Needs change imo

Hello, I’d like to start by saying I think the basics of the game are great and it does have a lot of potential. That being said a lot of things need work. Gear should not scale so much, it’s not an mmo. Heavy armor gives way too much armor and should have more COMBAT negatives. Also spears should be nerfed hard. Everyone running around with the same crap is incredibly annoying and boring. Vaults are dumb and too hard to break, it should be easier to raid in general. Easy come easy go. I don’t know why you made it so much harder. The exploit to animation cancel while in an attack by removing your weapon is also ruining the combat, it’s hard enough to find openings as is, also some weapons being able to attack through everything, mainly because of how op heavy armor is. People running around with 77% and up dr is just lame. This is not all I’ve seen noticed or would like to see change, but it’s what’s on my mind for now


here what you do get oil and fire… expect choas. Flaming people are a new thing. or go to a pve server or private server with pvp rulez. Like one time i played on a pvp server that out right banned two handed hammer or you would get a permaban.

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I’m talking official server, I know how things work. I have 400+ hours

I mostly agree with you on this part:

Thats the thing i find annoying as hell, and most “immersion” breaking for me… Not saying it’s gamebreaking of course, also a sentiment i’m sure most have, but seeing people run around, as an example in Silent Legion armor and using Teliths Sorrow, is incredibly dull and annoying :slight_smile:

More diversity would be nice, which is of course difficult since people tend to use what is “proven” as the absolute best and only viable armor and weapons in the game, instead of going with the things they like (not saying some people don’t use it. because they like it - but i believe you will understand my meaning, if not let me know).

An experience i had the other day was going to murder the Undead Dragon, and i was using my epic Stygian Raider armor… As soon as the two guys i went with saw me, one of them asked “You going in that?”, which (to me) was pretty easy to understand… “Why aren’t you going in Silent Legion armor, because it’s the best armor in the game?”, was the general feeling i got from the question… Not saying it isn’t good of course, i personally just don’t want to use it, since it begins to feel like a serverwide uniform of sorts…

Well, sorry for “rambling on” about this, but it’s my biggest grievance these days :slight_smile: i hope this is of course, what you meant


Armors in general are too restrictive in this game.

For example I like the zamoran armor the best. fast nimble. almost not got hit by anything. still it is not viable even in PVE. and gives crap as bonus.
So most of the time I am using that ugly exiles light armor just because of the buff it gives (encumbrance)

But if I wanna kill some of the “more challenging” worldbosses I have to use at least a medium armor
otherwise It takes ages to dodge hit once dodge hit once …rinse and repeat … instead of facetanking and full combos…

Something needs to be done to have more freedom on looks versus useability.


Gear should be a rock paper scissors customization of your character, not put on silent legion/heavy armor and a spear like 99% of people and cheese. There needs to be balance and less effect from gear, not only will it be more fair and new player friendly it will make general pvp more enjoyable. Stupid vaults where high end players store everything so you can’t even raid it are nonsense along with locked chests you cant just bash open after blasting through someone’s walls.

Yea, especially silent legion armor. 77% dr with no agility is a joke. Honestly the heavy, and/or epic armor in general giving double the armor

Spears are fast, even the heavy. Have invulnerable frames on their attack, longest range, bleed and cripple. It’s just ridiculous

For vaults use orbs. stack up 5 greese drop a fire on it prolong the timer before it expires. I bet max 10 greese and one fire orb you can take down a vault if not just drop a gass orb it becomes a big explosion.

Anyway Why on earth would you take anyone’s belongings in the first place?

You know axes has extra armor penetration? and shields can block spears right?
Also 2h blunt weapons sunders and stuns too… so byebye armor fast ez.

You have options to counter spears and silent legion.
Use gas orbs and sandstorm mask if you have no other choice.

Negative status effects afaik cannot be blocked by armor. so use them wisely.

Anyway a highend folk should not be beaten by newbs at all (maybe only with exceptional skill difference).
So that’s fair. Learn the game “git good” and you will have no problems at all with the balance.

Well except the restrictions…

I’m not sure what modified server you are playing on but on Official it takes well over 400 grease orbs with 25 second breaks to break a vault with a 10 stack buffer. Or your other option is 105ish Explosive jars. People need to stop giving out false information so raiding issues can be fixed. In an online raiding scenario neither of those is reliable unless you heavily outnumber the enemy.

