty mountains to farm black ice or gold
i do not think that should work


This is not a Vit30 perk problem either.
The thing is if you farm black ice nodes or obsidian nodes with obsidian tools - you can get a full load before you loose a significant amount of health - just because too often nodes are stretched along east-west line. So you just run from node to node and if you health drops down to the uncomfortable point all you have to is go 20 meter south, lowering frostbite debuff to “cold” and start getting you health back via Fierce Vitality. This is more about map design and not the Fierce Vitality by itself.

If you you want to do dungeon only, you can go in without armor with vit30 perk.
All flawless armors with heat resist will provide enough survability with vi30 perk, epic flawless provides temperature resistance you need.

I mainly play in light armor and I don’t have issues with anything .
I sometimes play in medium armor and I still don’t have issues.
Last time I used heavy armor, I wanted to jump off the cliff and kill myself because it is tedious to use it and if hp regen ever gets fixed, it will require a lot more of healing to keep yourself alive compared to light and medium armors.
Flawless hyperborean would be better than silent legion if it actually existed legitimately in game.

Different playstyles do exist in this game, and they are based on combination of perks and armor.
As far as weapons goes, some weapons are not viable in any situations compared to others, some are heavily specialized at specific tasks


I believe that best build would be mixing up silent legion chest and gloves + flawless cimmerian steel boots, helmet and pants, or hyperborean boots, helmet and pants.

You can get + 9 str and + 3 vit
You can get + 3 str and + 9 vit
You can get + 7 str and + 5 vit /or/ + 5 str and + 7 vit depending how you mix up all those armors

now add + 3 elixir for str and vit and +3 warpaint for one of this stats and you can get for example +11 str and +10 vit

now add 1h sword with +5 vit and we have:

39+11 str
35+10+5 vit
(this armor build and stats + Aloe soup or Abysmal meat… WOW!)

and enough point for some enc and grit

But perhaps more interesting change would be melee weapon classification for Strength (1h mace, 2h swords, hammers, 1h axes) and Agility (daggers, javelins, spears, 1h swords) based weapons.
= Str based would received +% damage from Str
= Agi based would received +% damage from Agi

this would also help the game with more armor/weapon diversity in PvP-PvE.

Aquilonian, stygian soldier and perhaps others has no real use for most players due to + agility

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I have a vault almost full of silent legion armor sets, all from my enemies. Like you said, I’ve killed them with and without having silent leg gear on myself, but it defeats the point of other type of gear.

Literally nothing else people wear when they know they are going for PVP, because why would they?

plus 1+ to this suggestion

Edit: I am aware of the silent legion combinations, however since silent legion is so easy to acquire and gives so much stat boost, it makes STR boost build combinations very safe with 600 armor (2 legion pieces) and the cimmerian vitality one even easier, hopefully we wont see epic flawless cimmerian thralls anytime soon that would ruin everything worse than legion gear


When I take them off of people I dye them so that I can keep them straight. Anybody killed by bleeding to death gets a red sash. People in Legion always forget to bring bandages…

maybe i was not clear enough…
i do not loose health, i farm until all nodes are gone (50enc perk), then i go home with 100% hp
i farm naked or in light armor instead of SL because it drains less stamina and i pose no threat so people leave me alone.

on the other hand i tried heavy vanir armor for black ice farming two weeks ago and died to frostbite…
so vit 30 and optionally armor for decoration it is.

why would they bring bandages? you cant heal on the move and they dont stop bleeding.

I’d say each piece of the Silent Legion armor should come with a corruption hit. Something like 10% per piece so wearing the full set would be fully corrupted. The game lore supports this, and it’d be a proper trade-off for having the best armor value in the game, arguably the best look, and the most balanced stat distribution.

Like, everytime someone states “but other armors give bonus to one solid stat” I can’t help but laugh a little. The only real powerful perk at the 40 and 50 levels is the 40 point strength perk, and the rest while nice are all mostly fluff, while survival and accuracy are defacto dump stats anyways. It’s more beneficial to have your stat bonuses spread out than stacked into any single perk tree as the perks currently are. I’d much rather have 4 stats hitting the 30 and 40 perks than 1 at 50 and one other at 30.