GaryIce, I don’t know what you’re talking about or what game you are playing. That’s what this game is, raiding and pillaging, fighting other people. The point is everyone using the same cheap armor and weapon is incredibly boring and tiresome, you should not have to build a certain thing to be able to do well, and insane gear should not make bad players good just because they grind and are max level, it makes it so they don’t even have to get better at the game. Most of what you said makes no sense. Dillager yes, you are right. Do you know how many resources that is? Not to mention if you aren’t hitting a deserted base the people know they are being raided so there will most likely be a fight, and you can’t even carry that much unless you are actually specced as a mule…

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Also, people building single blocks around their entire base area is dumb, single blocks should decay or be easily destroyed

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That’s an EZ Question :smiley:

I play Conan Exiles. PVE so no pillaging and looting. So no pain on that one for me.
I let the trolling to you guys and keep building my city :smiley:

Okay than… it looks like they overboosted the vaults since EA. It was too easy to break one back than.

Like I said it was like a half stack of greese orb which is easy if you make some rounds in new assgarden
you should have a bunch of gas and some greese orbs for “free”…
The only “grind” would be the volatile glands for the fire orbs but with the swungle that’s easy
And i still see that every gear every kind of armor or weaponry has a counter. I bet the same applies in PVP as well If not just let that gamemode die so THE GAME won’t be overnerfed just for the sake of PVP (see example: bows).

Gary if you enjoy only pve that’s fine, you have pve servers. Raiding and pvp us not griefing, it is half the game, and it’s what will give the game longevity and continuous fun. Massive scaling of gear is not the way to go, people already have advantage through levels. New gear and building sweet bases is progression on it’s own that is naturally reset through pvp as survival games go, it’s not just hoarding loot forever. As I said, easy come easy to for the most part. Gear should be customization of your character, all the different sets and discoveries are a great idea, but they don’t need to create an easy win through massive stat increases, and it should all be balanced so you can use whatever armor and weapon you choose.

If anything the high gear is what causes griefing because new players have literally no chance to defend themselves or their base, creating a bad play experience, instead of what could have been a fun pvp experience, and causing them likely to not continue to play.

I would like to go back to one of the original points too, the unequiping weapon to animation cancel, I really hope that is not intended, you have the animations in the game for a reason, bigger weapons being slower for more benefits. That is ruined by this and needs to be fixed please. Another 2 possible bugs, you can throw loot out a closed door of a house, and breaking engage with shield npc’s removes their shields.

Bows need a buff as well, what could be a useful tool for fighting runners or chasing people is weak and ineffective in most situations, it hardly works with lock, and any kind of armor makes bows do no damage. Bows should have high pen, and trying to hit people with them in the first place is a stretch

In pve I find bows actually work fine btw, maybe they could use more damage but besides that they are ok, arrows could weigh less to make it a more practical main weapon

A need of diversity which kills each other off is the reason for me to have suggested an improvement of perks…

They would toss me into hell for wearing flawless light armor. Yep. The basic one. (Still need a few pieces for a “good looking” set. I am going to wear vanir earrings*, darfari chest+gloves, shemite trousers and eighter kabujan or stygian medium boots. (Acc, right?) Bow+melee. Probably going back to daggers at some point. They are fun. But 2h swords are as well…)
*Zamorian bucaneer (?) head grants vitality though. But I want to see the hair of my toon. :confused:

I agree!
I would suggest pushing stamina cost the heavier the armor is. Might be influenced by 40th agility as well - just like dodging is influenced by that. (If I got the right one. Uhm…)
Of course by “the heavier” I mean light, medium or heavy armor. Not the actual weight values…

You know, you just went into a beehive there, while being drenched in sugared water. :joy:
But really.

  • If using huntress/khan bow, one ends up with 42 damage, if using damage kit and obsidian arrows.
  • Telith 2h sword has 66 damage.
  • As archers need to stack str for multipliers, melees dont need to do so with acc - which then results in melees always having more stamina, encumbrance and else stats.

So archers have less stats and less damage.
If melee and ranged goes for 30 in each stat, range has a single 10% multiplier on top.
But as the difference of pure damage (without multipliers!) between both is at 24 damage, which is almost +50% if switching from bow to melee or -33% if switching from melee to bow…
It’s not that little of a difference in damage.
And there I havent counted in how multiple attacks of melee weapons hit twice, while bows always hit once.
Plus heavy shots take so much more time without dealing a lot more damage than first two light ones with a bow…
Balace is bad.

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That’s also just with high end gear/arrows. Before that they aren’t really doing that much. Also the cost to make those arrows is pretty steep considering how fast you go through them, and the weight of arrows again. It does take too much to build into archer as well, I agree. I use Set arrows because it is super inconvenient to make other arrows, you can’t even find feathers in most places